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Drive more sales with
Wix eCommerce marketing

Boost traffic, build your brand and grow sales with powerful eCommerce marketing tools.

Model wearing headphones on store homepage. Image of air pods on sale and sponsored instagram ad.
Peach armchair for sale on website with Google search results for the chair. Includes SEO setting in the site back-office.

Optimize organic traffic with built-in SEO tools

Solid SEO infrastructure

Support eCommerce growth with Wix’s best-practice SEO defaults—like server-side rendering, structured data for product pages and customizable URLs.

Efficient SEO management

Kickstart your SEO strategy with our personalized setup checklist and intuitive management settings.

Local search visibility

Reach local customers from Google Search and Maps using Wix’s integration with Google Business Profile. 

Expert SEO resources

Stay at the forefront of SEO by exploring in-depth guides, video tutorials, webinars and more on our SEO Learning Hub.

Email marketing

Boost sales with engaging email marketing

Earn up to 149% higher revenue on average.

Captivating customer communication

Drive your sales by keeping subscribers up-to-date with marketing and automated emails.

Smart automated email campaigns

Retarget site visitors to complete purchases for products they were interested in with abandoned cart emails.

Targeted product promotion

Maximize sales by targeting your customers with desired products prior to holidays and sales events.

In-depth email statistics

Monitor your campaign success with integrated analytics that show delivery, open and click rates, and more.

Email template example for coffee bean company drafted on email marketing tool. Customizable template options shown like theme, text and image.
Ad campaigns
Sponsored post on Instagram for Chic Luggage company with a wine suitcase and ad campaign statistics.
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Target shoppers with compelling ads 

Boost sales with Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. 

Create an ad campaign perfectly tailored for your ideal customers—right from your Wix dashboard. Earn a high return on ad spend by targeting customers most likely to convert. Then, let Wix’s powerful algorithm handle the rest.


Direct traffic to your online store with high-quality content

Find new audiences and inspire readers to purchase more with the Wix Blog. 

Engage your target audience

Drive sales by gaining customer trust with compelling, personalized content. The Wix Blog tool makes it easy to captivate customers with detailed accounts about the products you’re selling.

Increase site visibility

Rank higher in search engines by inserting your industry’s SEO keywords throughout your blog posts. Choose the most popular terms that lead customers to exactly what they’re looking for.

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Tablet showing art newsletter with two of it’s latest blogs and image listing the last three blogs posted.

Connect with customers via Wix’s marketing tools

Increase conversions by creating solid customer relationships with a complete marketing suite.

Instant live chat

Increase sales by sending coupons and products as messages instantly through live chat.

Customizable coupons

Encourage purchases by instantly creating custom store coupons and sending them to shoppers.

Smart business automations

Easily compose and store automated emails, like reminders, for your shoppers or suppliers.

Captivating pop-up banners

Boost conversions by capturing browsers’ attention with alluring messaging at the right time.

Close-up of product checkout on website where you can enter your coupon code. Image of coupon for summer sale.
Social media

Reach more customers on social media 

Captivate millions of shoppers with posts and videos made with intuitive Wix tools. 

Maximize your business using the Social Post tool to create content to drive traffic to your store. Then, engage with your fans across multiple platforms and create videos with Wix Video Maker.

Prepare your social media, along with other campaign activities, for big-selling seasons with Wix Multichannel Campaigns—all from one place.

Various screenshots from stores’ social media posts, promoting new drops and flash sales.



Can I rank highly in search results with a Wix eCommerce site?

Yes, of course. You can ensure that your site ranks highly by researching your SEO keywords and tailoring them to target the right customers. All Wix sites are backed by a solid infrastructure that meets the needs of search engines, helping you to successfully compete in organic search.


How long does it take to get an ad campaign up and running?

Facebook & Instagram Ads with Wix lets you create a targeted ad campaign in minutes—all from your Wix dashboard. Powered by Wix AI, your ads are continuously optimized, reaching shoppers that are most likely to convert. 


How much does an ad campaign cost?

Paid ads by Wix are flexible. You can decide on your campaign budget and runtime. Choose a monthly budget that works best for your eCommerce website. Note that you can always make changes to your campaign budget anytime you like.


What kind of advertising works the best for eCommerce?

The best kind of advertising depends on the type of products you sell and who your target audience is. However, based on many of our user success stories, Facebook Ads have consistently shown positive results. Therefore, paid advertising on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram can play an important role in your eCommerce marketing strategy.


How can I track the performance of my eCommerce marketing ad campaigns?

Once your ad campaign is live, go to your Wix dashboard to track performance. There, you can easily view data on ad engagement and its impact on your purchase funnel. Get a snapshot of the customers’ journey, from the moment they visit your online store to making a purchase.

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