How to Accept Secure Online Payments with Wix

A successful online store needs easy and secure ways for customers to pay. With Wix, you can accept payments using over 20 trusted payment providers around the world.

Read this guide to choose the best payment system for your business.

  1. Find the Right Online Payment Provider

  2. Set up Wix Payments

  3. Accept In-Person Payments

  4. Manage Your Transactions

01. Find the Right Online Payment Solution

Give your customers multiple ways to pay at checkout without overwhelming them. To strike that balance, choose one payment provider and an alternative payment method.

Payment providers/gateways are third-party companies that make it possible for merchants to offer multiple payment methods. For example, when customers check out with PayPal they can pay by credit/debit card, Venmo and more.

Payment methods authorize direct ways for your customers to pay. Examples of payment methods include cash, credit/debit cards or bank transfers.

Payment providers will vary depending on your location. For the U.S., you can accept online payments using four main providers:

  • Wix Payments: Track every transaction from your Wix dashboard, from managing orders to receiving payouts. Securely accept major credit cards and other payment methods based on your location.

  • PayPal: Accept credit/debit cards, Venmo and PayPal Credit. If customers choose PayPal at checkout, they’ll be directed to PayPal’s website. Once they’ve paid, they’ll be sent back to your online store.

  • Stripe: Let customers pay with credit/debit cards as well as alternative payment options like Apple Pay. Use Stripe’s POS system to accept offline, in-person payments.

  • Square: Connect your Square account to accept credit/debit card payments on your site. You can also use Square’s point of sale (POS) software to accept payments on your phone.

When choosing a payment provider, consider transaction fees and rates. Be sure the provider you want supports the currencies of all your shipping regions.

Lastly, read the terms and conditions. Seriously, read them. Even if you usually accept terms without thinking, remember that your business is at stake. Take note of everything that can impact your business and profit. Pay close attention to restricted products, service/transaction fees and the information required to verify your account.

02. Set up Wix Payments

Conveniently manage your entire business within Wix, from accepting payments to tracking orders.

Follow these simple steps to set up your Wix Payments account:

  1. Connect Wix Payments: Add Wix Payments as a method to start accepting payments. Make sure to complete account setup so you can receive payouts to your bank account.

  2. Click “Complete Setup”: Enter your business type, personal details and bank account info. Once Wix Payments confirms your account, you’ll be able to start receiving payouts from transactions.

  3. Verify Your Business: As your online store grows, Wix Payments may request further levels of verification.

03. Accept In-Person Payments

Whether you’re selling at a festival or a pop-up store, give customers a way to pay on the spot.

Try these in-person payment solutions for your eCommerce store:

  • Use Point of Sale: Download the Wix mobile app for your business. Go to your dashboard to select the product you want to sell. If you have a POS card reader, connect the reader to your phone and swipe your customer’s card. You can also type in the card number manually. If you don’t have a card reader, you can take cash and mark it as an offline payment. Once customers make a purchase, thank them with an automatic confirmation email.

  • Set up Manual Payments at Checkout: Allow customers to buy a product through your online store and pay in person. In your store’s payment settings, connect manual payments and tell your customers how to pay offline. They’ll see these instructions at checkout.

  • Send Customers a Link to Pay: If a shopper prefers to pay securely through your site, send them a branded invoice with how much they owe. With Wix Invoices, you can include direct links to products for quick checkout.

04. Manage Your Transactions

eCommerce businesses are well past manual spreadsheets. Simplify the way you manage your business from Wix’s fully-integrated dashboard. You’ll be able to review all purchases made on your site, regardless of payment method. Plus, you’ll get an overview of your payment activity, including gross income and number of successful payments.

For each transaction, you’ll see the date, customer name, products/services purchased, payment method, amount due and the payment status. You can download the entire spreadsheet as a CSV file and easily manage your business offline.

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