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We are committed to helping others create and build products that empower the use of the internet for all.

We want our investments to give us an active role in fostering technology, ideas, products and people. In order to do so, we provide innovators with access to the top minds and resources available within Wix’s ecosystem. We believe that our mentorship, successful track record and capital can make ideas come to life.


Startups in the following fields are preferred:

SaaS applications

Customer services automation

SMB technologies and solutions

Developer tools

Highly scalable infrastructure technologies

Community building and growth tools


Financial services including payment solutions

Data generators in 3D AR and VR

Wix Capital is a fund dedicated to investments in early stage companies.

The fund invests in startups that share Wix’s technology, innovation and development mindset, and offer synergy with our own growth strategy. We invest in startups that offer significant industry opportunities to shape the future of the web and that offer the potential to become strategic partners of Wix.

Wix Capital

Investing in technology innovators in order to shape the future of the web. 


Why Work with Wix Capital?

In the last decade, has rapidly grown from a startup to a multi-billion dollar company with hundreds of millions of users worldwide and 1,000s of employees globally. Given our success, we know the importance of building a world-class team while keeping a start-up culture. 

Talk to us about investing in your business:

Explore Wix Accelerator program.

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