eCommerce Features from Wix

Discover all the features you need to build, run and grow your eCommerce business.

Storefront & eCommerce Website

Customize your online store to create an exceptional shopping experience—from storefront to checkout.

500+ Professional Templates

Design the store you’ve always envisioned. Choose from over 500 stunning templates to suit every eCommerce business and customize anything exactly the way you want. 
Explore Online Store Templates

Custom Online Store

Create a unique and memorable shopping experience. Tailor every aspect of your site, including  your storefront, custom cart and express checkout, to convert shoppers to customers.

Mobile-Optimized Storefront

Sell and market your products to customers on the move. With an advanced, built-in mobile editor, your online store looks great on any device—desktop, tablet and mobile.

Multichannel Sales

Build and host your state-of-the-art Wix store and expand your commercial reach with multiple sales channels. Sell on Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping, eBay and more—from a single dashboard.

Global eCommerce Business

Adapt your business to an international audience. Translate your store into 90+ languages with Wix Multilingual, create local subdomains and optimize all translated sites for SEO.

Custom Domain Name

Establish your online presence and help shoppers find your store with a custom domain name. Buy your branded domain through Wix or quickly connect one you already own.

Extensive Media Library

Grab your customers’ attention with incredible, eye-catching imagery. Access a free library of 1M high-resolution images from Unsplash and interact with visitors using exclusive videos from Wix.

Limitless Customization with APIs

Extend our platform even further with flexible technology. Open APIs and Corvid by Wix let you quickly connect your tools to create custom solutions—from ERPs to fulfillment services.

Robust Blog Platform

Engage and grow your customer base by adding a blog to your site. Set up your blog, share your content on social and enjoy built-in features, like scheduled posts and additional blog contributors.

Work with an eCommerce Expert

Need some help? Hire an eCommerce professional to create, design, market or optimize your online store. 
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Cart & Checkout

Convert shoppers to customers by offering a streamlined, secure checkout.

Free SSL Certificate

Protect your Wix store and customers with a free 256-bit SSL certificate. All of your site content, personal information and transactions are secured by advanced, end-to-end encryption.

40+ Secure Payment Gateways

Select a provider that best suits your business and region. Choose from dozens of leading payment providers, from our native Wix Payments solution to third-party gateways like PayPal, Square, PagSeguro and more.

Multicurrency Converter

Sell and accept payments in multiple currencies. Use our multicurrency solution to accept payments in your customers’ local currency and get paid in your own, hassle-free.

Integrated Members Area

Create a loyal customer base with exclusive member accounts. Once they log in, members can create a wishlist, view their order history, follow your forum, manage their events, get express checkout and more.

Free Shipping

Boost your sales by offering customers free shipping. Create a free shipping rule above a set price point or gift your customers a dedicated coupon.

Custom Shipping Rates

Set your own shipping rates for products with specific delivery costs. Determine your rates by region, category, weight and price range, or create a flat rate shipping rule.

Credit/Debit Card Payments

Instantly accept secure credit and debit card payments from all major companies, including Visa and American Express. With transparent pricing, you get one fixed rate for all credit cards. Learn more about Wix Payments

Automated Sales Tax

Get automated sales tax calculation in just a few clicks. Offer customers a transparent checkout process with the most current, geo-specific tax rates from Avalara® for every transaction, worldwide. Learn about automated tax

Express Checkout

Encourage customers to purchase your products faster by sending them straight to checkout. Add standalone Pay buttons anywhere on your site to instantly accept payments for specific items.

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Turn leads into customers by recovering abandoned shopping carts. Send automated emails encouraging shoppers to complete their purchase on your site and offer related products.

Discounted Shipping Rates

Get shipping rates at an automatically reduced cost from popular carriers in your region like USPS. You can also integrate with Shippo to choose from an international network of carriers.

Delivery & Curbside Pickup

Let customers choose how they get their orders. Offer delivery to their doorstep or let customers collect orders in person with store pickup.



Build your product catalog and create collections so customers can easily browse and shop your store.

Multichannel Inventory Management

Manage and sync your entire inventory on Wix—for all your sales channels. Monitor your stock levels, track top products and stop selling when your inventory is sold out.

Multiple Product Variants

Sell different variations of your products. Add multiple colors, materials, sizes and more, and customize your products’ weight, price and stock accordingly.

Product Organization

Arrange your products by category, style, sale and more. Create categories and add products to one or multiple collections, then design how they appear on your storefront.

SEO-Optimized Products

Set up your product pages to rank high on search engines like Google. Improve your ranking with advanced features, like SEO patterns, product-specific meta titles, tags and URLs.

Import/Export Products

Easily create and share a list of your store products. Import and export CSV files of your inventory or use one of Wix's import/export apps, like Cart2Cart.

