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18 outstanding Wix website examples that will inspire you

Wix website examples

When we got into the web design game, we started small, making our mark with a few classic website templates. As time went by, we began to understand that people needed a site for all kinds of reasons. 

Some needed it for their restaurant. Some needed it for their bed and breakfast. Others needed it for their dog walking service, jewelry shop, freelance gig—the list went on and on. 

Our user community grew beyond our imagination. And today, Wix offers 900+ website templates, powerful built-in business solutions and another fan favorite: an AI website builder that lets you create a new website with a simple chat. 

Our favorite part is seeing how people embrace our tools to create a website or start a business that they’ve been dreaming of. So, we thought we’d shout out some of our users’ greatest creations. Check them out.

18 best Wix website examples

Explore the website examples below to see the kind of professional results you can achieve when making a website with Wix:

01. Wendy Ju

A minimalistic animation ushers you into Wendy Ju’s graphic design website. Scrolling down this beautiful website, you're presented with alternating sections where large thumbnails offer a glimpse at her different projects. The subtle animations on each page create a homogeneous look and feel throughout the entire site, strengthened by the mouse cursor effects Wendy created with code.

View other minimalist websites for inspiration.

Wix website example by Wendy Ju

02. Animal Music

Straightforward and to the point, Animal Music’s web design instantly shows you what the studio is capable of. Browse their video clips and you’ll quickly find that their music and services are top-notch, plus trusted by brand giants like Pepsi, Kia and Netflix.

Wix website example by Animalz

03. Izzy Wheels

This vibrant website embodies the spirit and mission behind the Izzy Wheels brand. True to its slogan “If you can’t stand up, stand out!,” Izzy Wheels presents its stylish wheel covers for wheelchairs on an equally stylish site. Visitors can shop for wheel covers directly on the site, or learn more about the brand’s story, collaborations and community of spokespeople. 

Wix website example by Izzy wheels

04. Mane

If you run a service-based business, a website can save you the back-and-forth of fielding questions about your pricing, treatments and qualifications. Mane’s website is a great example of this. Created by an ethical hairdressing salon, the Mane site welcomes online bookings, while describing all the treatments and products they use in great detail. Customers aren’t left guessing what a “balayage” service entails; from the site, they can see that it includes a complimentary consultation, hair treatment, styling and toning. 

Wix website example by Mane

05. Mananalu

Brainchild of actor Jason Momoa, Mananalu aims to remove plastic from ocean-going waste by selling water in “infinitely recyclable” aluminum bottles. The brand’s commitment to helping Mother Earth is clear on every page, from its homepage to its About Us page. Mananalu also integrates video throughout its site, creating a dynamic (and educational) experience for shoppers.

Craving more inspiration? Check out these top actor websites or our popular video website templates.

Wix website example by mananalu

06. Isshī

Isshī’s website (purposefully) breaks all the rules. As we learned in our interview with Isshī’ founder Rolly Robínson, the site is built to look like “you dumped a toy box on the floor.” There’s no traditional structure or uniformity in the design, which is reflective of Rolly’s vision as a jewelry artist—that every piece is true to Rolly’s sense of self and goes against the grain. 

Wix website example by Isshi

07. Kunstrukt

This creative duo lets their work do all the talking by using a large, centered image gallery to offer a preview of their projects. This visual element is paired with just a handful of words describing Kunstrukt’s raison d'être. In order to emphasize the pictures displayed, all other elements on the site honor a simple monochromatic palette. The line work used to highlight certain items in the menu gives this a brutalist website feel.

Wix website example by Kunstrukt

08. Sonja van Duelmen

The striking colors and typeface choices, paired with an extraordinary body of work, make Sonja van Duelmen’s portfolio one of the best website design examples you can find. In addition to showcasing examples of her best work in the various disciplines she specializes in, Sonja decided to start a blog to share her passion for fashion, modern design, photography and art.

Wix website example by Sonja van Duelmen

09. Sharon Radisch

A mix of captivating, magazine-like images sets a trendy tone for Sharon Radisch’s photography website. The site cleverly places a hamburger menu within the homepage title, emphasizing Sharon’s artistic eye. The majority of Sharon’s site features a minimalistic black-and-white color scheme, allowing her to guide the eye with strategically placed visual accents and colors. 

Wix website example by Sharon Radisch

10. Mikaela Reuben

Nothing captures visitors’ attention quite like a good-quality video background. In the case of Mikaela Reuben’s site, a short clip immediately emphasizes Mikaela’s healthy and organic approach to the culinary world. Making life easier for browsers, Mikaela implements a search bar on her website header making it easy to search for your favorite nutritional tips and recipes.

Wix website example by Mikaela Rubin

11. Rafael Varona

One simply cannot talk about animation without mentioning Rafael Varona’s jaw-dropping Wix website. This illustrator, animator and art director has created a vibrant site that combines dynamic and static projects to maintain visitors’ interest without overwhelming them. 

Looking to create your own art portfolio or site? Check out these other artist websites for inspiration.

Wix website example by Rafael Varona

12. Mariela Mezquita

On her online portfolio website, Mariela Mezquita plays with shapes, vibrant colors and scrolling effects to bring her unique take on the latest web design trends to life. This allows her to leave a lasting impression on visitors while showing her creativity and skills across several different forms of expression.

