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6 new Wix features to take your site to the next level


Making a website with Wix is like going to the ice cream parlor: there are so many options to please your palate, and you will for sure leave wanting more – and more. Whether it’s adding the perfect logo, enhancing your SEO or utilizing advanced analytical tools, you always have new needs to amp up your online presence, and your favorite website builder surely has something to satisfy them.

From sophisticated design effects to powerful tools to sell more online, or intuitive features to communicate with your visitors and clients, we are constantly working with our users in sight. Learning how to make a website is just the beginning.

Fresh out of the oven, here are six new Wix features your website won’t want to miss:

  1. Your own professional logo in minutes

  2. Jazz up your website with artistic, handmade illustrations

  3. Discover new ways to offer your services with Wix Bookings

  4. Build a powerful website community with Member’s Area

  5. Utilize the most advanced SEO tools and capabilities

  6. Track and analyze your site’s performance like never before

01. Your own professional logo in minutes

How fast can you tie your shoes? Well, in that same amount of time you can create a customizable, professional logo for your business using the Wix Logo Maker. All you need to do is answer a few simple questions that help our artificial intelligence technology narrow in on your focus and understand your business’ unique style. After understanding your brand’s vibe, your own aesthetic preferences, and your logo’s needs, the Logo Maker will generate numerous options to choose from. All of them are tailored for your brand’s personality, including a ready-made color palette.

Of course, if there is anything you still want to change, all of these logo designs can be totally adjusted to your liking, from the font of your tagline to the size of your illustration. Once you’ve designed and purchased the logo of your dreams, you can download it and use it anywhere – as much as you want. Size is not an issue here, as your logo’s dimensions are customizable to fit any need, from social media and printed business documents to your website’s header, and more.

Note: This tool is only available to Wix Premium Plan users.

create a logo for your website with the Wix Logo Maker a new Wix Feature

02. Jazz up your website with artistic, handmade illustrations

Small additions can go a long way, especially in web design. Vector Art images are one fun way to spice things up on your website. Adding them is as simple as this: go to the “Add” menu of your Wix Editor and browse under ‘Vector Art’. Here, you’ll find thousands of handmade illustrations, from icons and badges to stylish typography, characters, and so much more, just waiting to be used. No matter what piece you pick, you can easily customize the design to match your website by choosing your brand’s colors and applying them. But that’s not all: you can adjust the opacity level, and add animation to them, too.

The best part about Vector Art images is that size doesn’t matter. They are SVG files, which means that they are perfectly scalable no matter what dimensions you choose – whether it’s a tiny icon or an entire background image for your website, the highest quality remains. Oh yes, and before we forget to mention – all these vector illustrations are free for you to use. You’re welcome.

new Wix feature vector art for your website

03. Discover new ways to offer your services with Wix Bookings

With Wix Bookings, you were already able to sell your services online in the most user-friendly way, with efficient scheduling and secured payments. However, things just got even better. Now your business can create membership access and packages via the Paid Plans app. It provides your clients with the convenience of signing up for multiple sessions at once, with a one-time payment. You can present unlimited sessions, access to specific resources, monthly sign-ups, and more. Also, you can now offer courses (a set of sessions), like cooking classes, educational workshops, and lecture series. All you need to do is simply set your start and end date, the course schedule or package deal, and you’re ready to go!

04. Build a powerful website community with Member’s Area

Websites with sign-ups are known to increase engagement. To make this boost happen, we’ve created Member’s Area, a feature that enables you to build a strong online community. Whether you have a blog or a forum website, your members can create a profile and start interacting with you and the other members in many ways: they can follow, comment, like and share posts – just like on Facebook or any other successful social media platform. On top of this, as members, they will constantly stay ‘in the know’ about any updates you share on your website via instant email notifications. We haven’t even told you about the best part yet: creating unique member roles for your site. This is everything from restricting and allowing permission to certain pages (like separating teachers and students, for example) to promoting guest writers for your blog and moderators for your online forum. So, if you’re looking for the ultimate way to grow and sustain a flourishing community, you should take advantage of this feature.

05. Utilize the most advanced SEO tools and capabilities

Great SEO helps your website rank higher in search results – that’s just a fact. And in turn, it draws traffic to your site. But first, you need to make sure your site is indexed (identified and saved in a search engine’s database), and then you need to make it stand out (by targeting the right keywords). Check and check, if you have a Wix website. Why? Thanks to the advanced SEO capabilities of Wix SEO Wiz, such as the efficient analyzation of your website and a personalized SEO plan, you can make your site visible on Google within seconds. However, SEO is always a work in process, as new updates and changes are made around the clock. The latest is the mobile-first indexing – in layman’s terms, Google is ranking websites based off their mobile version, first. Great news for Wix users: you can also check this item off the list because you already have a mobile-friendly version of your website, with a fully optimized structure for this new indexing method. Go to your website and switch to the Mobile Editor to check it out.

06. Track and analyze your site’s performance like never before

With new advances to your tracking tools and analytics, you can now embed third-party tracking codes onto your site to monitor your traffic and see the progression of your campaigns. Under ‘Tracking & Analytics’ in your site’s dashboard, you have the option to add new tools, like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Yandex Metrica, Facebook Pixel, and more. Don’t want to use any of the options listed? Not a problem! You can add your own custom code, like a heat map to visually see where your visitors are clicking on your pages or a Taboola campaign to allow third-party publishers to share related content in a specific section of your site – which can subsequently help you generate more revenue. All of these tools will allow you to get insights into your customers’ online behavior and optimize your marketing campaigns better than ever before.

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