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Get a full suite of intuitive design features and powerful marketing tools to create a unique blog that leaves a lasting impression.

Try it for free for an unlimited time and upgrade when you need.

Homepage of a yoga blog. Company name: YOGA MISS. Homepage shows 3 articles: favourite yoga poses, self care and skincare. There is also an article shown on a phone screen: yoga on the go. There are images of a woman stretching, lifestyle products and a woman applying moisturizer.

Blog templates that set you up for success

Choose from 900+ free customizable templates built with everything you need.

Buildi your way

Build your blog your way

Design a unique blog

Capture your brand’s personality with a complete suite of advanced design features in our blog maker.

Establish your site’s domain name

Get a custom domain to build your credibility. For inspiration, check out the Blog Name Generator.

Create with content in mind

Start publishing your unique content with a rich text editor and video and audio add-ons.

Homepage of an outdoor lifestyle blog being built. Company name: There is a header: LITTLE ADVENTURES and an article called 12 daypacks for any budget. There is an image of a man modeling a backpack and one of a red backpack by itself.
Powerful infrastructure

The powerful infrastructure behind your blog

Secure platform

Our world class experts and enterprise-grade security system work 24/7 so your audiences' information will always be kept safe and secure.

Reliable hosting

With free website hosting on a worldwide CDN, your site is automatically backed up and will be able to handle any situation - from traffic spikes to outages - so you’ll always be up and running.

Faster loading

We have a performance-first culture, meaning our priority is providing the best user experience for you and your visitors, with faster loading sites that perform great on any device.

Drive traffic
News page of a technology blog. The page shows 2 articles: all in your head and control freak. There is an image of a man wearing a VR headset and another of a yellow game controller. There is a panel showing SEO elements.  Website traffic is shown increasing on a background graph.

Drive traffic to your blog

Grow your organic traffic

Get a full suite of advanced SEO tools to increase traffic from search engines and grow your global audience.

Engage your online community

Set up automatic emails, send newsletters and create social posts to share new content with your readers.

Reach the right people

Promote your blog posts on social media and translate your content into multiple languages to reach a wider audience.

Keep them coming back

Invite your followers to become members and start discussions to increase engagement with your blog.

Earn money
Homepage of an IT security blog. Name: INFOSEC UPDATE. Homepage shows an article: to patch or not to patch? There is a security webinar invite below and two membership options to the left. There is an image of an earbud to the right as part of an advert.

Monetize your blog

Display ads

Use services like Google AdSense to show ads on your site and earn money with every click.

Sell online 

Add a store to your site and sell branded merchandise with our complete eCommerce platform.

Offer subscriptions

Give visitors access to exclusive content with paid subscriptions that automatically renew.

Offer courses and events

Offer webinars, pre-recorded online courses, and in-person meetups for your audience.

Manage efficiently
Homepage of a productivity blog. Company name: PRODUCTIVITY PLACE. Homepage shows an article: plan for success. There are three small headshots of contributors and an image of the blog on a phone screen.

Run your blog more efficiently


Write when you feel inspired and schedule posts to go live at the best time for you.


Give multiple writers and editors access to your blog platform so they can help manage your content.

Blog anywhere

Download the Wix Owner app to write content and manage your blog anytime, anywhere.

Homepage of a productivity blog. Company name: PRODUCTIVITY PLACE. Homepage shows an article: plan for success. There are three small headshots of contributors and an image of the blog on a phone screen.
Analytics dashboard of a yoga blog. There are various performance stats showing blog activity and an image of a man hold a rolled up yoga mat.

Plan ahead with built-in analytics

Get insights from analytics reports, like which content best engages your audience, so you can strategically plan for the future.

Plan smarter

How to create a blog for free

Follow these 5 steps to start building your blog today.

  1. Sign up for a free blog maker. Choose what kind of blog you want to create.

  2. Pick a blog name. Let people know what your blog is all about.

  3. Choose your blog template. Customize its design to match your style.

  4. Write and publish your first post. Launch with posts you're passionate about.

  5. Share your blog. Gain new readers and promote your blog on social media.

24/7 support

Find answers to all your questions in our Help Center or request a callback to speak with an expert.

Hire a professional

Get matched with vetted agencies and freelancers to help you create, design or enhance your website.


1. Is it free to start a blog?

It’s completely free to start a blog with Wix. Plus, you’ll get access to a complete suite of blogging features including; blog title generator, SEO tools, design capabilities, managing and collaboration tools, and analytics.

2. How do blogs make money?

There are lots of ways to make money from blogging. Bloggers can supplement their incomes by offering paid subscriptions to followers for exclusive access to content or features. You can use third-party services like Google AdSense to show ads on your blog and earn commission whenever someone clicks on them. Plus, with Wix Stores, you can sell merchandise and products related to your blog.

3. Can you import blog posts from WordPress?

Yes, you can import your blog posts from a or a site in just a few steps. Check out this article from the Wix Help Center for a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

4. Is Wix only for beginner bloggers?

The Wix Blog platform is built for bloggers with any level of expertise. Every blog website comes with a suite of features like Wix Analytics and built-in SEO and marketing tools designed to help drive more traffic to your blog, grow your community, monetize your content, and so much more.

5. What should you blog about?

You can create a blog about almost anything. Some of the most popular blog types include: lifestyle, travel, food and fashion. The important thing is to be passionate about your topic. Whether it’s a personal blog or a business blog the first step is to get started and be consistent.

Create a blog that inspires.

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