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Best t-shirt dropshipping products and suppliers for 2024

T-shirt dropshipping: products and suppliers for 2024

Dropshipping t-shirts can be a great way to start a business online. It's a retail method where you sell t-shirts without keeping them in stock. Instead, when you sell a product, it's purchased from a third party and shipped directly to the customer. This means you don't have to deal with the hassle of inventory or shipping logistics.

Why consider t-shirt dropshipping?

Starting a t-shirt business can be a profitable dropshipping idea because as items of clothing go they're versatile, easy to customize and essentially never go out of style. Along with the rise of online shopping and eCommerce, demand for personalized and fun t-shirts has grown. This means that the potential for t-shirt dropshipping and clothing dropshipping is even greater. 

With advanced printing technologies and an increase in suppliers offering quality services, it's easier than ever to create a brand that stands out and to start a print-on-demand business. Whether you're looking to offer graphic tees, vintage styles or eco-friendly options, there's a market for your dropshipping products.

how does dropshipping work?

28 t-shirt dropshipping products

When it comes to t-shirt dropshipping, the product possibilities are endless. Here's a list of 28 potential t-shirt products that you can consider for starting your dropshipping business

01. Graphic tees

Graphic tees are a type of T-shirt that feature printed or graphic designs, images, illustrations or text on the front or back. These designs can range from simple logos and patterns to complex and artistic illustrations. Graphic tees are popular because they allow individuals to express their personal style, interests and affiliations through the visual elements displayed on the shirt.

02. Vintage band t-shirts

Perfect for music enthusiasts looking for a retro vibe. Popular retro bands to include on t-shirts include Metallica, Nirvana and The Rolling Stones. These are popular with original fans of the bands plus younger generations looking for a retro look. 

03. Customizable t-shirts

Allow customers to add their designs or text. These can also be sold in bulk, for companies looking to make a swag for their customers or employees, or as party favors following events such as weddings, bridal showers or birthday parties. 

04. Fitness and workout shirts

As gear for gym-goers and fitness buffs, fitness and workout t-shirts are specialized clothing designed to provide comfort, functionality and style during physical activities, particularly exercise and fitness routines. This means they’re often manufactured from moisture-wicking materials and breathable materials. 

05. Cartoon and anime-themed shirts

Cartoon and anime-themed shirts feature designs inspired by animated cartoons and anime. These shirts often display characters, scenes, or symbols from popular animated shows, movies or manga series. The designs can vary widely, ranging from simple logos and character illustrations to more intricate and artistic representations. Popular and classic anime examples include One Piece and Sailor Moon. 

06. Eco-friendly tees

Eco-friendly t-shirts are clothing items that are designed and produced with a focus on minimizing environmental impact. Several aspects contribute to the eco-friendliness of these t-shirts. Eco-friendly t-shirts are often made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. Some common choices include organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and Tencel (made from wood pulp). These materials are grown or produced with reduced reliance on synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

Some eco-friendly t-shirts are made from recycled materials, such as recycled polyester or recycled cotton. Using recycled materials reduces the demand for new resources and helps divert waste from landfills.

07. Local t-shirts

Featuring city landmarks or local sayings, these t-shirts can be targeted at residents or tourists. Ideas for these t-shirts can include images of famous landmarks, from the Eiffel Tower to the Golden Gate Bridge, or more local landmarks such as a community bar or center, for example. 

08. Sports team merchandise

Ideal for supporters of specific sports teams. These t-shirts can be designed, made and sold to local and amateur sports teams looking for kit. You can also create and sell matching supporter shirts, including t-shirts for kids and animals. 

09. Tech and geek shirts

Tech and geek shirts are those that feature designs, symbols or references related to technology, computer science and geek culture. These shirts are often worn by individuals who have a passion for technology, programming or gaming. Shirts may display snippets of programming code written in various programming languages. These codes can be humorous, clever or related to specific programming jokes and memes. Geek-themed shirts often feature symbols that are recognizable within the tech and geek community. Examples include the "pi" symbol (π) for mathematics and the binary code (0s and 1s) for computer programming.

10. Pet lovers' tees

Pet lover t-shirts are clothing items designed for individuals with a deep affection for animals, particularly their pets. These shirts often feature images, slogans, or graphics related to different types of pets, celebrating the bond between humans and their furry companions. These designs can include illustrations or silhouettes of popular breeds, celebrating the uniqueness of each type of pet. Some shirts include artistic renditions or photographs of pets, allowing pet owners to wear personalized and cherished images of their beloved animals.

Wix's eCommerce dropshipping platform

11. Travel-themed t-shirts

Travel-themed t-shirts usually feature designs, graphics or slogans related to travel and exploration. These shirts are popular among individuals who have a passion for traveling and adventure. They may feature iconic landmarks or skylines of famous travel destinations. This could include images of cities, monuments or natural wonders from around the world. Designs may incorporate maps or globes to represent the idea of exploration and the global nature of travel. Maps can be stylized or detailed, showcasing specific regions or entire continents. These t-shirts often include quotes or slogans that capture the spirit of adventure and the excitement of exploring new places. These quotes can be inspirational, humorous, or both.

