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Make Informed Decisions with Wix Analytics

Get actionable info about your website.
Learn which content is working best and how your visitors behave. Then use these insights to act and improve. Every published Wix website has Wix Analytics included in the Dashboard.

A music website showcasing blog posts and a new album release.
An example of a Traffic Overview report in Wix Analytics.

3 Steps to Online Success with Wix Analytics

1. Track

Review your traffic, visitor behavior and revenue reports.

2. Understand

Get tailored recommendations on how to improve.

3. Act

Implement the recommendations and measure the results.

Get the Information You Need to Succeed

An online ceramics store’s Wix Analytics dashboard, its Sales over Time chart and its Top Paying Customers report as displayed on desktop and mobile.
An online ceramics store’s Wix Analytics dashboard, its Sales over Time chart and its Top Paying Customers report as displayed on desktop and mobile.
A suggestion provided by Wix Analytics inside a report: use marketing tools to get more website visitors.
An online ceramics store’s Wix Analytics dashboard, its Sales over Time chart and its Top Paying Customers report as displayed on desktop and mobile.

Stay Updated

Get your key measures in an overview on your website dashboard. Customize the view to show the most relevant info for your site.

Track Your Traffic

See where your visitors come from, how they get to your site and if they return. Learn which days or times of day are most popular.

Understand Your Visitors

Learn where your visitors spend the most time on your site and compare the behavior of first time visitors with returning visitors.

Analyze Your Revenue

Compare your revenue across time periods. Break down your transactions by variables such as product, geography and source.

Know Your Customers

Get insights on your top customers, see how your customer base is growing over time and monitor your lead generation by channel.

From Insight to Action

Get personalized suggestions, based on your website’s performance, on how to boost your traffic and engage your visitors.

Business entry point
A Wix website with a built-in store and items in the shopping cart.
The Sales over Time report in Wix Analytics.
A Wix website with a built-in store and items in the shopping cart.

Make Data-Based Business Decisions with Confidence

Use the power of data to understand your customers and grow your sales. Wix Analytics reports enable you to make data-driven decisions about the best times to promote your products, discover where you have opportunities by geography and see which areas of your site to leverage to bring in more traffic. 

Insights to Boost Your Business

Be confident in your decision making when you have the numbers to back it up.

A website appearing in a search engine result with its title and description.
The Referral by Category report in Wix Analytics.
A fitness brand’s Instagram page as shown on a mobile phone.

Get More of the Right Visitors

Discover how people arrive at your site with the Referral by Category or Site report and see how long their visits last. Market your site to the channels that bring you the most engaged visitors. 

Make the Most of Your Best Content

Use the Page Visits report to see which content is engaging your visitors the most. Give successful content more visibility in your site structure, promote it in marketing campaigns or produce more on the same theme.

The Page Visits report in Wix Analytics.
A sports equipment website showcasing products in the menswear section.
Background image showing a tennis racket
A Sales by Item report in Wix Analytics.
A top selling product, in this case a 9lbs Kettlebell.

Effectively Manage Your Product Portfolio

Understand which items or services are selling better than others. Break down the reports by item or segment and see how sales change by time period. Use this information to make decisions about your product range and when to offer promotions.

Focus Your Efforts by Geography

Learn where your visitors are based with the Traffic by Location report and use the Sales by Billing Location report to see where most of your sales come from. Then decide to focus on areas where you are already strong, or on areas which are weaker.

Background image showing a basketball hoop.
The Traffic by Location report in Wix Analytics.

Leverage Your Insights with Powerful Marketing Tools

Use a range of Wix marketing tools to act on your Wix Analytics insights and grow your traffic further.

Leverage built-in SEO tools to optimize your site for search engines. View traffic reports to see how many visitors were referred by search engines and track your performance over time.

Grow sales and reward loyal customers with promotional discount coupons. Use your reports to make decisions on what products to discount and when.

Create a blog for your site to get more visitors through improved SEO and encourage repeat visits with regular posts. Track them to know which content is engaging your readers the most.

Identify your most valuable customers in your reports and encourage them to revisit your website with targeted email marketing campaigns. Then track the results.

Reach new shoppers with targeted ad campaigns on social media, using a powerful algorithm that optimizes your ads for better results, and measure the success with your sales reports.

Reach a global audience by translating your site with Wix Multilingual. Use your traffic and sales reports to decide which languages to use based on where your visitors come from.

*Currently available for Wix Stores users only.


Is Wix Analytics free?

Yes, all Wix users get Wix Analytics for their website. To duplicate and customize reports, or to create your own, you can upgrade to a Business VIP plan.

How do I set up Wix Analytics for my site?

You don’t need to do anything—it’s set up automatically. Just go to your site’s dashboard and go to the Analytics & Reports page.

Do I need to be a “numbers” person to understand Wix Analytics?

Wix Analytics is designed to provide a solution for everyone trying to understand more about how their website is performing. So you have the overview that gives you a quick sense of the key stats and also the ability to dig deeper with more detailed reports.

What information can I find on Wix Analytics?

Wix Analytics gives you actionable data about all aspects of your website. Discover which days of the week and times of day your site is busiest. Understand how people arrive at your site, who they are and how they behave during their visit. Get insights into which marketing campaigns are successful and learn which content, products or services are most popular with your visitors.

How can Wix Analytics help me grow my business?

By understanding more about your visitors’ demographics, how they reach your site and how they behave during their visit, you can make informed decisions about how to focus your marketing efforts to grow your business more effectively.

Can I access Wix Analytics on my phone?

Yes you can. Use the Wix Owner app to stay connected to your site’s performance on the go.

Where can I learn more about the terms used in Wix Analytics?

Visit the glossary to learn more about the main terms used in Wix Analytics to make the most of your reports.

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