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It’s not you, it’s them. Break up with your old platform and switch to Wix.

Say goodbye to endless add-ons. Get everything you need to grow your eCommerce business in one place.

Win with the features that make Wix better

Superior solutions for every aspect of your business, from end to end.

A $100 gift card for a beauty brand called Visi, beside a blue dropper bottle of hydrating body oil.

Native tools, no surprises

Tap into powerful native Wix tools that don’t require third-party apps or come with hidden costs. Start a loyalty program, send coupons, sell gift cards and activate back-in-stock notifications—and customize them all to match your brand.

A website product page with two bottles of a blood-orange colored drink, labeled Immunity Juice 8.

Flexible design to build your vision

Design with the industry’s best no-code visual editor, add advanced customizations with Velo, Wix’s full-stack dev platform, and extend your offering with native apps for bookings, events and more.

An email marketing template, mid-customization, for a store selling ceramics.

One hub for marketing and CRM

Use built-in tools to grow your audience and improve conversions. Send customizable email marketing campaigns, reach your ideal shoppers with AI-powered Facebook and Instagram ads, and engage them with real-time chat and a Member's Area.

A red camera on the homepage of a camera website with an inset image of SEO settings for the “cameras” product page.

Infrastructure for your site, support for you

Get the protection you and your customers need with enterprise-level security, optimize your site’s strong SEO foundation with customizable settings, and enjoy the 24/7 customer support you deserve.

Goodbye, old platform. Hello, new possibilities.

Meet the merchants who left their limitations behind and switched to Wix.

"Our storefront looks cleaner, is easier to navigate, and overall better-looking which is converting sales at a higher rate."
Ella Ozery photo

Ella Ozery

Start migrating in just a few steps

Create your new website from scratch or with a designer template, then choose the migration process that best suits your business.


Move with Cart2Cart

Migrate products, product categories, orders and coupons in a secure, 4-step transfer using the Cart2Cart app, available in the Wix App Market.


Migrate products manually

Export products from your existing platform and import them to your new Wix eCommerce website using our Wix CSV template file. 


Get migration support

Hire a professional to migrate your site through Wix Marketplace. Businesses on Wix Enterprise can migrate with the support of our Enterprise experts.

Liberate your selling with the right solutions

Create the ultimate customer experience and manage operations seamlessly.

Perfect your product catalog

Sell up to 50,000 products and manage up to 1,000 variants for each one. Connect to dropshipping or print-on-demand to sell products you don’t have to store or ship.

Sell online and in-person

Manage your sales, however you take them—online, in-store, on marketplaces, or mobile—through one centralized hub.

Reach new markets

Translate your store’s language for global visitors with Wix Multilingual, add a currency converter to display localized prices and offer international shipping.

A Wix POS system for an apparel store, with an inset image of red sneakers and product info from the store’s website.

Merchant focused to our very core

Move to Wix and discover the meaning of true, all-in-one eCommerce infrastructure that offers proven solutions for your success, growth and scalability.

More included for more sales

Back-in-stock requests

Never miss a sale again. Collect customer requests for out-of-stock items and send customizable, back-in-stock emails, no third-party apps needed.


Sell product subscriptions, with preset or custom billing cycles, with Wix’s native solution that can be added into any product page in just a few clicks.

Gift cards

Sell gift cards and use drag and drop editing to customize the gift card image, recipient email and your site’s gift card page.

Better experience for you and your customers


Activate customizable automations that save your business time—from marketing emails, like abandoned cart recovery, to operational actions that create tasks or send data to third party apps.

Loyalty & rewards

Increase revenue with Wix’s native loyalty program. Tailor how customers earn points and redeem rewards with offers that excite shoppers, encourage repeat purchases and serve your business goals.

Custom email & inbox

Get a personalized business email address and mailbox with our Google Workspace integration. Merge messages from Facebook and Instagram directly to your inbox, and manage on-the-go via the Wix Owner app.

