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Manage your eCommerce business

Streamline management and run your business efficiently, from one powerful eCommerce platform.

Wix eCommerce tools to manage and track sales, orders and fulfillment

Manage and ship orders seamlessly

Process orders

Organize, refund and track orders from your integrated Wix dashboard. Mark fulfillment status in a click—your product catalog and inventory will be updated on every sales channel.

Handle shipping

Quickly print and pay for shipping labels right from your online store. Ship with your region’s solutions, or handle delivery with industry-leading shipping services like Shippo. You can use automations to send unique tracking numbers to your customers with every fulfilled order.

Outsource fulfillment

Forward orders to your suppliers

Add suppliers and manufacturers you work with to your system. When you receive an order, a fulfillment request with order info will be sent to the right service.

Connect with warehousing services

Simplify storage and fulfillment by sending your inventory to a 3PL service. When an order comes in, the info will be sent to your third-party fulfiller. They’ll pack and ship the products directly to your customers.

Fulfill with dropshipping

Source products to sell and let a dropshipping service handle your shipping and fulfillment. Manage orders from your Wix dashboard and track each shipment’s status.

Manage & Ship Orders
Outsource Fulfillment
Oversee Payments
Secure online payments on mobile for an

Manage online payments

Handle all transactions in one place

Manage your business transactions from a single dashboard, including payments, payouts, refunds, chargebacks and more.

Control your payout schedule

Get paid directly to your bank account on a payout cycle that works for you. Choose from daily, weekly or monthly payouts.

Quickly respond to refunds and chargebacks

Monitor and handle refunds, and act on chargeback claims from your customers with a built-in chargeback dispute tool.

Automate Tasks

Streamline your workflow with automations

Turn leads into customers

Set up smart emails with strategic automations, like abandoned cart and order confirmation emails. Automations continue to send once you set them up, boosting your sales and saving valuable time.

Connect your productivity apps

Sync your business tools and automate repetitive tasks with Zapier. Easily connect your online store to all your third-party management apps, like Trello and Google Docs.

Abandoned cart emails and other automati
Get Sales Insights
Data-driven analysis and insight reports

Get data-driven insights

Monitor performance

Review your sales success with detailed online store analytics. Analyze your revenue, marketing campaigns, customer base and top-selling products.

Create customized reports

Tailor your business reports to show your most interesting data. Choose how to visualize your stats, either creating a custom report from scratch or editing built-in reports from Wix.

Make informed decisions

Create a data-driven business plan. Learn from your most profitable audiences, products and campaigns to focus your marketing efforts.

“We knew we had to have an online system or sales could never take off, and Wix met our every need.”

Bryce Owen

Co-Founder, VelociRAX

Manage on Mobile

Manage your business from anywhere

Run your online store smoothly with the Wix Owner app, 24/7.

  • Add new products

  • Upload product photos

  • Fulfill orders

  • Add tracking numbers

  • Print packing slips

  • Scan product barcodes

  • Manage your inventory

  • Cancel and refund orders

  • Send invoices

  • Check analytics

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Managing a business from the Wix Mobile App with an analytics dashboard and tracking numbers

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