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How to make money with print on demand

how to make money with print on demand

In the ever-expanding world of eCommerce and creative entrepreneurship, print on demand (POD) has emerged as a lucrative opportunity for individuals seeking to turn their artistic talents into a profitable venture. Entrepreneurs are drawn to print on demand for its potential to blend creativity with business acumen, allowing them to showcase unique designs on various products and generate income. Whether you're looking to supplement your income, establish your POD business or pursue a full-time career in the eCommerce space, understanding how to make money with print on demand is the first step toward transforming your passion for design into a thriving business.

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Tips for making money with print on demand

Succeeding in the print on demand business requires a combination of design creativity, effective marketing and adaptability to changing market trends. Time management, attention to quality and building a strong online presence are also crucial for success in the POD industry.

To promote your print on demand business effectively, you’ll want to create an online portfolio showcasing your designs and unique style. Look into establishing an online presence through a dedicated website or popular POD platform to attract potential customers and collaborators.

Specializing in a specific niche within the POD market can enhance your business, allowing you to focus on a particular style or theme while making money as a freelancer. This specialization not only establishes your brand but also increases the likelihood of attracting customers who resonate with your designs and are willing to pay a premium for exclusive products. Identifying a niche or print on demand business idea that aligns with market demand and your design preferences is essential for success in the freelance POD landscape.

12 ways to make money with print on demand

01. T-shirt design

Dive into the world of T-shirt design by crafting unique and eye-catching designs tailored for various audiences and occasions. Utilize your artistic flair to create visually stunning and engaging T-shirts that resonate with different tastes and preferences. Whether it's witty slogans, intricate illustrations or bold statements, infuse your designs with creativity to capture the attention of diverse customers. Explore this T-shirt design website for inspiration on this print on demand product.

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02. Hoodie and sweatshirt design

Explore the realm of comfort and style with hoodie and sweatshirt design. Develop cozy and stylish designs that offer a perfect blend of warmth and fashion. Consider seasonal trends and consumer preferences to create designs that not only keep wearers snug but also make a fashion statement. This can also be a great way to make money online.

03. Mug and drinkware design

Embark on a journey of personalized and themed drinkware design. From mugs to water bottles, unleash your creativity to design items that add a personal touch to people's daily routines. Think about themes that resonate with individuals, creating a connection between your designs and the users' preferences.

04. Phone case design

Combine aesthetics with functionality by creating visually appealing and protective designs for phone cases. Consider the latest trends, materials and consumer needs to craft designs that not only enhance the look of mobile devices but also provide the necessary protection. Strive to create designs that users would proudly showcase.

05. Home decor and art prints

Transform living spaces with your artistic touch by designing art prints, posters and home decor items. Explore a variety of themes, from contemporary to classic, and create pieces that resonate with different interior design styles. Your designs can become a focal point in people's homes, expressing their unique taste and personality. Explore Shira Barzilay’s website, Koketit, to give you inspiration on how to springboard your career. 

06. Customized stationery

Merge functionality and creativity in customized stationery design. Create craft notebooks, planners and notepads that stand out with personalized touches. Consider incorporating unique patterns, illustrations or even customizable features that allow users to express their individuality through your stationery designs.

07. Apparel for pets

Capture the hearts of pet owners by designing clothing and accessories for pets with unique and playful designs. Consider the comfort of the animals while infusing your designs with elements that reflect the joy and personality of pets. Your creations can become a delightful extension of the bond between pets and their owners.

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08. Face masks and accessories

Address the contemporary need for stylish and comfortable face masks by designing unique patterns and accessories. Blend fashion with functionality to create face masks that make a statement while providing the necessary protection. Consider complementary accessories that enhance the overall experience of wearing face masks.

09. Customized bags and totes

Explore the world of bag and tote design with fashionable and functional designs that cater to the diverse needs of individuals. Consider trends in sustainable fashion and design products that align with eco-friendly preferences while offering practical solutions for daily activities.

10. Tech accessories

Enhance the digital experience by designing skins and accessories for laptops, tablets and other tech devices. Explore innovative designs that not only protect devices but also add a touch of individuality. Consider collaborating with tech enthusiasts to create designs that resonate with their passion for gadgets.

11. Sticker and decal design

Bring joy and self-expression to everyday items with fun and expressive sticker and decal designs. Explore a variety of themes and styles that cater to different age groups and interests. Consider creating themed collections or collaborating with artists to expand your range of designs.

12. Special occasion merchandise

Contribute to memorable events by designing custom merchandise for special occasions like weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Capture the essence of these moments with personalized designs and custom merch that become cherished keepsakes. Consider collaborating with event planners or individuals to create unique and meaningful designs for their special celebrations.

How to get started making money with print on demand

Begin by honing your design skills and identifying your preferred niche within the print on demand market. Make sure to stay informed about design trends and continuously improve your skills.

Next, think about how to make a website or a portfolio showcasing your best designs and product offerings. Utilize social media platforms and POD marketplaces to reach a wider audience and attract potential customers.

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Set up a professional profile on POD platforms and eCommerce websites to connect with potential clients, collaborators and industry professionals.

Understand the basics of how to start a business, including setting competitive pricing, optimizing product listings and managing customer orders.

How to make money with print on demand FAQ

How do I find customers for my print on demand products?

Use social media marketing by creating targeted advertising campaigns and leverage the reach of popular POD platforms like Printful, Printify and Redbubble. Engaging with your audience through content creation and collaborations can also help attract customers.

What should I charge for my print on demand designs?

How do I identify profitable print on demand niches?

Can I make a full-time income as a freelance print on demand business owner?

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