12. Holiday-specific shirts

Holiday-specific shirts are designed and themed for specific holidays. These shirts often feature symbols, colors and motifs associated with a particular holiday, making them suitable for festive occasions. Some examples include:

  • Christmas shirts: Designs may include Christmas trees, snowflakes, reindeer, Santa Claus and other festive elements. Colors like red, green and white are commonly used.

  • Halloween shirts: Designs often include pumpkins, ghosts, witches, bats and other spooky or Halloween-themed images. Dark colors such as black and orange are popular.

  • Easter shirts: Designs may feature Easter eggs, bunnies, chicks and springtime imagery. Pastel colors like pink, blue and yellow are commonly used.

13. Cultural heritage tees

Cultural heritage tees are t-shirts that celebrate and showcase aspects of a particular culture or heritage. These shirts often incorporate symbols, designs or elements that are significant to a specific group of people, whether it be based on ethnicity, nationality, traditions, or shared experiences. Cultural heritage tees can serve various purposes, including expressing pride, raising awareness and promoting cultural diversity. For example, t-shirts featuring symbols, flags, or iconic elements associated with a particular ethnic group or nationality.

14. Artistic t-shirts

Artistic T-shirts refer to garments that feature unique and creative designs, often created by artists or designers. These shirts go beyond simple patterns or logos and showcase an artistic expression or concept. Artistic T-shirts can vary widely in style, incorporating different forms of visual art, including paintings, illustrations, graphic design and more.

15. Minimalist style tees

Opt to sell t-shirts with simple and clean designs for customers who want to make a subtle fashion statement.

16. Foodie t-shirts

For those who love to celebrate their favorite foods or culinary puns, these t-shirts can prove popular. You can design and sell humorous-themed t-shirts. Here are some hilarious examples of puns for those t-shirts:

  • I have a joke about construction, but I'm still working on that one. Meanwhile, let's taco 'bout something more important—like lunch.

  • The chef was trying to escape the kitchen, but every time he made a break for it, he got caught by the parsley.

17. Couple's matching tees

Great for pairs who want to show off their relationship in style, dropship t-shirts with matching motifs or slogans. These are great for honeymoons or parties.

18. Maternity t-shirts

Sell comfortable options for expecting mothers, some could include funny prints related to pregnancy. Something like - "Yes, I'm eating for two. No, not twins—me and my inner hungry monster."

19. Kids' character tees

Kids character t-shirts can be a popular t-shirt dropshipping niche. Just be mindful of copyright laws when choosing what to print, or sell. 

20. Inspirational quote t-shirts

These can be a popular dropshipping niche. Inspirational quote T-shirts are a great way to express positivity and motivation. Here are some inspirational quotes that could work well on these types of t-shirts:

  • "Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

  • "Dream big, work hard, stay focused."

  • "She believed she could, so she did."

  • "In a world where you can be anything, be kind."

  • "Your vibe attracts your tribe."

  • "Embrace the journey, trust the process."

  • "Do more things that make you forget to check your phone."

21. Festival wear tees

Festival wear tees are T-shirts specifically designed for wearing at music festivals, cultural events, or other festive gatherings. These shirts often feature vibrant colors, bold designs and unique graphics to capture the lively and celebratory atmosphere of festivals. Festival wear tees can vary widely in style and they are often chosen for their comfort and ability to reflect the free-spirited and fun nature of the events. 

22. Tie-dye t-shirts

Tie-dye T-shirts are a popular and colorful style of clothing that involves twisting, folding, or bunching fabric and then applying dye to create unique and vibrant patterns. The result is a distinctive, often psychedelic and visually interesting design. Tie-dyeing allows for a great deal of creativity and each shirt is essentially a one-of-a-kind piece.

23. Luxury fashion brand parody shirts

Luxury fashion brand parody shirts are a humorous and satirical take on well-known high-end fashion labels. These shirts often play with iconic logos, designs and slogans associated with luxury brands, offering a light-hearted and often ironic commentary on the world of fashion. Parody shirts have gained popularity for their ability to blend high fashion aesthetics with a touch of wit and irreverence. However, it's important to note that using actual brand logos for commercial purposes may infringe on intellectual property rights, so many parody shirts use creative reinterpretations to avoid legal issues.

24. Gamer tees

Gamer tees, or T-shirts designed for gamers, often feature graphics, slogans, or references related to video games and gaming culture. These shirts are a popular way for gamers to express their love for gaming and share a common interest. Here are some common themes and elements found in gamer tees:

  • Logos or icons from popular gaming consoles, platforms, or specific game titles may be featured on the shirts.

  • T-shirts may showcase favorite video game characters, either in a stylized or minimalist form.

