Create an Online Store & Grow Your eCommerce Business

  • Customize your storefront, cart and more to fit your brand

  • Sell products on multiple channels, like Facebook and Instagram

  • Start dropshipping with Modalyst and other partners

  • Offer secure payment solutions and accept 40+ currencies


Online Store Builder

500+ Templates | Full Customization | Product Galleries

Fully customize the design of your eCommerce website and reach customers on desktop and mobile. Choose from 500+ stunning templates with professional business tools built in. Get 100s of design features and effects, create beautiful product galleries and grow your brand’s online presence.


Custom Storefront and Cart

Galleries and Collections | Related Products | Wishlist | Cart

Set up your online storefront any way you want—beautiful product collections, related product galleries, wishlist, quick add to cart, mini-cart and more. Customize your product and cart pages to meet your business needs.


Dropshipping with Modalyst

1000s of Products | No Inventory Costs | 5-7 Day Shipping

Expand your online store’s product offering and source from 1000s of high-quality products with Modalyst’s professional dropshipping platform. Set your own pricing and shipping rules. Easily make changes to stay on top of market trends and maximize your profits.  


Shipping Rules

Global Shipping | Multiple Carriers | Real-Time Delivery Estimates

Set up custom shipping rules, offer international shipping, choose from leading carriers like USPS and FedEx, and show customers real-time shipping estimates at checkout.


Multichannel Sales

Facebook | Instagram

Manage your store from a single platform and sell to anyone, anywhere—including Facebook and Instagram. Manage and track your inventory, promote products on all sales channels and communicate with clients on any platform.


Secure Payment Solutions

Wix Payments | Credit/Debit Cards | PayPal

Offer customers secure online checkout. Choose from dozens of payment providers and methods, including Wix Payments, PayPal, credit/debit cards and in-person. Find a provider that’s convenient for your business location and accept payments in 40+ currencies.


How to Create Your Own Online Store

Build a professional eCommerce website in 8 simple steps:


Sign up for Wix

Go to to create a free Wix account, or log in to your existing site.


Pick an Online Store Template

Choose from 500+ designer-made templates. Each template is fully customizable and comes with powerful business tools built right in.


Customize Your Site’s Design

Go wild with 1000s of stunning design features. Make your online store fit the style and personality of your brand. 


Import Products to Your Online Store

Add physical or digital products to your store catalog, or quickly import product info as a CSV file.


Accept Payments on Your Site

Select your preferred payment methods. Get paid in-full via credit/debit cards, PayPal, in-person and more.


Finalize Online Store Settings

Define the regions you ship to and your rates. Offer real-time tax calculations at checkout using Avalara®.


Publish Your eCommerce Website

Promote your site and let customers know you’re in business. Send an email marketing campaign and create a social post.


Connect Your Own Domain

Look professional online and make it easier for your customers to find you. Get a custom domain name for your store.

Promote and Manage Your Business with Industry-Leading Tools

Streamline the way you run your business with Ascend by Wix—your built-in, customer management and marketing toolkit.

Engage Customers with Email Marketing

Drive traffic to your site and increase your daily number of orders. With targeted email marketing campaigns and social media posts, Wix merchants increased their daily orders up to 40%.

Connect with Customers through Chat

Give your customers what they need, right when they need it. From expert answers to instant product recommendations, you can increase sales up to 300% just by being there.

Optimize Workflows with Automations

Harness the power of automations, or set up your own tasks to improve conversions. Use automations, like an email reminding customers to complete their purchase, and lift sales by 33%.

Instantly Create Promotional Videos

Showcase your products or business with professional videos. Customers are 85% more likely to buy a product after seeing it featured in a promo video.

Boost Sales Using Coupons

Build customer loyalty and convert reluctant customers. Create your own special offers and discounts to strengthen sales performance.

Get the Best SEO for Your Site

Rank higher and grow your online presence with professional SEO tools. Over 66% of sites using Wix SEO Wiz appear on Google’s first page.


Get Inspired by Successful Wix Merchants

“I’ve built my business on Wix. As it grows, the Wix Stores backend has proven so valuable. I retarget abandoned carts, create coupons and manage my orders—all from one place. Plus with the Wix App, I can manage my entire business on the go.”

Beth Noy Plastic Freedom website

Beth Noy

Plastic Freedom

Sell Your Products Anywhere

Get the flexibility you need to manage your online store from one robust, multi-channel dashboard. Whether it’s your eCommerce website, dropshipping products, a Facebook Shop and more—you have all the tools you need.

eCommerce Website

Create your site with the Wix online store builder and get professional tools to manage your business, all in one place.

Multichannel Sales

Manage your store from a powerful, multi-channel dashboard and sell products directly on Facebook, Instagram and more.

Dropshipping Products

Integrate with Modalyst suppliers and source from thousands of high-quality products for your customers.

Global Shipping

Set custom rules and ship worldwide. Choose from leading carriers, print your own labels and offer customers real-time delivery estimates.


Design Your Online Store the Way You Want

Choose from 500+ beautiful online store templates and make it your own.

Migrate Your Product Catalog to Wix

Make the switch to our eCommerce platform and get the best shopping experience for your customers. Import your product catalog to Wix Stores as a CSV file. Your products will appear in your dashboard under store products. Select any item to update details, add images, set up inventory tracking, create collections and more.


Export products from the eCommerce platform you’re currently using and save the file.


Download the Wix CSV template and add your product info. Save the file in CSV format.


Import your CSV file to Wix Stores. Products will appear in your dashboard and you can edit the info as needed


Discover More Tools to Establish Your Brand 

Get the tools you need to build a professional online presence and create a strong brand identity.

Choose an original and memorable name for your brand or business.

Design a custom logo that matches the look and feel of your brand.

Choose from 500+ customizable templates with Wix Stores and professional tools built in.


Get Expert Tips on Running Your eCommerce Business


Build, run and grow your eCommerce business with industry-leading tools.

Wix Stores is a leading eCommerce platform with millions of merchants worldwide. We make it easy for everyone to create a beautiful, professional online store.

Showcase your products, promote them on multiple sales channels, dropship directly to your customers and more. With the Wix online store builder, you have all the industry-leading tools you need to manage and grow your business online.

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