Mariela Mezquita graphic design Wix website example

13. Babe Formula

Just like its haircare products, Babe Formula’s website is crafted with intention. The site couples unique shapes with playful animations to create an inviting online experience that—like its branding—is easy on the eyes. Visitors can discover new products, read reviews and even join the Babepreneur club (i.e., become a regional distributor) directly from the site.   

Wix website example by Babe Formula

14. Evolve Clothing

Online retail is growing at an unprecedented rate, which means brands need to ensure their online presence is as unique and personal as their products. Evolve Clothing has managed to do so by creating a site that perfectly balances the boldness and refinement of the different collections they sell. The site also features live chat and membership login, emulating the personalized attention that customers would ordinarily get at one of their brick-and-mortar stores.

Wix website example by Evolve Clothing

15. Roee Ben Yehuda

Whoever came up with "jack of all trades, master of none" simply hadn’t met someone like Roee Ben Yehuda. This talented designer’s portfolio showcases all types of creative projects, ranging from product design to branding. To ensure all of them live in harmony under the same homepage, Roee uses a combination of full-width stripes and asymmetrical columns, connected through smooth scrolling effects. When building a homepage, this is a great way to display everything clearly in one place.

Roee Ben Yehuda portfolio and online store

16. Hila Rawet Karni

Hila’s original industrial jewelry is made from unconventional materials and aims to help women celebrate their individuality and manifest their uniqueness. This powerful statement is embodied within its eCommerce site through parallax scrolling effects, professional product photography and subtle animation. Hila additionally appeals to shoppers from all over the world, offering currency conversion directly on the site. 

Pro tip: If you're opening a store, explore these eCommerce website inspiration examples.

Wix website example by Hila Rawet Karni

17. Barton Artistry

A product of the Wix AI website builder, the Barton Artistry website elegantly shows off the work of makeup artist Tera Barton. Tera’s warmth can be felt throughout the site, where photographs of her latest weddings and photoshoots are sprinkled among cheerful messaging. Visitors can read testimonials at their leisure and submit a request when they’re ready.  

Wix website example by Barton Artistry

18. Ice Cream Dream

Nonprofit organizations have the tricky job of getting people to support—let alone care about—causes that may not be a part of their everyday lives. The Ice Cream Dream Foundation uses a mix of whimsical and realistic imagery, alongside thought-provoking copy, to grab attention. The foundation uses its site to illustrate the power of ice cream in underprivileged communities and to collect donations, right when people are paying attention.

Wix website example by Ice Cream Dream

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Wix website templates to get you started

Looking to get started with your own site? Below are a few popular picks from Wix's template collection.

Fashion photographer

Photography is an art that requires a special stage. That’s why this specific fashion photographer template was built to showcase pictures in their highest quality—and it does so with a beautiful full-width gallery that displays the most significant pieces of any photographer's portfolio. Of course, there’s more to it than that. This template includes an About Us page, making it easy to learn more about your work, peek at behind-the-scenes content, get in touch and visit your social profiles.

Fashion photographer Wix website templates

Cocktail delivery service

Designed to get you in a party mood, this cocktail delivery service template is perfect for any type of food service that offers online deliveries. You’ll be able to create a professional delivery service or restaurant website where your location and hours are clearly visible. Customers should be able to easily find your menu and place orders from your site too.

cocktail delivery service wix website template


As gyms and studios take to the online world, having a specialized fitness website has become an absolute must. In addition to allowing you to build a solid virtual presence and strengthen your brand, this fitness studio template will enable you to provide a better service for your clients. This website template helps facilitate that growth by not only sharing images and videos of your services, but also allowing clients to sign up for classes via the Wix Bookings feature—plus purchase memberships.

Gym Wix website template

Shoe store

This delicate template for shoe stores is built to increase sales. Its website features have been carefully placed in order to optimize your visitors’ experiences and turn potential buyers into customers. Visitors can choose to browse your entire catalog or view highlighted items, such as new collections, items on sale and best sellers. Furthermore, the live chat feature brings the brick-and-mortar feeling to the online world, allowing customers to ask questions to your team.

Need a better eCommerce solution? Check out Wix’s eCommerce website builder.

Shoe store eCommerce Wix website template

Fashion blog

In recent years, blogs have taken the internet by storm. That initial spark was further fueled by the increasing number of opportunities to make money blogging, including anything from membership plans and virtual summits to affiliate content and ads. This fashion blog template lets you capitalize on this opportunity, whether you’re looking to make your blog a focal point or an extension of your business. 

fashion blog wix website template

Or, want to go the AI route?

If you’re looking for a bespoke website design, we invite you to see Wix’s AI website builder up close. Simply chat with AI to get a custom site, complete with all the content, business apps and pages that you need.

Wix ai website builder

Wix’s full suite of AI tools includes solutions for:

  • Start-to-finish website design

  • Image generation and editing

  • Text generation and editing 

  • Portfolio creator  

  • SEO metatag creator 

  • AI product descriptions and recommendations  

  • Blogging 

  • Google Ads

  • Social captions 

  • Email marketing

  • And more… 

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