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What is branded dropshipping? Get started with products and suppliers

branded dropshipping

Branded dropshipping is a twist on the traditional dropshipping model that allows you to sell products under your own brand. It’s an approach that can set you apart in the competitive e ommerce landscape. 

Branded dropshipping means you offer products that carry your unique brand, rather than generic items anyone can sell. This strategy involves custom packaging, labeling and sometimes even custom-designed products that reflect your brand's identity.

What is branded dropshipping?

Branded dropshipping is a type of dropshipping where you, the store owner, add your own branding elements to the products you sell through a third-party supplier. This includes adding your own logo and packaging, product labels, marketing materials and website. This differs from traditional dropshipping where you simply resell generic dropshipping products under the supplier's branding.

Why branded dropshipping?

Is dropshipping worth it? By choosing branded dropshipping, you can create a distinctive presence in the market. It helps build customer loyalty and allows for premium pricing due to the perceived higher value of branded items. Moreover, it differentiates your offerings from competitors who may be selling similar unbranded products.

If you're looking to start a dropshipping business with limited capital, branded dropshipping is a viable option. It minimizes risk as you don't need to hold inventory or handle shipping logistics. Your focus can be on building your brand and marketing your products to the right audience.

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6 branded dropshipping product ideas (+20 products)

When it comes to branded dropshipping, selecting the right products is crucial for your brand's success. Here's a list of viable branded dropshipping business ideas to help you brainstorm.

01. Customized apparel

Customized apparel refers to clothing items that are personalized or modified according to specific design preferences, logos, text, or graphics chosen by the customer. This customization can be done through various methods such as screen printing, embroidery, direct-to-garment printing, or heat transfer.

Branded dropshipping involves selling products online without handling the inventory or fulfillment process. In the context of apparel, this means that when a customer places an order, the product is manufactured and shipped directly from a third-party supplier or manufacturer to the customer. Customized apparel is particularly well-suited for branded dropshipping for several reasons:

Customization allows customers to create unique and personalized apparel that reflects their style or aligns with a specific brand. This uniqueness can make the product more attractive and increase customer satisfaction. Examples include:

  • T-shirt dropshipping with original designs

  • Embroidered hats and beanies

  • Personalized hoodies and sweatshirts

  • Branded athletic wear for fitness enthusiasts

  • Custom-designed socks and footwear

02. Accessories

Accessories are items that complement or enhance a person's outfit or appearance but are not essential components of clothing. They serve to add style, functionality, or personalization to an individual's look. Accessories can include a wide range of items such as jewelry, watches, hats, scarves, sunglasses, belts, bags and more.

In the context of branded dropshipping, offering accessories can have several advantages. The first is their versatility. Accessories come in various styles and forms, providing a versatile range of products for a branded dropshipping store. This diversity allows businesses to cater to different tastes and preferences within their target audience.

Accessories can be customized with a brand's logo, colors, or specific design elements, helping to maintain a cohesive brand identity. This consistency across products reinforces brand recognition and strengthens the overall brand image you’re trying to create. 

Many accessories are relatively affordable compared to clothing items, making them accessible to a broader audience. This affordability can attract more customers and the lower price point may also lead to increased impulse purchases. Branded dropshipping accessory products include: 

  • Engraved jewelry pieces (See jewelry dropshipping)

  • Custom-printed scarves and bandanas

  • Personalized leather wallets and belts

  • Branded sunglasses and eyewear accessories

  • Unique phone cases with custom artwork

03. Home decor

Home decor involves furnishings and decorative items that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of a living space. This category spans furniture, lighting, wall art, textiles and various decorative accessories. Branded dropshipping in the home decor niche offers several advantages, allowing stores to provide diverse and customizable items to attract a broad audience with varying design preferences. Some fantastic home decor products to dropship include:

  • Custom canvas prints and wall art

  • Branded cushion covers and throw pillows

  • Personalized kitchenware like mugs and coasters

  • Scented candles with signature fragrances

  • Designer bedding sets with custom patterns

04. Tech gadgets

Tech gadgets are electronic tools or devices with advanced technology that aim to make our lives easier, more entertaining, or more convenient. This category includes smartphones, smartwatches, fitness trackers, smart home devices, gaming accessories and more.

