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Your Global Presence Starts with Wix Multilingual

Translate your site and communicate with visitors around the world. Expand into new markets and increase traffic to your site.

An ecommerce website that sells pottery being translated to multiple languages in the Wix editor.
Un sitio web de comercio electrónico que vende cerámica traducida a varios idiomas en el editor Wix.
Un site d'ecommerce qui vend de la poterie traduit en plusieurs langues avec l'Éditeur Wix.
Un sito web di ecommerce che vende ceramiche tradotte in più lingue nell'Editor di Wix.
A translation key
A translation key
A translation key
A translation key

Reach New Customers in Any Market, Geo and Language

01. Target

Bring customers from around the world to your site and boost your site’s traffic.

02. Communicate

Speak to site visitors in their native language and allow them to explore your site with confidence.

03. Grow

Expand your business into international markets, sell more and increase your revenue.

All the Essential Tools You Need to Go Global

Website being translated into French in
A key that shows which languages your website has been translated into.
A Light Fixture

Translate Faster

Translate text on your site straight from the Wix editor using Google Translate.

Design Once

Keep the same layout for each language and localize it with photos and videos. 

Get Found on the Web

Rank higher on search engines in every language. Use Wix’s SEO tools to target specific markets and bring the right people to your site.

Get a Local Subdomain 

Add local subdomains for each language like and make it easier for site visitors to find you online.

Design Your Language Menu

Customize a language menu to match your site. Add design features like a country flag so site visitors easily switch from one language to another.

Redirect Your Visitors

Automatically show your site to visitors in the language they search in, so they're ready to explore your site right away.

Website for an art and design exhibition that has shows four secondary languages it has been translated to.
Website for an art and design exhibition
A key that shows which languages your website has been translated into.
Example of subdomains

How to Create a Multilingual Site

  1. Create an account with Wix. 

  2.  Build a website using one of our professional templates.

  3.  Add Wix Multilingual to your site. 

  4.  Choose the languages you want.

  5.  Translate the content on your site including text, photos and videos.

  6.  Make your secondary languages visible to users. 

  7. Publish your site.

Build Your Professional Online Presence in the Languages You Want

Design Website

Custom Domain 

Choose the right domain name for your business and localize it with a subdomain.

A skincare ecommerce site

Online Store

Build your online business with a powerful ecommerce platform and translate it into the languages you want.

A chat box

Live Chat

Chat with your site visitors in all the languages your multilingual site offers.


Create and manage your events, sell tickets & collect RSVPs in the languages you want.

An events website



How do I create a Multilingual site?

Add the Multilingual App and translate your site into as many languages as you want in minutes. When you're ready, enable the languages you translated and let visitors explore your site in the language they want.


Will my site be automatically translated?

Your site won’t be automatically translated, but with our built-in Google Translate tool, you can quickly translate text on your site – item by item and edit it however you’d like.  


How do I optimize each language for SEO?

Using Wix’s SEO tools, optimize your SEO settings for each language. Customize page titles and descriptions for every language so search engines know your site is relevant for potential visitors searching online. Target specific people in different regions and get site visitors around the globe to find you online. 


Can I translate my entire site?

With Wix Multilingual you can translate each part of your site’s text so that it’s fully functional for the languages you choose. After enabling Multilingual on your site, take your business further by offering your online store, events & more in multiple languages. 


Which languages can I translate my site to?

Multilingual currently supports over 150 languages. 

This website was designed with Wix.

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