Make Your Website a Place for Everyone

Your website is more powerful when it’s designed for all, regardless of ability. With Wix, you can create a website with accessibility settings built right in, allowing any visitor to interact with it.


Web accessibility gives people with disabilities such as vision impairment, hearing loss or injury the opportunity to experience and interact with your website. 

The Importance of Web Accessibility

After all, there are nearly 1 billion people in the world who rely on accessibility features to navigate the internet and access information. Making your site accessible shows that you value inclusion and diversity, helping enhance your brand while minimizing legal risk in countries that have laws requiring digital access for all. 

Our Commitment to Accessibility

At Wix, we’re committed to making the web a place for everyone by providing you with all the tools you need to create a professional website that’s accessible to all. 

Wix’s accessibility features comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0), the highest global standards.


Accessibility Tools for Your Website 

Discover the assistive settings that are automatically enabled for you when you create a professional Wix website.


Full Keyboard Functionality

From small buttons to comprehensive online stores, all Wix products are fully operable with a keyboard.


Automatic DOM Order

Automatic DOM order allows you to design your site in any order using drag and drop elements. The DOM (document object model) is then automatically arranged so visitors who rely on a keyboard and screen readers can navigate your site.


Correct Semantics 

Every component you add to your Wix site comes with the correct semantics built in, making it easier for people with disabilities to understand your content.


Site Language Definition

Your site is automatically rendered with the correct language so screen readers can understand your content.


Smart Focus Ring

Visual indicators help keyboard users navigate your site. Smart focus rings automatically appear when a keyboard is being used and feature dual colors so they’re always visible, no matter the site’s background color.


Aria Attributes

Built-in aria attributes provide enriched accessible user experience. In addition, you can add custom attributes to apps and components you build on your own.


Heading Tags

Heading tags help users who use screen readers understand how your site is organized in order to present the content. This also improves your site’s SEO.


Alt Text

Textual descriptions of images known as alt text, to help visually impaired users better understand the context of the photos on your website. Add them easily to any image.


Accessible Templates

Dozens of designer-made templates with accessibility features built in bring your dreams to life and make your website available to all.

Let us know how we can improve and if there are any accessibility features you’d like to see.


Accessibility Guides and Resources

Discover these helpful guides that provide even more information on how you can improve your site’s accessibility.

Prepare Text and Graphics

Increase accessibility for visitors with limited vision by adjusting text color, background and more

Set Your Site’s Hierarchy 

Help web browsers and screen readers understand how to present the content on your site.

Explore these templates with accessibility features built in.

Hire a Wix Accessibility Partner 

Want help? Get a Wix Partner to audit your site and make any necessary adjustments to ensure compliance with the WCAG 2.0 accessibility guidelines for your region.

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Best Practices for Website Accessibility 

Create an Accessible Website Designed for Everyone




How can I improve my website’s accessibility? 

Wix has done all coding on your site to make it as accessible as possible. As a site owner, you are responsible for making sure the content and design are also accessible. This includes preparing your images, text, graphics and site structure, as well as enabling accessibility components in the Editor. You can review this checklist to guide you through the process.


How do I check the accessibility of my website?

Wix cannot guarantee or ensure that the use of our services is compliant with all accessibility laws and worldwide regulations. You are responsible for reviewing and complying with local legislation applicable to you or to your site visitors.


What are the principles of web accessibility?

The guidelines and Success Criteria are organized around the following four principles, which lay the foundation necessary for anyone to access and use web content. Anyone who wants to use the web must have content that is perceivable, operable, understandable & robust (you can find more details in this post from W3).


How important is web accessibility in web design?

Making sure that all users have equal access to your website is crucial. There are several components of web design that should be incorporated into your site to make this possible. For example, content on your website like photographs, illustrations or graphs should include textual alternatives. In addition, color contrast should be reduced to ensure that all elements on the page are distinguishable and clearly displayed. You can read more about the importance of accessible website design in this blog post.


Are Wix Products such as Restaurants, Bookings, Stores, Blogs and Events accessible?

Yes, all our products are accessible by design, meaning they are operable by keyboard and contain correct semantics. 

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