25. DIY craft kits for custom tees

Dropship t-shirt kits that allow customers to make, design and create their tees. This could include tie-dye boxes or iron-on motifs. 

26. Bachelor/bachelorette party sets

Tap into demand for themed or matching t-shirts for bachelor and bachelorette parties, with your dropshipping idea. These are often humorous, including witty slogans or images. 

27. UV reactive t-shirts

UV-reactive T-shirts are clothing items designed to react to ultraviolet (UV) light by changing color or glowing in the dark. The fabric typically contains special pigments or dyes sensitive to UV radiation. When exposed to UV light, such as sunlight or black light, these pigments undergo a chemical reaction that causes the T-shirt to change color or emit light.

28. Glow-in-the-dark tees

Glow-in-the-dark T-shirts are designed to emit light in the dark after being exposed to light sources. These shirts contain special phosphorescent or photoluminescent pigments that absorb light energy and then release it slowly in the form of visible light. 

4 top t-shirt dropshipping suppliers

Here are four major dropshipping suppliers that can help you get started with your t-shirt business.


Modalyst specializes in connecting online stores with suppliers who offer a wide range of high-quality products. For t-shirt dropshipping, they provide a curated list of suppliers known for their quality prints and reliable shipping. They also integrate seamlessly with Wix stores, for example, to make the process even easier. 


This platform offers a vast array of customizable products, including t-shirts. Printify allows you to create custom designs and prints them on demand when an order is placed. They also have the advantage of a network of print providers worldwide, which means faster shipping times. Plus, there are no upfront costs to get started. Their offering also integrates easily with Wix


Printful also offers on-demand printing services. They stand out with their eco-friendly options and high-quality printing techniques. They also offer warehousing and fulfillment services and branding resources, such as custom labels. Consider making a website with Wix, then integrate it with Printful to sell t-shirts. 


A popular choice for many drop shippers, AliExpress is a huge China-based marketplace that connects you with a multitude of suppliers offering various t-shirt products. It means access to a vast range of suppliers and products at competitive prices. Dropship with Wix and AliExpress

How to get started dropshipping t-shirts

Starting a t-shirt dropshipping business can be an exciting venture. Here are a few essential steps to help you launch your online store:

  • Decide on the type of t-shirts you want to sell. Consider your own interests and market demand. 

  • Based on your niche, choose a supplier that fits your business needs.

  • Develop unique designs that will appeal to your target audience. If you're not a designer, consider hiring a freelancer.

  • Choose an e-commerce platform like Wix and start creating your eCommerce website.

  • Create product images and add them to your store.

  • Determine pricing by taking into account costs, competition and profit margins.

  • Use marketing strategies such as social media, content marketing and paid advertising to attract customers to your store.

  • When you receive orders, process them through your supplier's platform. They will handle printing and shipping, you then need to focus on your customer service, especially in terms of shipping times and return policies. 

Key t-shirt dropshipping features to consider

When venturing into t-shirt dropshipping, several key features should be considered to ensure a successful and efficient operation. These features contribute to the overall customer experience, operational efficiency and the scalability of your dropshipping business. Here are some key t-shirt dropshipping features to consider:

  1. Variety of designs: Choose a dropshipping supplier that offers a diverse range of t-shirt designs, styles, colors and sizes. Having a broad selection allows you to cater to different tastes and preferences.

  2. Quality of printing and materials: Ensure that the dropshipping supplier maintains high-quality standards for printing and materials. The durability and comfort of the T-shirts contribute to customer satisfaction and repeat business.

  3. Customization options: Look for suppliers that provide customization options, allowing customers to personalize t-shirts with their designs, text or images. This feature adds value and uniqueness to your offerings.

  4. Responsive and reliable supplier: Partner with a dropshipping supplier that is responsive to inquiries and reliable in terms of order fulfillment and shipping. Timely and transparent communication is crucial for customer satisfaction.

  5. Scalability and inventory management: Choose a dropshipping platform that can accommodate the scalability of your business. Efficient inventory management ensures that popular designs are consistently available.

  6. Competitive pricing: Evaluate the pricing structure of the dropshipping supplier to ensure competitive rates. Additionally, consider the profit margins available for your business to thrive.

  7. Fast and reliable shipping: Customer satisfaction is closely tied to shipping speed. Partner with suppliers that offer fast and reliable shipping options to enhance the overall buying experience.

Considering these features when choosing a t-shirt dropshipping partner will help you establish a reliable and customer-focused business. Conduct thorough research and select suppliers that align with your business goals and values.

Dropshipping t-shirt products and suppliers FAQ

Can I dropship t-shirts without any design experience? 

Yes, you can. Some online tools and resources can help you create designs, or you can hire a freelance designer.

How do I choose the best supplier for my t-shirt dropshipping business?

Is it necessary to order samples before selling?

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How much capital do I need to start a t-shirt dropshipping business?

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