Many people like keeping up with the latest technology trends. Tech gadgets, especially those with innovative features or improvements, are in high demand. The tech industry is always changing, introducing new gadgets and innovations regularly. This constant evolution creates trends and encourages consumers to look for the latest and most advanced products, making tech gadgets great for dropshipping. Examples of tech gadgets to sell include:

  • Custom skin decals for laptops and tablets

  • Branded wireless chargers and power banks

  • Personalized USB drives and tech accessories

  • Smart home devices with your brand logo

  • High-quality earbuds and headphones in custom colors

05. Beauty products

Beauty products cover personal care, skincare, makeup and grooming items like creams, makeup, hair products, perfumes and grooming tools. This category is favored by those aiming to enhance their appearance, practice self-care and stay updated on beauty trends. The beauty industry, known for its consistent demand, attracts people seeking products for skin, hair and overall appearance, making it a reliable market.

  • Private-label skincare creams and serums

  • Custom-branded makeup palettes

  • Organic hair care products with your branding

  • Nail polish sets in exclusive colors

  • Bath bombs and soaps with personalized packaging

06. Fitness and wellness

Fitness and wellness products, like workout gear, supplements and wellness gadgets, support a healthy lifestyle. With more people prioritizing health and staying active, the demand for these items is going up.

As folks focus more on well-being, there's a growing market for fitness and wellness stuff. People are willing to invest in products that help them reach their fitness goals.

This category includes a variety of products, from exercise equipment to supplements, offering a diverse range to suit different preferences.

Many fitness and wellness products, such as supplements, often lead to repeat purchases. This helps keep customers coming back and establishes long-term relationships.

  • Yoga mats with unique prints

  • Branded water bottles for gym-goers

  • Fitness trackers with your company logo

  • Wellness supplements in bespoke packaging

  • Eco-friendly tote bags for shopping or gym use

Top branded dropshipping suppliers

Choosing the right supplier is a critical step in establishing a successful branded dropshipping business. Here's an overview of four top dropshipping suppliers that cater to branded dropshipping needs.


Modalyst specializes in connecting online stores with suppliers that offer high-quality products. They have a vast selection of items suitable for branding and their integration with eCommerce platforms like Wix makes them user-friendly. Just be aware that while Modalyst offers a range of products, their pricing can be higher compared to other platforms, which may affect your profit margins.

Make a website and then integrate it with Modalyst for your branded dropshipping business. 


Printify is an excellent print on demand company for custom products. They provide a wide array of apparel and accessories that you can easily brand. Their mockup generator tool is particularly useful for visualizing your branded items. Printify relies on third-party providers for printing and shipping, which can sometimes lead to inconsistencies in product quality or fulfillment times.


Similar to Printify, Printful offers comprehensive print-on-demand services with the added benefit of in-house manufacturing. This control over production often results in consistent quality and reliable shipping. The cost of products on Printful can be higher and because they handle production themselves, the range of available items might be more limited than other suppliers.


AliExpress is known for its vast selection and competitive prices. It's possible to find suppliers willing to accommodate custom branding requests for various products. Shipping times from AliExpress can be lengthy and language barriers with suppliers may pose challenges. Additionally, quality control is crucial as product standards can vary widely.

How to get started with branded dropshipping

Starting a business dropshipping can be an exciting venture. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you launch your brand into the world of e-commerce.

  • Identify a niche that resonates with your interests and market demand.

  • Choose products that have branding potential and appeal to your target audience.

  • Research suppliers who offer branded dropshipping services

  • Evaluate their product quality, customization options and fulfillment reliability.

  • Choose an e-commerce platform that supports dropshipping, like Wix.

  • Design your store with a focus on branding and user experience. Use eCommerce website templates to do this effectively.

  • Develop a strong brand name, logo and visual theme.

  • Ensure your product packaging and design reflect your brand identity.

  • Utilize social media, content marketing and SEO to reach potential customers.

  • Consider paid advertising to drive traffic and sales when starting.

  • Monitor your sales data and customer feedback to understand what works.

  • Continuously optimize your product offerings, marketing strategies and customer 

how does branded dropshipping work

Branded dropshipping products and suppliers FAQ

Can I start a dropshipping business with little to no money?

Yes, one of the advantages of dropshipping is the low barrier to entry. You don't need to invest in inventory or warehousing, but you will need some funds for setting up your online store and marketing efforts.

How do I ensure product quality branded dropshipping?

Is it necessary to have a registered business for branded dropshipping?

How do I protect my brand when working with suppliers?

What should I do if a customer recieves a defective product?

Can I automated my branded dropshipping business?

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Other dropshipping ideas and products to consider

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