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How to make money as a real estate agent

how to make money as a real estate agent

Real estate agents often seek to take control of their income potential beyond relying solely on sales commissions. Starting a business allows agent's to use diverse set of skills to sell property and launch a successful real estate business.

Offering additional real estate services as well as other rental business ideas - such as property management, training programs, investment consulting and more - opens up alternative revenue streams. Pursuing a diversity of business lines grants agents flexibility around pricing and is key for agents to maximize earning potential as business owners within the dynamic real estate industry.

13 ways to make money as a real estate agent

Leveraging one's expertise, there are many profitable opportunities for real estate agents beyond residential sales—here are 13 money-making services to consider offering:

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01. Traditional property sales

Traditional property sales involve representing clients in buying or selling residential or commercial real estate. As a real estate agent, you earn commissions based on the property's sale price.

How to make money as a real estate agent:

Success in traditional property sales involves effective marketing, negotiation skills and a deep understanding of the local real estate market. Establishing a strong network, utilizing online platforms and staying updated on market trends is essential.

Why is this idea profitable?

Property sales are the core revenue source for real estate agents. With strategic marketing, effective negotiation and a focus on customer satisfaction, this can be a highly profitable avenue. Building a reputation for successfully closing deals enhances credibility and attracts more clients.

Michael J. Balbuena is a dedicated realtor with a passion for helping clients achieve their real estate goals. His website showcases his expertise in residential real estate and his journey, providing visitors with a way to get to know him on a more personal level.

02. Property management

Property management involves overseeing rental properties on behalf of landlords. This includes finding tenants, handling maintenance and ensuring the property complies with regulations.

How to make money as a real estate agent: 

Real estate agents can charge a percentage of the monthly rental income for property management services. Building a portfolio of managed properties increases recurring income.

Why is this idea profitable:

Property management provides a steady income stream while offering additional opportunities for leasing, maintenance and tenant turnover. Efficient management and maintaining strong landlord-tenant relationships contribute to profitability with this business idea.

03. Real estate consulting

Real estate consulting entails providing expert advice on various aspects of the real estate market, such as market trends, investment opportunities or property valuation.

How to make money as a real estate agent:

Charge clients on an hourly or project basis for consulting services. Build a reputation for expertise to attract clients seeking specialized insights.

Why is this idea profitable:

Consulting leverages an agent's knowledge beyond traditional transactions. It's a scalable business model that allows for flexibility in pricing and target clientele, potentially leading to high-value consulting contracts.

Learn more:

04. Real estate education and training

Real estate education involves conducting workshops, webinars or training sessions to educate aspiring real estate professionals or investors.

How to make money as a real estate agent:

Charge fees for participation in educational programs. Consider creating online courses or partnering with educational institutions.

Why is this idea profitable:

Sharing expertise not only generates income but also enhances the agent's reputation as an industry authority. Capitalizing on the demand for real estate education can lead to a lucrative and scalable business.

05. Real estate blogging

Real estate blogging involves creating informative content about the real estate market, investment strategies, or property tips for online platforms.

How to make money as a real estate agent:

Monetize a blog through affiliate marketing, sponsored content, or advertising. Leverage the blog to showcase services and attract potential clients.

Why is this idea profitable:

Blogging establishes the agent as an industry influencer, attracting a broad audience. Monetizing the blog diversified income streams and complements traditional real estate activities.

Check out these blogs for some inspiration:

This real estate blog aims to be a trusted and valuable resource for home buyers and owners. It covers relevant real estate topics, targeting both beginners buying their first home and real estate investors. 

Real estate agent, Chris della Rosa, uses his blog to support his real estate business and show off his latest listings.

06. Real estate photography and videography

Real estate photography and videography involve creating high-quality visual content for property listings to enhance their appeal.

How to make money as a real estate agent:

Charge fees for professional photography and videography services. Offer package deals for real estate agents, developers and homeowners.

Why is this idea profitable:

Quality visuals significantly impact property marketing. Offering photography services not only generates income but also strengthens relationships with clients who appreciate the value of visually appealing listings.

07. Real estate staging services

Real estate staging involves preparing a property for sale by arranging furniture and decor to highlight its best features.

How to make money as a real estate agent:

Charge fees for staging services. Collaborate with home sellers or real estate agents to enhance the market appeal of properties.

Why is this idea profitable:

Staging improves a property's perceived value and can expedite sales. Providing staging services positions the agent as a comprehensive real estate professional, potentially leading to increased referrals.

Learn more:

08. Real estate investment

Real estate investment involves purchasing properties for rental income or capital appreciation.

How to make money as a real estate agent:

Generate income through rental payments, property appreciation, or selling properties for a profit. Leverage investment expertise to attract clients seeking investment opportunities.

Why is this idea profitable:

Investing in real estate diversifies income sources and allows the agent to benefit directly from market trends. Demonstrating successful investments enhances credibility when advising clients.

Private Elite Realty is a boutique real estate agency specializing in high-end properties and exclusive client experiences. Its site includes a blog managed by owner Kendall Griffin and an easy-to-navigate home search portal. 

09. Virtual tours

Providing virtual tours and 360-degree photography allows potential buyers to explore properties remotely.

How to make money as a real estate agent:

Charge fees for creating virtual tours. Offer this service as an enticing add-on for property listings.

Why is this idea profitable:

Virtual tours enhance the online viewing experience, attracting more potential buyers. Offering this service demonstrates technological innovation and sets the agent apart in a competitive market.

10. Real estate networking events

Hosting real estate networking events brings together industry professionals, potential clients and investors.

How to make money as a real estate agent:

Charge entrance fees, secure sponsors, or partner with local businesses. Use the events to network, generate leads and showcase services.

Why is this idea profitable:

Networking events provide exposure and build relationships. Income from events can supplement traditional real estate earnings while positioning the agent as a community leader.

11. Real estate podcasting

Real estate podcasting involves creating audio content discussing industry trends, market insights, or property tips.

How to make money as a real estate agent:

Monetize through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or premium content. Leverage the podcast to promote real estate services and build a loyal audience.

Why is this idea profitable:

Podcasting enhances the agent's brand and attracts a diverse audience. Monetizing the podcast diversifies income and provides a platform to showcase expertise.

12. Commercial real estate brokerage

Commercial real estate brokerage focuses on buying, selling, or leasing commercial properties, such as office buildings or retail spaces.

How to make money as a real estate agent:

Earn commissions from successful commercial property transactions. Develop expertise in the commercial real estate market to attract clients seeking specialized services.

Why is this idea profitable:

Commercial real estate transactions often involve higher values, leading to substantial commissions. Specializing in commercial real estate can result in a lucrative niche market.

13. International real estate transactions

Facilitating international real estate transactions involves helping clients buy or sell properties in different countries.

How to make money as a real estate agent:

Earn commissions from successful international transactions. Develop a network of international clients and collaborate with professionals in various regions.

Why is this idea profitable:

International transactions often involve higher-value properties, leading to substantial commissions. Establishing expertise in international real estate broadens the agent's market reach and potential earnings.

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How to make money as a real estate agent FAQ

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