Unify Your Online
& In-Person Sales with Wix POS

Get your powerful Wix Point of Sale system to accept secure in-person payments and manage your entire business smoothly—in store, online and on the go.

Wix POS is currently available to select U.S.-based Wix Merchants only. To process payments, this solution requires a verification process by Wix Payments for POS.

Retail inventory and catalog management on Wix online store and Wix Point of Sale.

Omnichannel Sales

Sell anywhere with our powerful POS solution.

One Product Catalog

Build and manage a single, unified product catalog for all your sales. Let your customers buy any product on offer, online or in person, at any time.

Flexible Delivery

Let customers choose how they get their orders. Offer local delivery and shipping or save time with curbside pickup by allowing them to collect their orders in store. 

Multichannel Inventory Management

Simplify your workflow with intuitive inventory that automatically syncs across all channels, every time you make a sale.

Fully Integrated System

Unbox your Wix POS and start selling immediately—our software’s pre-installed. Simply log in to your Wix account on your POS tablet or Wix Owner app (iOS and Android) and go.


Fully Synced Inventory

Create your product catalog and optimize your workflow so customers can shop your store online and in person, 24/7.

Live Inventory Status

Track and share real-time stock levels based on sales and refunds you make online and in person. Quickly adjust your inventory when needed by adding product SKUs manually or with your scanner.

Customized Product Offering

Manage one catalog while creating unique, separate product collections for your store. Choose where you sell each product for both your online and in-store shoppers. 

Unlimited Products and Collections

Add as many products as you can sell to your store—we don’t limit you. Create and arrange products by category, style or sale, and manage them from your desktop or POS system.

Endless Product Variants

Fully synced inventory management on Wix POS and online store, image of black tee product variants.

Seamless Checkout

Create a unique buyer journey in store with your Wix Retail POS solution.

Wix POS checkout of Flexx Action retail store with custom discounts and receipts.

Custom Checkout Screen

Design your checkout screen for quicker access to what you need most. Add your top products, sale items or discounts, and hide products that are exclusively offered online.

Automated Sales Tax

Get automated sales tax calculations for your store with Wix Retail POS. Offer a transparent checkout process with the most current, geo-specific tax rates from Avalara® for every purchase.

Saved Shopping Carts

Save customers’ carts, favorite items and more on your POS tablet. Retrieve shopping carts when customers are ready to buy or duplicate them for repeat purchases.

Flexible Pricing and Discounts

Delight retail shoppers with spontaneous discounts at your in-store checkout. You can also set custom product prices on the spot with your POS tablet.

Gift Cards

Create branded digital gift cards for your business and sell them online. Then, let customers redeem their gift cards at checkout when shopping both online and in store.

Customized Receipts

Create your own receipts by adding your brand logo, business address, return policy, custom messages and more. Instantly email your receipts or print them at checkout.

Wix POS Hardware

Choose or customize a Wix POS system that best suits your business type.

Wix Point of Sale hardware: receipt printer, barcode scanner, tablet and card reader.

POS for Every Business

Sell in your brick-and-mortar store with Wix Retail POS hardware or on the go with Wix Mobile POS. Order additional, compatible POS accessories à la carte to create your own tailored solution.

Sleek Design Features

Get a powerful point of sale system that looks great in your physical store. Our built-in stand, tablet with customer-facing display and card reader ensure a smooth checkout experience.

Secure Card Reader

Check out your customers anywhere with your compact, wireless card reader. Safely accept chip, contactless and magstripe card payments, plus digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Customer Support

Get a 1-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping for all purchased POS devices. Reach out to our Customer Care Team for dedicated support, anytime.

Native Payment Provider

Enjoy Wix Payments perks with Wix POS, including one onboarding experience, an integrated dashboard and fixed processing rates.

Integrated payments dashboard, product page and custom payout schedules from Wix Payments.

One Provider for All Sales

Simplify payment management by using one payment provider, Wix Payments. Our native solution allows you to oversee all online and in-person transactions wherever you sell.

Secure Payments

Protect your business with end-to-end encryption and strict standards. Offer secure online and in-person checkout with data-encrypted payment processing and EMV-certified card readers.

No Hidden Fees

Pay one fixed processing rate for all in-person payments: 2.6% + 0 USD. No additional fees are charged for processing refunds or chargebacks, either.

Integrated Dashboard 

Manage everything with ease on desktop. Review all store orders, online and in-person payments, refunds, payouts, analytics and more—right from your dashboard.

Smart Analytics & Growth

Make informed business decisions with analytics and focus your marketing efforts across the board.

