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Explore exceptional web design inspiration and ideas from real Wix users and discover the best ways to build your site just the way you envision it.

Daniel Aristizabal website

Daniel Aristizabal

Generation She website

Generation She

Dopple press website

Dopple Press

Something Good Studio website

Something Good Studio

Ayelet Raziel website

Ayelet Raziel

Clever chefs website

Clever chefs

Yukai Du website

Yukai Du

Festela Store website

Festela Store

Calvin Pausania website

Calvin Pausania

The Robin Collective website

The Robin Collective

Ryan Haskins website

Ryan Haskins

Monk and anna website

Monk and Anna

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Website design inspiration FAQ

How do I get inspiration for my website?

Seeking website design inspiration can be an exciting journey. Start by exploring award-winning sites, browsing art galleries online, or delving into the history of web design to see how trends have evolved. Resources like design blogs, Pinterest, and industry-specific showcases can also spark creative ideas. Remember to look beyond digital spaces, as nature, architecture, and print media can offer unique perspectives that can be adapted for the web.

How do I come up with a website design?

To come up with a website design that truly resonates with users, begin by immersing yourself in a variety of sources for website design inspiration. Consider your target audience, the message you want to convey, and current design trends. Sketching out ideas, creating mood boards, and experimenting with color palettes and typography can help in coming up with a cohesive design concept.

How do you get inspiration for designing?

Finding inspiration for designing can be as simple as observing the world around you. For website design inspiration, engage with the online community, follow design influencers, and participate in webinars and workshops. Analyze well-designed websites to understand the rationale behind layout choices and user experience tactics. Interactive design platforms and experimenting with design software can also fuel your creativity.

How do I brand my website?

Branding your website is about creating a memorable identity that communicates your values and mission. Draw website design inspiration from your brand's story, color scheme, and logo to establish a visual language that speaks to your audience. Consistency is key across all pages to build recognition and trust. Look at how leading brands in your industry present themselves online for inspiration.

Can a beginner design a website?

Absolutely, a beginner can design a website using multiple resources for website design inspiration. Beginners can leverage online tutorials, free website templates, and drag-and-drop website builders—like the Wix Editor—that offer a guided approach to design. It's also helpful to analyze and learn from existing websites in your field to understand basic design principles and best practices.

How can I make my site look more professional?

When first creating your site, it’s important to explore website ideas, fonts and color palettes. You’ll want to explore color meanings and find visual inspiration so that you can find the right template to fit your brand’s specific needs. It’s a good practice to check out competitor’s web designs and see how they incorporate design and functionality to build engaging sites. Remember, when it comes to design, simplicity is key. You don't want to overload site visitors with too many distractions or make it unfriendly on mobile. You do want to create a good UX (user experience) and add high-quality videos and images where relevant—they make the user experience more exciting.

How can I find a professional designer to help me build my site?

If you feel you need help building your website, you can always hire a professional web designer to help you create, design or enhance your site.

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