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Do Not Sell Or Share
Personal Information

Wix does not sell or share your personal information for monetary compensation.


By disclosing your info to our partners, we're able to tailor Wix offers, ads and content to your preferences as you browse other websites. In accordance with US State Privacy Laws, this process might involve a sale or sharing of your Personal Information because it involves cross-context behavioral advertising, or targeted promotions.

For more information about our disclosures, please see the Wix Privacy Policy.

You can opt out of the sale or sharing of personal information below.

To opt out, please move the toggle to the left and click save.

Your changes have been saved successfully

To opt out, please move the toggle to the left and click save.

There was a problem saving your preferences. Please refresh the page and try again. If the problem persists, please contact Wix Customer Care.

Unless you are logged into your Wix account, your opt-out will be specific to the browser and/or device you are using to make the request. Note that if you opt out, you may still see ads for Wix, although they may not be personalized to you. Unless you are logged into your Wix account, if you clear your cookies, or use a new browser or device to access the site, please submit a new request to re-apply your opt-out choice.

Note that you also can use the Global Privacy Control ("GPC") to signal your opt-out preference. To learn more about the GPC please visit You can update your browser settings at any tie to restrict or disable certain cookies. If you delete cookies, reset your device, or switch your experience between web and mobile, you may need to set your preference again to ensure we continue to honor your preferred choice.

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