Store analytics report showing revenue over time and Facebook and Instagram ads campaign results.

Unified Store Analytics

Monitor your business’ overall performance and view important reports on your POS tablet or in the Wix Owner app. Analyze your revenue, sales over time and more from your full analytics dashboard on desktop.

Pro Team Management

Add unlimited staff members to your Wix Retail POS system. Give individual PIN codes, assign custom roles and permissions, review schedules, track their performance and more.

Coupons and Special Offers

Attract customers back to your online store with exclusive promotions. Grow your commercial reach by letting them redeem coupons in your brick-and-mortar store.

Custom Reports

Tailor your business reports to show your most important data. Choose how you display your stats with a custom report or edit readymade templates from Wix.

Advanced Marketing Suite 

Collect email addresses at checkout to send exclusive offers via email marketing campaigns. With Ascend by Wix, you get a full suite of professional business tools that increase conversions and save you valuable time.

Smart Ad Campaigns

Increase brand awareness with automated ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Create your campaigns and let powerful Wix AI continually optimize your ads over time.


Get Inspired by Merchants like You

“We really expanded with Wix POS. Now we can keep on top of our inventory, transactions, customer details, analytics—things we’ve never been able to do before.”

RanD Pitts
Owner of Evolve Clothing Gallery

Store analytics report showing revenue over time and Facebook and Instagram ads campaign results.

How It Works

Wix POS is currently available to select U.S.-based Wix Stores users and may be purchased for the verified Wix Payments account owner only.



Create Your Wix Payments Account

To accept in-person payments, get verified by Wix Payments for a POS account. Start off smoothly by following our setup checklist


Buy POS Hardware

Once verified, you’ll get an email with a link to our POS hardware shop. Choose the kit that suits your business best.


Set up Your Wix POS

We’ll ship your POS kit to you. Everything you need is built in, including our advanced Wix POS software. Simply unbox your POS system and plug it in.


Start Selling

You’re now all set to accept in-person payments. Log in to your Wix account on the POS tablet or Wix Owner app and you’re good to go.



How do I get started with Wix POS?

Wix POS is currently offered to select U.S.-based Wix Stores users who sell on the go and/or have brick-and-mortar businesses. To process in-person payments, you’ll be required to complete a verification process by Wix Payments for a POS account. Once verified, you can order your Wix POS system.

Before you get started, make sure your business is supported. Start your verification process smoothly by following our Wix Payments Setup Checklist.


How can I order Wix POS hardware?

Once your business is verified by Wix Payments, you’ll get an email with a link to buy your Wix POS system. When we get your order, we’ll ship your hardware and send you a tracking number. 

For more info on Wix POS hardware, visit the Wix POS Shop.


What’s included in the Wix POS system?

This is entirely up to you, we offer versatile POS solutions for different business needs. Our Wix Retail POS kits have everything you need to sell in your physical store and on the move. Cover all your bases with our Complete Retail POS Package, or choose the Retail Essentials kit and add POS accessories as you go. You can take your business anywhere with Wix Mobile POS: our compact, wireless card reader lets you accept secure payments from customers on the spot. All solutions include our advanced Wix POS software—simply create a point of sale system that fits your business best.


Can I use my own POS hardware with Wix POS?

No, only the devices listed in our Wix Point of Sale Shop are supported.


Which provider processes payments for Wix POS? And what payment methods can I offer my customers at checkout?

Wix Point of Sale is supported by our own payment provider, Wix Payments, so you get to enjoy all the perks of a native payment solution. At checkout, you can accept all leading debit/credit cards, contactless cards (dip, tap, swipe) and digital wallets, like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay.


What do I need to pay for when I purchase a Wix POS system?

First, you’ll pay for Wix POS hardware you order. All our POS kits have Wix POS software built in, meaning you won’t be charged any additional fees for software. To accept payments on Wix, you need to get a Wix Business Premium Plan, so if you haven’t already purchased one, choose the plan that fits you most. Once you start taking payments in person, you’ll pay a fixed processing rate of 2.6% per transaction + 0 USD. Bonus: you don’t get charged for refunds or chargebacks.


How do I switch from my current solution to Wix POS?

Easily switch to Wix by importing and uploading your product catalog in bulk (CSV files), or use one of our import/export apps, like Cart2Cart. Read more about importing your store products and catalog to Wix.


What else do I need to know about setting up Wix POS?

Learn more about connecting Wix Payments for your Wix POS solution here.

Want to learn more?
Go to the Wix POS Help Center.


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Unify your online and in-person sales with our powerful POS solution.