Extra functionality, extra possibilities

Wix App Market

Find solutions for every aspect of eCommerce in the Wix App Market, your dedicated space to select from 100s of native and third-party apps in categories like accounting, shipping, warehousing, print on demand and more.

Klaviyo integration

Connect your site to Klaviyo in one click, and use their suite of automated email and SMS marketing tools to send personalized customer communications and grow your business at scale.

Shippo integration

Streamline your operations with Shippo, the multi-carrier shipping solution that lets you purchase and print shipping labels for orders from your store and all connected sales channels.

24/7 service, 24/7 security

Round-the-clock support

Request an immediate callback from Wix Customer Care, schedule a call for whenever suits you best, or start a live chat with one of our experts. Find 1000s of articles and comprehensive answers to your questions in the Wix Help Center.

Agency partners

Hire a professional to help with your migration, site build, marketing strategy and more. Choose from over 1.7K partners in the Wix Marketplace, view in-depth profiles, and filter by services, location, language and budget.

Security & hosting

Every eCommerce package on Wix comes with free secure website hosting, unlimited bandwidth and enterprise-level security infrastructure to protect your business around-the-clock.

Competitive pricing for your business needs

With Wix you can build your entire eCommerce store for free and only need to upgrade when you want to migrate your site, connect a domain and start accepting payments. All Business and eCommerce Plans include unique features like Wix Bookings, Wix Restaurants and more.


How do I migrate to Wix eCommerce?

There are a couple of different ways to migrate to Wix eCommerce.

With the Cart2Cart app you can migrate from over 80 eCommerce platforms. To migrate, you will first need to add Wix Stores to your Wix website and upgrade to a Business & eCommerce Premium Plan. The app is free to install, but Cart2Cart charges a fee to perform the migration. Cart2Cart’s migration fees are based on the elements you want to migrate, such as orders, products, product categories and coupons, as well as the source platform (the one you’re migrating from) and target platform.

Alternatively, you can manually transfer products to your new Wix eCommerce store using a downloadable Wix CSV file.

Businesses on our Wix Enterprise plan can migrate with the support of our team of Enterprise experts.

Learn more about your migration options here.

How do I upgrade to a Business/Premium plan?

Sign up or log in to your Wix account, select the eCommerce website you want to upgrade, and from your dashboard’s homepage, click Upgrade to Start Selling. View our Business and eCommerce Plans, then select the best option for your business.

How long does it take to migrate to Wix eCommerce?

Not counting the time it takes to build your new online store, eCommerce migration can take just a matter of hours, depending on the elements you choose to transfer and your chosen migration method.

Which platforms can I migrate from?

You can migrate to Wix eCommerce from over 80 eCommerce platforms using the Cart2Cart app. If you want to migrate from Shopify to Wix, Squarespace to Wix,  WooCommerce to Wix and more, view Cart2Cart’s 4-step transfer guide in our Help Center.

How do I contact Wix Customer Support?

You can search for the answer to your queries about Wix and eCommerce migration in the Wix Help Center. Alternatively, for further assistance, contact our Customer Support team, via Call or Live Chat

Can I optimize my Wix eCommerce site?

All Wix sites are backed by a strong SEO foundation to compete in organic search, and meet the needs of Google and other search engines. Wix automatically creates the best-practice SEO defaults for your eCommerce website, and provides many advanced, built-in features that give you the flexibility, customization, and control you need to optimize your site and compete on search engines.

Discover more about SEO through the Wix SEO Learning Hub and use this guide to the fundamentals of site migration for SEO to better understand the process.

Where can I host my eCommerce website?

We offer free and secure web hosting for every Wix website. All you have to do is create your site and hit Publish.

I’m still making up my mind, where can I learn more about your platform?

Visit our eCommerce homepage for testimonials from top-selling merchants and discover inspirational user success stories on our eCommerce blog and YouTube channel.

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