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Sell subscriptions and recurring products

Create a subscription service on your online store. Get a steady cash flow, expand your product offering and spark a loyal customer base.

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Choose how to sell subscriptions to your shoppers

Offer more with your eCommerce website or build a subscription box business from scratch

Curated boxes

Put together a collection of different products with each shipment. Tell your customers what will arrive or send surprise mystery boxes.

Recurring orders

Let customers conveniently replenish the products they need and love. Send the same trusted products with each shipment.

How to
Wix online store selling beauty subscriptions with icons for payment provider options

How to sell subscription boxes with Wix

Sell subscriptions online in 7 steps:

1. Sign up for Wix

Go to to create a Wix account, or log in to your existing site.

2. Create an online store

Choose from 80+ eCommerce templates to start selling.

3. Add a new product

Upload high-quality images, variations and a description.

4. Create a subscription

On the bottom of your new product, add subscription details like frequency and price.

5. Customize your product page

Design your product page for your brand and display your subscription options.

6. Connect a payment method

Choose a payment provider that supports recurring payments, like Wix Payments.

7.  Start selling online

Accept orders on your site and manage every subscription from your Wix dashboard.

Get inspired by subscription box websites on Wix

Find the right subscriptions to sell

Here are some of the best subscriptions for your business:

Office supplies

Stationery | Printer ink | Stickers | Notebooks | Planners | Calendars

Digital Content

Licenses | Retainers | Services | Gated articles | Newsletters


Video tutorials | Exclusive content | Discount clubs | Online courses

Food and drinks

Meal kits | Monthly coffee roasts | Snack boxes | Wine clubs

Health and beauty

Skincare | Shaving kits | Makeup boxes | Vitamins and supplements

Home and lifestyle

Cleaning supplies | Plants | Hobby and craft kits | Book clubs


Advanced eCommerce features to sell subscriptions online

Exercise equipment online store selling a subscription box with Wix

Flexible options

Let shoppers choose between subscription types or one-time purchases on your product pages.

Wix orders dashboard for an online house plants subscription

Seamless fulfillment

Get notified each time a subscription order renews and manage it all from one efficient dashboard.

Dashboard managing a Wix online store tea subscription with auto-renew feature


Automatically charge your customers on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

Customer managing their shaving kit subscriptions on a Wix online store

“My Subscriptions” page

Let your customers view and manage the product subscriptions they’ve purchased.


Get a subscription-based website template

Customize a subscription service website template, or choose from 500+ professional website templates.

Wix subscription online store template for a beauty business
Wix subscription online store template for a produce farm
Wix subscription online store template for a coffee business

Learn more about how to sell subscriptions

Product page of a Wix online store selling coffee to show how to start a subscription box business

How to start a subscription box business that sells

Luxury fashion online store homepage and product page

How to start an online store

Wix webinar video thumbnail on how to maximize product subscriptions and increase sales

Webinar: How to maximize product subscriptions and increase sales


Subscription website builder FAQ

What does it mean to sell subscriptions?

Subscriptions are like a contract between you and your customers. As opposed to just a one-off sale, where a shopper buys a single product from you, with subscriptions, the shopper agrees to pay you to receive the product weekly, monthly, or at any other agreed upon timeframe. Selling subscriptions is a great way to increase customer lifetime value by encouraging repeat purchases. 

What types of subscriptions are there?

There are two main types of subscriptions that you can sell:

  1. Recurring products - In this subscription model, shoppers can sign up to get the same product sent to them on a periodic basis, for example weekly or monthly. This model makes sense for products that can wear out or need to be replenished occasionally, such as razors, skin care products, or food products. It can also include digital products that are released on a periodic basis, such as a weekly premium newsletter, or licences, memberships and services that need to be renewed periodically. 

  2. Subscription boxes - In this subscription model, you send a curated box of products to the customer on a periodic basis. For example, a beauty box, with an assortment of skincare and hair products, or a monthly wine box, with an assortment of different wines each month.

What can I sell for subscriptions?

Subscriptions are a great fit for products that wear out or need to be replenished periodically. For instance, deodorant. People buy deodorant, use it until it’s finished, and then buy it again. If someone is buying deodorant from you, you can offer them a discount to buy a monthly subscription, rather than just a one-off purchase, and ensure yourself of a return customer. This same model works for all products that people buy on a recurring basis, including digital products. 

Alternatively, if you sell something like clothing, or books, you can sell a subscription box, which contains a curated assortment of these items on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. 

Some of the most commonly sold subscription items are:

  • Food and beverage

  • Personal care products

  • Household products

  • Clothing

  • Toys/Games

  • Books

  • Pet products

  • Online courses

  • Exclusive content

  • Memberships and licenses

How do I start selling subscriptions online?

To start selling subscriptions online, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a subscription website builder - Use a website builder like Wix that supports eCommerce and one-click subscriptions.

  2. Design your online store - Choose a template and customize it to create high-converting web and mobile storefronts.

  3. Add products - Upload images of your products, and add product descriptions and specifications.

  4. Enable subscriptions - Define the product as available on a subscription basis and choose the subscription interval.

  5. Offer a discount - Add a tagline incentivizing customers to buy on a subscription basis by pointing out how much they can save.

  6. Connect payment methods - Connect one or multiple payment options that support recurring payments.

  7. Manage subscription order fulfillment - Every subscription period, a new order will automatically appear in your Orders tab. 

How much does a subscription-based website cost?

A subscription-based website is free to create with a website builder like Wix, while some other platforms offer a limited free trial. Once you’ve created your website and are ready to start accepting payments, you’ll have to update to a premium plan.

Premium website plans for subscription-based sites can range from $20-$30 per month on a platform like Wix, to hundreds of dollars a month on other platforms. With Wix, your premium plan will include all of the tools you need to grow a successful subscription-based business built-in.

Can you make money with subscriptions?

Subscriptions can potentially offer an easier path to making money online than standard eCommerce selling. Because subscription selling leads to a single customer buying products on a recurring basis, you don’t have to invest as much in marketing to bring in new customers. A customer that has signed up for a subscription, brings you steady income that you can count on each month.

What is the best eCommerce subscription platform?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the best eCommerce platform for selling subscriptions online. The platform you choose should include the following:

  1. An intuitive editor - You should be able to design a unique online store without needing to know how to code.

  2. Built-in subscription functions - Turning a product into a subscription should be as simple as clicking on a toggle and choosing your subscription period.

  3. Flexible subscriptions - Look for a platform that allows you to offer, not only weekly or monthly subscriptions, but also custom subscription periods.

  4. Multiple payment methods - Selling subscriptions requires a payment method that allows for recurring payments. Ideally, you should be able to offer your customers a variety of payment methods that work with subscriptions.

  5. Efficient subscription fulfillment -  Your platform should automatically create an order and charge the customer each time the subscription period renews, all from one dashboard.

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