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Go global with cross-border eCommerce

Expand your business into new markets and engage a wealth of potential customers. Translate your store into relevant languages, offer international payment processing and set cross-border shipping methods.

eCommerce website’s homepage, language options and shopping cart.
Multilingual options

Speak your customers’ language—everywhere

Translate and localize all facets of your store so shoppers can easily browse and purchase in their own language.

eCommerce website collection page with language options

Translate and adapt your content

Use Wix Multilingual to translate your content into your choice of 180+ languages. Just insert your own translations or click the Google Translate icon to translate instantly. The rest of your site is reproduced for you.

Multilingual settings

Make your site multilingual

Let users navigate to secondary languages by including a language menu on your site’s header, or engage the auto-switch function so visitors automatically see your site in the same language as their browser. 

Product closeup of a water bottle with subdomains

Boost your SEO worldwide

Build the most accurate URL subdirectories to ensure your store can be effectively ranked and indexed by Google in any language and country.

International Payments
eCommerce website product page on mobile and payment methods

Accept payments seamlessly—all over the world

International payment processing

Connect a payment provider that can process your incoming transactions. See if our native Wix Payments is offered in your area or pick from 80+ payment gateways available worldwide.

Preferred payment methods

Give international customers a wide range of payment methods like credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. Plus, provide flexible installment plans at checkout with BNPL solutions.

Local currency converter

Display prices in the local currency of the region your site is localized for. Add a converter so customers can view prices in the currency of their choosing.

Tax Compliance
eCommerce website product page and store tax options
Tax windoq options

Automate your international sales tax rates

Taxing your products correctly can be complicated when selling worldwide because the eCommerce sales tax rates vary from region to region. 

Wix, however, is integrated with Avalara, a comprehensive sales tax system that calculates tax rates for all transactions. Check where you need to collect tax abroad and then let Avalara automatically calculate the correct rate.

Cross Border Shipping

Choose your global shipping and delivery methods

Ship your products overseas and deliver them in a timely fashion. Wix offers international shipping features that help you meet this expectation.

eCommerce website product closeup of hiking boots, shipping label, shipping boxes and shipping calculation options

Assess the actual costs

Before setting your shipping prices, take into account all the expenses associated with shipping overseas like cross-border fees, regional tariffs and local taxes. 

Set specific shipping rules

For each region select the type of shipping you’ll offer. Rate by price, weight, product, or offer free shipping and either absorb the extra cost or add it to your product prices.

Offer multiple shipping options 

Your customers can opt to pay higher prices for faster deliveries when you include standard and priority shipping options on your cart page.

Show live shipping rates

Give international shoppers a transparent checkout experience by offering live shipping rates with apps like Envia, Shippo, and ShipStation that integrate seamlessly with Wix eCommerce

Online marketplaces
eCommerce website collection page on mobile, product closeup of ski gloves, product closeup of ski helmet and product closeup of snowboard

Sell on leading online marketplaces

By managing multichannel selling on leading online platforms like Amazon, eBay and Wish, you can potentially open your business to billions of buyers worldwide. Likewise, you can offer your merchandise on global social commerce networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Wix merchants enjoy a quicker, more efficient connection to these global marketplaces and can manage all orders on sales channels directly from their Wix dashboard. 




How do I make my site multilingual?

Add the Multilingual App and translate your site into as many languages as you want. When you're ready, enable the languages you translated and let visitors explore your site in their preferred language.


What languages can I translate my site to?

Multilingual currently supports over 180 languages.


How do Wix eCommerce sites collect international sales tax?

Automatic tax calculation is offered through Avalara, which calculates tax based on up-to-date tax rules. When rates change, it updates automatically. Or if you prefer, you’re welcome to enter the tax rates manually.


Is it possible to accept payments from international customers?

Yes, connect our native Wix Payments solution or choose from 80+ payment gateways supported by Wix worldwide. Add whatever payment methods are used most regularly in the international markets you sell to. For example, if you do business in Brazil, make sure to include Pix and Boleto.


How do I add shipping rules for my international markets?

Wix stores come with one domestic and one international region already added. You can add more regions as needed and adjust the settings to allow for different types of shipping and pricing rules.

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