Product Imagery

Build trust with potential shoppers by adding multiple high-resolution images and videos for your products. Showcase product variations, scale and how to use each item.

Digital Goods

Offer digital products for sale in your store. Add your music, fitness classes, eBooks and more to let customers purchase and instantly receive their downloadable orders via email.

Unlimited Product Collections

Add as many products as you can sell to your online store. Include an endless amount of variants for each product—we won’t limit you.


Grow your business’ cash flow with subscriptions. Package and market your products as custom subscription boxes to generate recurring revenue and improve inventory predictability.


Store Management

Run your entire business efficiently from one powerful eCommerce platform.

Catalog & Inventory Management

Manage your store catalog and inventory smoothly. With open APIs, you can easily connect your preferred inventory tools to your Wix store, keeping everything fully synced at all times.

Hassle-Free Fulfillment

Simplify storage and fulfillment with third-party solutions. Add suppliers and manufacturers you work with to your system or connect to leading warehousing services like ShipBob.

Smart Business Automations

Streamline your workflow with custom business automations. Send automated reminders to shoppers or suppliers and save valuable time with triggered, prioritized tasks for your team.

Smooth Refund Process

Monitor and handle refunds with ease. Cancel store orders and issue your customers partial or full refunds to their payment method, right from your dashboard.

Streamlined Shipping

Handle shipping and print labels for all orders from a single dashboard. Get competitive rates from leading domestic and international shipping services. Print and pay for shipping labels with Wix or partner apps like Fetchy and ShipStation.


Expand your product offering and get order fulfillment with no inventory risk or costs. Source and sell products with dropshipping or create and sell your own print on demand products—all from your Wix dashboard.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Attract repeat customers with automated email campaigns. Choose a beautiful template and customize to send product promotions and special offers to your contacts. Your emails will be automatically triggered, saving you valuable time.

Customer Profiles

Get to know your customer base to learn how to target it better. Gain insight by reviewing your customers’ order history, shopping habits and contact information.

Mobile App

Manage your business on the go with the Wix mobile app. Use our easy mobile solution to add new products, fulfill orders, track your inventory, get notified about sales, offer coupons and more—anywhere, at any time. 
Learn more about the Wix app


Marketing & SEO

Promote your online store with a suite of advanced marketing tools.

SEO-Optimized Store

Rank higher on search engines and get your store found online. Get a step-by-step setup with the Wix SEO Wiz to drive organic traffic to your store. 
Discover our SEO tool

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Target the right shoppers with automated ads on Facebook and Instagram. Create a campaign and let Wix handle the rest: audience targeting, ongoing A/B testing, sales tracking and more. Learn more about Facebook Ads by Wix

Social Posts

Create and share your branded content on any social media channel. Establish your online presence with eye-catching posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and more.

Product Reviews

Build brand trust with customer reviews for your products and store. Let shoppers share what they think of your products and customer experience to encourage others to buy.

Lead Generation

Turn visitors into shoppers. Add customizable forms to collect contact details, take payments online, ask for product or store feedback and more.


Attract customers to your store by offering coupons. Target your shoppers with promo codes for free shipping, discounted prices and percentages, and 1+1 sales.

Customer Loyalty & Engagement

Engage your audience with native marketing solutions. Attract repeat visitors to your site with newsletters, add a blog, interact via live chat and create loyalty programs.

Branded Marketing Campaigns

Draw customers back to your store with unique email marketing campaigns. Choose one of our beautiful email templates and customize to suit the look and feel of your brand.



Get advanced payment solutions from Wix and handle all business transactions from one dashboard.

Native Payment Solution

Manage your transactions from one place with Wix Payments. Instantly accept secure online payments and handle all store orders, refunds, payments and payouts from one, dedicated payments dashboard. Learn more about Wix Payments

Fixed Processing Rates

Get competitive payment processing rates for your business based on your revenue. With transparent pricing from Wix Payments, you get one rate for all credit cards.

Seamless Checkout Experience

Reduce abandoned carts and boost your sales with a streamlined checkout. Let your customers pay for products and services without ever leaving your site.

Flexible Payment and Billing

Build customer loyalty and earn residual revenue by offering one-time and recurring payments. Let customers pay as they go or purchase memberships, subscriptions and packages.

Built-In Chargeback Tool

Swiftly respond to refunds and chargebacks. With Wix Payments, you can handle refund requests and act on chargeback claims from your customers with a convenient, integrated chargeback dispute tool.

40+ Payment Providers

Choose from leading payment gateways in your region, like PayPal, Stripe and PagSeguro. Accept secure payments via major credit/debit cards and digital wallets from customers around the world. 
View all payment providers

Secure Online Payments

Protect your customers with advanced online encryption and the strictest standards. Offer PCI-compliant on-site and in-app checkout and avoid fraud attacks with Wix’s AI, rule-based risk system.

