Manage Your Business Transactions with Wix Payments

Instantly accept secure online payments and manage all transactions from the Wix dashboard. Handle your business’ payout schedule, refunds, chargebacks and more.

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The Complete Payment Solution for Wix Merchants


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Flexible Payment and Billing

Discover multiple payment methods to let your customers choose how they pay.

Instant Online Transactions

Accept payments on your site from leading credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
With Wix Payments, you can also get paid via iDeal, Giropay and Pay Now by Klarna.

One-Time and Recurring Payments

Build customer loyalty and earn residual revenue by offering flexible payments. Let customers pay as they go or purchase memberships, subscriptions and packages.

Online and In-App Payment

Allow your customers to pay from any device, anywhere. With Wix Payments, customers can instantly pay for goods on your site or on the Wix mobile app.


Native Payment Solution

Manage all transactions from your Wix dashboard.

Integrated Payment Dashboard

Handle all business transactions from a single dashboard, including store orders and payments for services, classes, subscriptions, event ticket sales and more.

Personalized Payout Schedule

Maintain the steady cash flow your business needs. Choose from a daily, weekly or monthly payout cycle and have funds sent directly to your bank account.

Seamless Checkout Experience

Reduce abandoned carts and boost your sales with a streamlined checkout. Let your customers pay for products and services without ever leaving your site. 

Built-In Dispute Tool

Quickly handle and respond to chargebacks. Our convenient dispute tool allows you to monitor, accept and dispute chargebacks right from your dashboard.


Competitive Processing Rates

Get fixed payment processing rates for your business based on your revenue.
With transparent pricing, you get one rate for all credit cards.


Security and Compliance

Protect your business and customers with advanced online encryption and the strictest compliance standards.

  • Offer PSD2 SCA and PCI-compliant payment processing.

  • Secure on-site and in-app checkout with HTTPS/TLS data encryption. 

  • Avoid common fraud attacks with Wix’s AI and rule-based risk system.

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Why do I need a payment provider for my business?

To get paid online! Once you set up a payment gateway, you can accept payments and get paid to your bank account.


Why should I choose
Wix Payments? 

Wix Payments is our comprehensive, integrated payment processing solution. Once you connect to Wix Payments, you can instantly start accepting payments on your site and the Wix mobile app. Connect Wix Payments and start managing all transactions and payouts from one dashboard.


How do I create a Wix Payments account?

To set up an account for your Wix site, connect Wix Payments as your payment provider:

  1. Go to Accept Payments in your dashboard.

  2. Select Wix Payments.

  3. Click Connect to create your account.

  4. Complete your Wix Payments account setup.

Watch this video to learn how to complete setup.


What payment methods are available with Wix Payments?

Wix Payments allows you to accept credit card payments from major providers, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners, CUP, JCB and Maestro. Depending on your location, you can also accept payments online with iDeal, Pay Now by Klarna and Giropay.


In which countries and currencies
is Wix Payments available?

Wix Payments is available in the following countries and currencies:

  • Austria (EUR)

  • Belgium (EUR)

  • Brazil (BRL)

  • Finland (EUR)

  • Germany (EUR)

  • Great Britain (GBP)

  • Ireland (EUR)

  • Italy (EUR)

  • Lithuania (EUR)

  • Netherlands (EUR)

  • Portugal (EUR)

  • Spain (EUR)

  • Switzerland (CHF)

  • United States (USD)


What are the processing fees?

Wix Payments charges a payment processing fee based on your payment method and your revenue. With transparent pricing, you get one rate for all credit cards.

View Wix Payments’ payment processing rates here.


What are payouts?

Payouts are funds transferred from your payment provider to your personal or business bank account. Once your account is verified, payouts are sent to your bank account. Wix Payments allows you to choose from a daily, weekly or monthly payout cycle. 

Read this article for more info.


What types of businesses are supported by Wix Payments?

Unlike many third-party providers, Wix Payments supports most businesses, including hair extensions and ticketed events. Review the Restricted and Prohibited Products and Services list for more info.


What is a chargeback and what do I do if I get one?

A chargeback happens when one of your customers contacts their bank/credit card provider and asks to cancel a purchase from your business. This charged amount is then returned to the customer from your Wix Payments account balance. You can accept the chargeback or dispute it by showing the transaction was legitimate. 


Learn more about best practices for merchants to avoid chargebacks.


How does Wix Payments
work in Brazil?

Online payment in Brazil works a bit differently. For example, unlike other locations, Wix Payments Brazil supports installments and payment with Boleto. 

Find out more about Wix Pagamentos Brasil here.


What else do I need to know about using Wix Payments?

Learn more about Wix Payments’ Terms and Conditions for your region:

Want to learn more? 

Go to the Wix Payments Help Center.


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