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White sneaker on NUAGE sports apparel website homepage with other products on different sales channels

Reach millions with multichannel sales

Seamlessly manage selling on Amazon, eBay, Facebook and other leading channels—all from your Wix dashboard.


Sell on Amazon

Grow your reach and scale your business by tapping into an eCommerce ecosystem of over 300 million customers.

Reinforce your brand

List your products on Amazon and instantly bolster your brand’s credibility with Amazon's vast and loyal customer base.

Supercharge your reach

Get discovered by millions who use Amazon as a first-destination search engine and benefit from a chain reaction of increased traffic and sales.

Streamline sales management

Edit product listings and manage orders and fulfillment seamlessly in one place, through your dashboard. Your Wix store and Amazon inventory automatically sync in real time.

Tap into Amazon benefits

Send your inventory to Amazon and use the convenience of FBA to manage logistics, so your orders are packed and shipped from Amazon’s fulfillment centers direct to your customers.

Pot of Hydrating Moisturizer on ANOBI’s homepage with 25% discount on first purchase. Three ANOBI beauty products listed for sale on Amazon: hair nutrition spray, cleansing balm and hand cream
Website for Jolly House ceramics company with a collection of orange vases. Sponsored post on Instagram for Jolly House ceramics company with an orange vase and flower
Website for Jolly House ceramics company with a collection of orange vases. Sponsored post on Instagram for Jolly House ceramics company with an orange vase and flower

Sell on Instagram

Convert scrollers to shoppers and increase your sales with shoppable posts on Instagram.

Think mobile-first

Create a seamless experience and make add-to-cart easy with tagged products that drive shoppers from social to your mobile-optimized storefront in just a few clicks.

Increase your discovery

Market your products to over 1 billion Instagram users. Capitalize on trends and drive your brand’s reach with in-app features like reels, hashtags and live video streaming.

Build a community

Leverage the power of influencer partnerships and user-generated content to boost your profile, credibility, and sales in an increasingly competitive market.

Use analytics smartly

Discover the Facebook and Instagram posts working for your business. Use an easily integrated Facebook pixel to see what's driving traffic and conversions.


Sell on Facebook

Find your brand’s dream audience among billions of Facebook users.

Monetize your social presence

Turn your Facebook business page into a sales channel. Connect through your dashboard for a fully integrated social storefront in minutes.

Customize your storefront

Create a bespoke product catalog that speaks to your Facebook audience. Easily edit and customize your shop’s look and feel for an enhanced social shopping experience.

Find your tribe

Attract new followers and delight existing ones through Facebook’s global network, with shoppable posts that connect with your target audience and drive traffic to your online store.

Optimize click-through rates

Grab your followers’ attention and increase the chances of your posts being liked, shared and shopped, with tagged products that stand out in a hyper-competitive social feed.

Anahera coffee brand website with a glass of frothy iced coffee and the tagline: Choose a roast, make your brew. Sponsored post on Facebook with three types Anahera coffee for sale: Indian, Cuban and Peruvian roasts
Website for a watch company with a close up of a black modern-design watch. eBay listings selling a selection of three watches: black waterproof watch, gold digital fitness watch and a plastic black and blue watch

Sell on eBay

Sell globally with eBay, the community-oriented eCommerce marketplace offering merchants the flexibility to list diverse and unique products.

Set up quickly

Skip the traditional onboarding flow with our native integration. In just a few clicks you can connect your Wix store to an existing eBay shop or create a new eBay shop while setting up.

List efficiently

Sync the products you want to sell or link your current eBay listings to your site. Add listings quickly using existing descriptions or edit and customize them just for eBay.

Manage seamlessly

Enjoy a simplified user experience by managing eBay sales and fulfillment through your Wix dashboard. Your store inventory syncs automatically as eBay orders appear.

Grow your reach

Get more orders with less work. Publish listings on eBay, with minimal need for customizations, and grow your reach to over 147 million potential active buyers worldwide.


Sell on Wish

Reach more than 500 million shoppers worldwide with our fully native Wish integration.

Infinite-scroll reach

Get discovered by Wish app users—in over 100 countries—as they scroll. Add up to 5 default tags for your Wish shop to help customers find what they’re looking for.

VIP onboarding

Enjoy expedited access to the platform and reduced new seller fees for 3 months when you sign up to Wish through Wix. Once your account is qualified, you get a dedicated account manager.

Streamline your operations

Choose products to list from your Wix store and make custom edits specifically for display in your Wish Shop. Manage Wish orders seamlessly from your Wix dashboard.

Sales-boosting perks

Target 90 million monthly active users with exclusive early access to promotional opportunities in a marketplace that offers users daily rewards and discounts.

Website homepage for a gaming company called Game Odyssey with a maroon colored console. Wish listings showing 4 gaming products with price and number of users who purchased each product.
Branded App
A smiling Black woman wearing yellow-tinted glasses on a website homepage for Voyez eyewear. The Voyez Branded App product page with an image of a Black woman wearing sunglasses above two pairs of colorful retro sunglasses.

Sell on your own mobile app

Build your own custom mobile app using Branded App, our intuitive no-code app builder.

Get complete ownership

Reflect your brand's unique visual identity by customizing your app’s layout, look, and feel with our intuitive app maker.

Target mobile shoppers

Your fully-branded native app is compatible with iOS or Android devices and downloadable from the App Store and Google Play.

Boost conversion rates

App users can buy on the go and make bookings faster. You can stay in touch with unlimited push notifications and in-app chat.

Sync everything seamlessly

Your website and app are synced to the same dashboard, so you can make cross-platform changes in real time.




What is multichannel selling?

Multichannel selling is the process of selling your products on more than one sales channel at a time. These channels include eCommerce websites, online marketplaces, mobile shopping apps, social media platforms, search engines and POS. With the rapid growth of eCommerce and changing consumer habits, multichannel selling offers merchants a greater opportunity to quickly broaden their reach and increase sales.


Can I sell on multiple platforms with a Wix eCommerce store?

You can connect your Wix eCommerce store with multiple sales channels, like social media platforms and online marketplaces, through dashboard integrations or third-party apps available in the Wix App Market.


What are the benefits to selling on social media?

Selling on social media platforms allows you to expand your reach to millions of potential customers. Creating optimized shoppable social posts streamlines the buyer journey, drives traffic to your store and increases conversions.


What are the benefits of selling on an online marketplace?

Multichannel eCommerce allows you to grow and scale your business beyond the scope of your online store, by accessing the users and customers of other platforms and businesses worldwide. You can also streamline operations such as inventory management and order fulfillment, for your store and additional channels, through one dashboard.


Which sales channels are right for my online business?

Every business has individual needs and one multichannel sales strategy does not fit all. Examine all possible sales channels and choose the ones that best suit your target audience and where they’re most likely to shop. Wix eCommerce allows you to easily add or remove integrated sales channels, so you can experiment with what's right for your business.

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