Online and In-App Payment

Allow your customers to pay from any device, anywhere. Customers can instantly pay for goods on your site or on the Wix mobile app via credit card, digital wallets, bank transfers and more.

Personalized Payout Schedule

Get paid directly to your bank account on a payout cycle that works for you. With Wix Payments, you can choose from daily, weekly or monthly payouts to control your business’ cash flow.

POS [Beta]

Sell your products at markets, pop-up shops and in-store with a point of sale. Use your mobile device as a POS to let customers buy your products in person, wherever you are. Your inventory automatically syncs with your online store. Join the Beta


Store Analytics

Make informed decisions with detailed, built-in eCommerce analytics and insights.

Business Insights

Monitor your store’s performance and review your sales success with an integrated analytics dashboard and professional reports. Analyze your revenue, marketing campaigns, customer base, top-selling products and more.

Traffic Reports

Focus your marketing efforts with site traffic analytics. Learn how much traffic your site is getting, how visitors find your store online and view their specific referral points.

Custom Reports

Tailor your business reports to show your most important data, including revenue breakdowns and customer behavior. Choose how to visualize your stats, either creating a custom report from scratch or editing built-in reports from Wix.

Top Products

Monitor your store with up-to-date product metrics and reports. Review which items are your best (and worst) performers based on the highest quantity sold, most revenue earned and most viewed.

Google Analytics

Learn from Google Analytics how visitors behave in your online store. Wix automatically sends events to Google about your store products, so you can view actions like product clicks, add to cart, payments and purchases.

Business Reports

Send detailed reports for your store to interested stakeholders, such as investors or your accounting firm. You can also export these documents to your spreadsheet tools as a CSV file.

Analytics on Mobile

Track your store's performance on the go from the Wix app. See an overview of your main stats at a glance or examine them in detail, including site visits, sales, top products, conversion rate and more.

Wix Mobile App

Start your day on the orders page, end it with analytics—all from your mobile device.

Order Fulfillment

Accept payments and fulfill orders from your mobile device. Send order confirmations and invoices, manage refunds, contact your customers and more, without skipping a beat.

Mobile Dashboard

Keep track of your business while you’re on the move. View your store performance at a glance and set up real-time push notifications to let you know when something requires your attention.

Inventory Management

Oversee your inventory from anywhere. Add or remove products, update prices and scan product barcodes, right from your phone.

Mini POS

Transform your phone into a mobile point of sale system. Accept payments from customers in person and manage your online and offline inventory, sales and store pickups.

Customer Care

Connect with your customers whenever you like. View their order history, offer special promotions and talk to visitors directly on our live chat feature.

Real-Time Product Edits

Make quick changes to your product catalog at any time. Update descriptions, add new product media or take a photo to instantly upload it to your store.

Fully Synced Store

Use your Wix app freely. Your on-site and in-app sales and store data remain automatically synced and up to date at all times.

Coupons on the Go

Offer coupons so you never miss a lead. Instantly create custom store coupons and send them to shoppers via email marketing or chat.

24/7 Marketing

Update customers about your business anytime. Let them know about new products and sales with push notifications and email marketing campaigns.

eCommerce Apps

Customize and scale your eCommerce business with any of our industry-leading apps.


Grow your product offering. Source and sell from millions of high-quality items on Modalyst and its multiple integrated platforms, like AliExpress—minus the overhead costs.

Print on Demand

Sell your own custom merchandise online. Create and sell merchandise featuring your logo, designs and branding with Printful and Printify.

Fulfillment & Warehousing

Simplify storage and fulfillment with a 3PL service. Improve warehousing, transit times, shipping costs and the overall delivery experience with major providers like ShipBob.

Multichannel Fulfillment

Focus on scaling your business by integrating Multiorders. Manage fulfillment and inventory for all your sales channels, keeping everything fully synced across the board.


Build brand loyalty by letting customers share their experience. Collect and showcase high-quality product and store reviews on your site with apps like Kudobuzz Reviews.

Shipping Integration

Handle delivery with global shipping services. Get better rates and faster shipping with efficient carriers like Shippo, ShipStation and Fetchy.

Google Shopping

Drive more sales with Google Shopping apps like Adscale. AI technology powers crosschannel advertising, automatically creating and optimizing ads on YouTube and all Google channels.

Social Proof

Show shoppers a pop-up notification every time you make a sale on your site. Create buyer urgency and convert more visitors into paying customers with Sales Pop.


Handle your store finances with professional tools. Simplify accounting, invoicing and more with major apps like Quickbooks and Freshbooks. 


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