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New! 16 website templates to design a stunning free website

New Templates

Exciting news! Wix recently released a brand new batch of website templates. With these beautiful templates, you will not only find it easier to figure out how to make a website, you will be able to build the website of your web design dreams. These new templates were crafted by the brilliant team of designers here at Wix. Their goals in creating these templates were simple:

  • Offer gorgeous design

  • Allow wide-ranging flexibility for customization

  • Provide a smooth and intuitive user experience for website visitors

With these in mind, they set out to create the next generation of website templates with some of the best website designs out there. They address a broad scope of website genres and industry fields. The stunning result is available right here for you to see with your own eyes. While these templates are highly adjustable and can be edited to fit a large variety of purposes, we’ll provide some background and advice on how to make the most out of each template. Here are the best website templates you need for a smashing new year.

The holidays are not just for partying. They also present a great opportunity for businesses to address online shoppers with great deals and opportunities. This template is designed especially for online store owners to showcase their holiday offerings, with Christmas-themed visuals and a straightforward store gallery to help boost your sales. You can easily edit your own product descriptions and images and highlight specific categories of products that you want to promote during the season.

Christmas boutique website template

What better way to celebrate the holiday season than a lovely get together? This online invitation will kick off your family gathering, company party or your celebration with friends in a cheerful manner. Invite your guests to join your festive event with style and get your guests in the mood for a great party. This Wix website invitation includes a built-in RSVP form and allows guests to add their own comments in preparation for the big day.

Christmas party website template

With video blogging reaching great levels of popularity, we decided to dedicate a unique website template for this form of online content, providing vloggers with a great layout for establishing their online presence. Based on powerful online video editor this template provides excellent quality and display features. It can be easily integrated with YouTube or Vimeo, allowing vloggers to consolidate streamed videos from various sites. The look and feel of this template was designed to be fun and engaging, to keep the overall style in tune with the overall theme of the blog and with the content of individual posts. One awesome feature included in this template is paid content, so you can choose to offer your vlog with free access or charge a fee. It can easily be transformed into a text-based blog as well, so feel free to use it even if video isn’t your preferred medium (and if it is, check out our guide on video website templates).


From home decor to artworks and fashion design - this template offers an excellent start for all professionals whose work has a strong aesthetic and visual component. Whether you offer consulting services or promote your own creations, use this template to captivate audiences with bold colors and larger-than-life images. It provides you with plenty of space to portray your skills in both text and visuals. Plus, it includes an ‘About page’ that introduces your team and flaunts your success stories with testimonials.

Color experts website template

This template is ideal for any type of business that is based in a physical space, such as music venues, nightclubs and bars. With grungy visuals and a color palette that employs strong contrast, this template is a real eye-catcher. It includes an easy-to-update events calendar, as well as a payment system for online ticket purchase. The newsletter subscription section is designed with a strong Call-to-Action button that powerfully encourages site visitors to become a part of your network.

Music venue website template

Owners of wellness, health and beauty online stores will find this template particularly helpful. The color palette was carefully chosen to generate a calm and welcoming atmosphere and to shine the spotlight directly on the products themselves. The simple, yet effective, text box logo is right on trend with what to expect for logo trends in 2019. What’s more, you can add as many collections as you want and invite shoppers to browse through each category separately or go through your store’s entire catalog all at once.

Natural soap and candle store website template

Planning an awesome festival, art performance or a conference? Work with this template to set up an excellent platform to promote your event. When it comes to templates, this one is cutting edge. It utilizes two of the anticipated web design trends that are predicted to gain attraction in 2019: The first is the unconventional navigation menu that is sprawled throughout the homepage rather than centered in one row; the second is the unique use of abstract shapes as design elements. You can easily edit all the important details, such as the event’s lineup and the sponsors’ list. The template has a built-in ticket sales feature, which you can easily convert to an RSVP form if your event is free of charge. Link the social media icon bar to all social platforms to connect site visitors with the organizers and with other guests.

