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How to make money as a reseller in 7 ways

how to make money as a reseller

Making money as a reseller is an enticing venture for those seeking financial independence and flexibility in their work schedule. With a growing number of individuals exploring reselling as a viable means of income, understanding how to effectively monetize your skills in this field is crucial. Whether motivated by the desire for autonomy, the need for extra income or a passion for finding and selling unique items, starting a business as a reseller can open doors to both personal and financial freedom.

How to make reselling profitable

To succeed in making money as a reseller, it's essential to comprehend the key elements that define profitability in this business. A profitable reselling venture goes beyond just generating revenue it involves creating a sustainable business model that allows for growth and stability as a reseller. Here are four crucial aspects that define a profitable reselling business:

Product niche and expertise

Resellers who focus on a specific product niche or possess in-depth knowledge of certain items can command higher prices and attract buyers looking for unique offerings. For example, focusing on selling vintage clothing. Specialization enables a better understanding of the market, facilitates targeted marketing efforts and allows resellers to provide exceptional value to their customers. For more inspiration, consider these reselling business ideas.

Inventory management

Profitability in reselling is closely tied to how efficiently you manage your inventory. This includes effective organization, pricing strategies and a streamlined process for acquiring and listing products. Efficient inventory management saves time and resources, enabling you to focus more on sourcing high-demand items.

Customer relationships

Building and maintaining strong relationships with customers can lead to repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals and a consistent income stream. A profitable reselling business often boasts a loyal customer base that trusts the reseller's product selection and is willing to pay for its expertise.


A profitable reselling business has the potential to scale. This may involve expanding the product range, diversifying platforms, or optimizing sourcing and listing processes to handle increased volume without a proportional rise in workload.

7 ways to make money as a reseller

The reselling landscape is diverse, offering numerous avenues for monetization. Here are ten ways to make money as a reseller, each with insights on maximizing profitability. Most also qualify as some of the best businesses to start with little money.

01. Thrift store finds

Sourcing unique and valuable items from thrift stores and selling them online can yield high profits. It's also the most popular way for resellers to make money. To make money from this type of reselling you’ll need to develop an eye for hidden gems, research market trends and utilize online platforms for a broader reach to sell your thrift store finds. 

02. Electronics

Buying and reselling electronics, such as smartphones and gadgets, can be a lucrative way to make money as a reseller due to the constant demand for these expensive items. 

Make sure to stay updated on the latest tech releases, offer competitive pricing and provide thorough product descriptions. When reselling electronics you’ll need to make sure you’re selling goods that work and can be relied on by the buyer. 

03. Vintage clothing

Selling vintage clothing appeals to a niche market willing to pay a premium for unique fashion items making this another popular way for resellers to make money. Be sure to understand fashion trends, establish a strong online presence by making a website and leverage social media for marketing.

04. Books

Books are perennially in demand and reselling rare or specialized books can be profitable for resellers. Explore niche genres, attend book sales or auctions and optimize product listings with detailed descriptions. 

05. Handmade crafts

Reselling handmade crafts online or artisanal products can tap into the growing market for unique and personalized items amongst online consumers. You can help local artisans market and sell their products for you both to make money.  Build relationships with local artisans, emphasize the craftsmanship and tell the story behind each product. Be inspired by these craft business ideas to get started.

06. Sneakers

Limited-edition sneakers can command high resale prices and are a very popular way to make money as a reseller. You’ll need to stay informed about sneaker releases, build connections within the sneaker community and authenticate products accurately. Benjamin Kickz, for example, has over 1M Instagram followers and has been known for his sneaker reselling since his teens. 

07. Furniture

Refurbishing and reselling furniture can be a profitable way to make money as a reseller, especially with unique or upcycled pieces. This is a great idea if you’re also looking for ways to make money with your creative skills, rather than just selling ability. Learn and build basic furniture restoration skills, source quality materials and market your pieces effectively - for example, you can video yourself restoring furniture, or turning it into something else, then share it on Instagram as a way to build customers. 

How to get started making money as a reseller

  • Define your niche: What products or categories do you have a genuine interest in? Analyze demand, competition and trends in your chosen niche. Clearly outline the types of products you intend to resell.

  • Develop a business plan:  Define your short-term and long-term business objectives. Estimate costs, pricing strategies and potential revenue. Research any legal requirements or licenses needed for your specific niche.

  • Make a website or create an eCommerce site: Use a website builder to create a website or eCommerce site to showcase your products and provide contact information. Choose from any number of best ecommerce platforms.

  • Marketing strategies: Develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, including social media, email and content marketing where relevant. Connect with other resellers, attend industry events and participate in online forums. Consider offering initial discounts or promotions to attract your first customers.

  • Pricing and finance management: Implement accounting tools to track income, expenses and profits. Determine competitive yet profitable pricing for your products.

How to make money as a reseller FAQ

What type of products can I resell to make money?

Resellers can deal in a variety of products, including thrift store finds, electronics, vintage clothing, books, handmade crafts, sneakers, furniture, subscription boxes and digital products.

How do I set prices for the products I resell?

Do I need any licenses or permits to start a reselling business?

How can I build strong relationships with customers as a reseller?

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