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Sell, don’t stock.
Launch print on demand.

Design and sell exclusive products from Wix print-on-demand partners with no need to invest in inventory, warehousing or shipping.

A female and male model wearing apparel for print-on-demand business Férna, with images showing how to create print-on-demand products.

How does print on demand work?


Connect to a suitable

print-on-demand supplier 

from POD marketplace.


Design and customize
your own printed or embroidered products.


Add and sell custom print-on-demand products on your Wix store.


Suppliers produce and ship items, while you manage orders.

Elevate your brand with print on demand

Print, sell and dropship 100s of print-on-demand products with Modalyst, Printful or Printify.

Slideshow of products made for Férna apparel using print-on-demand’s customization tools.

Design and sell exclusive products

Customize items like apparel, accessories and homeware with mockup generators. Alternatively, upload your own files.

Leave fulfillment to suppliers

Sell various products without investing in inventory, warehousing or shipping. Choose from suppliers worldwide, e.g. the U.S.

Promote your brand

Grow brand awareness and revenue with custom merch that you can make through leading print-on-demand apps.

Make a profit with every sale

Calculate your earnings before you start selling. Maximize your store’s revenue with your own pricing and shipping rules.

Get automatic order fulfillment

Orders are sent directly to POD suppliers to fulfill. Get tracking numbers and see every order’s status from your dashboard.

Expand your product offering 

Broaden your product range by adding multiple variations for each item. Test the waters without having to stock anything.

Print on demand for every type of business

Earbud case cover for sale on an eCommerce store.

Artists and designers

Create and sell products with your artwork. Focus on your designs and let print-on-demand suppliers bring them to life.

An image showing how to design a bum bag using print on demand.

Service businesses

Offer branded gear, apparel and more with your own logo. Give your most loyal clients the opportunity to promote your business.

Screenshots of a girl advertising her hats for sale on Instagram.

Content creators

Make the most of your influencer presence. Sell merch featuring your logo, favorite phrases and limited-time designs.

Products customized using print on demand for sale online.

Branded products

Expand your business by selling custom-designed products like t-shirts, hats or candles—let them spread your logo far and wide.


What is print on demand?

Print on demand (POD) is a form of dropshipping that lets you create and sell your own custom products without order minimums. Add a print-on-demand app to your Wix online store and design hundreds of high-quality products. When customers make a purchase on your site, the POD supplier prints and ships the order directly to them.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a way for online stores to source and sell products without managing their own inventory. Merchants partner with suppliers to source products. Customers purchase the products on your eCommerce store. Then, the supplier fulfills and ships the order straight to your customer’s address.

Why should I start printing on demand?

Print on demand serves multiple purposes and business intents. Whether you’re an artist, a corporation or an entrepreneur, POD lets you create and distribute custom products without the hassle of inventory management.

Why should I print on demand with Wix?

You can fully customize everything, from your products to your online store. Plus, Wix print-on-demand partners all ship white label, so you can brand your own packaging. You’ll get advanced design resources, quality products, a business management dashboard and an entire suite of marketing tools—all from one eCommerce platform.

How much does print-on-demand dropshipping cost?

To start a print-on-demand online store, you need to purchase a Wix Business Premium plan. Each plan includes an eCommerce website and access to print-on-demand suppliers. When it comes to the print-on-demand products themselves, each print-on-demand supplier has its own policy. Check out Modalyst’s pricing, Printful’s pricing and Printify’s pricing plans.

How do I make money with print on demand?

Print on demand is a profitable niche business because of its low cost of entry, and most POD suppliers are 100% free to join. Typically, you don’t need to pay for storage space, nor purchase products in bulk ahead of time. You only pay your suppliers once a customer places an order and you receive the difference in the cost price, e.g. when you sell a mug for $20 and the supplier takes $8 for the product and shipping, you make $12 profit.

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