One day festival website template

If you’re a professional who works with both human and animal audiences, such as a veterinarian, groomer or pet-sitter, this template is a wonderful choice for your website. It was designed to generate friendliness and reliability and to show your customers that you are both passionate and competent. The template provides you with lots of space to present your qualifications and to showcase your experience. Be sure to check out the Services page, where you can edit a full list of services with detailed descriptions to emphasize your expertise and skills. A terrific addition here is the blog section, where you can address potential and existing customers at eye-level and invite them to watch the behind-the-scenes of your work.

Pet care website template

This gorgeous eCommerce template is perfect for any pet-related online store, but will come very handy for stores that sell products for children, home-decor or arts and crafts products as well. The large strips on the homepage are a great asset here, allowing you to highlight the various collections in your store with each strip addressing a specific target market. Use the “Shipping & Return”, “Store Policy” and "FAQ Page" to add textual content and improve your store’s visibility on search engine results.

Pro tip: explore these best eCommerce websites to springboard opening your own store.

Pet supply store website template

For professionals in the fields of architecture and interior design, a beautiful website that places the emphasis on visuals is an absolute must. With a sleek, modern design, this template gets the message across. Notice how the images switch to black and white when the mouse cursor hover overs them. This type of subtle animation effect is super trendy in web design right now. The main components of the template are the visual portfolio that depicts your beautiful projects, and the ‘News’ section that keeps visitors up-to-date on important developments in your professional career. You can upload as many images as you want to present each individual project in full detail. Visitors view images on a captivating dynamic gallery, that allows them to browse or zoom in as they see fit.

Residential architects website template

Get your target market of foodies enthused about your business with this great template, that really sets the atmosphere towards health, sustainability and yum. It’s ideal for restaurants, local farmers, community gardens or cafes that want to market their produce or sell delicious food directly online. This template includes online ordering for restaurants, which allows you to collect orders online and offer direct payment through the website. In addition, you can use the FAQ section to tell your customers more about your approach to growing and cooking.

Farm to table venue website template

Beautifully designed to highlight your professional experience as well as your creative genius, this template is excellent for promoting your freelance work or using as an online resume for prospective employers. It is designed to capture your strengths as a professional without overwhelming viewers with too much info. The focus remains on your projects and on your vision. In addition to your contact information, social media icons are available for you to link to your social profiles and invite visitors to engage with you through various platforms.

Storyteller CV website template

This is a fantastic template for an artist's Wix website. Professionals who want to boast their beautiful creations will enjoy a design that focuses attention first and foremost on the works themselves. With this particular template, our designers chose typography rather than icons for social media links, which complements the clean, classy overall design. A great bonus is the built in online store builder for selling your work directly through the site.

Textile designer website template

Disclaimer: The following template will make your sweet tooth crave for an immediate fix! It’s ideal for chefs, bakeries and catering services, with a ready-made online ordering system already built in so that your hungry customers can get immediate satisfaction. They can even customize their orders online. With an Instagram feed embedded into the homepage, you can keep your website constantly up-to-date, display your latest creations and show off your never ending culinary inspiration.

Wedding cakes website template

Ecologically-minded businesses will get a powerful presentation of their products and services with this eCommerce template. It is absolutely ideal for stores that want to encourage shoppers to move away from wasteful packaging and purchase goods with a good conscience. A minimalist design that works with clean and simple illustrations highlights the philosophy that ‘less is more,’ and is also really helpful in streaming shoppers through a simple and intuitive shopping experience. An excellent addition is the Wix Chat feature, that allows site visitors to address you with questions right on the spot. You can program the chat feature to display online only when you’re available to respond, or add automated responses to support visitors even when you are offline.

Zero waste store website template

A fun, dynamic website template for online party invitations of all sorts. Whether you’re planning a big bash to welcome the New Year, an engagement party or a birthday celebration, this template has everything you need to get guests excited already when they first view it on their own computers. All throughout the page, buttons and banners invite visitors to Buy Tickets and Register Now. These are powerful Calls-to-Actions that your visitors will not be able to miss. Our designers made sure that all the important information about the event is clearly visible above the fold, so visitors see it right away when they load the page. Beautiful illustration decorate all sections of this invitation template, and you can also add your own visuals to get a more personal vibe. With this gorgeous invitation, the party is on from the moment you send it out.

New Year's Eve party website template

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