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15 best real estate agent websites, plus tips to create your own

Real estate agent websites and examples

In this article, we’ll share a few of the best real estate agent websites built by Wix users, as well as some tips for creating your own- including how to write a bio to include. By browsing these designs, you’ll be able to draw inspiration from your favorites and get started with your real estate business right away.

As a real estate agent, there are several ways to spread the word about your business: handing out business cards, creating social media pages and even sponsoring local events. Perhaps the most critical strategy, though, is to create a website dedicated to your brand.

While marketing was once a combination of local print ads, flyers and old school mailers, it has shifted toward being a predominantly online practice, utilizing things like RSS feeds. These days, establishing your digital presence with a striking website - complete with customer testimonials, informative content and a full description of your services - is the most effective way to draw new clients to your business (if you're still not sure, check out does my business need a website).

What is a real estate website?

A real estate website is an online platform that serves as a marketplace or marketing tool for property agents. These websites allow real estate agents, brokers and even property owners to list properties for sale or rent. Then, potential buyers or renters can browse through these listings based on different search parameters such as location, price, size, amenities and more.

Real estate websites are designed to provide comprehensive information about each listed property. This can include images, floor plans, descriptions, location details and in many cases, virtual tours. They also include contact information for the listing agent or owner and often have a booking feature for users to schedule viewings.

Some real estate websites are also informational, providing buyers, sellers and renters with tips and advice on buying, selling and renting properties, understanding real estate trends and navigating the real estate market.

Successful real estate websites focus strongly on user experience, making property search as effortless and efficient as possible. They also strive to provide accurate and comprehensive property details along with high-quality photos or videos.

Examples of real estate websites include Zillow, and Redfin in the United States, Rightmove in the United Kingdom and MagicBricks in India.

15 best real estate agent websites

01. Closed by Carley

Atlanta-based realtor Carley Johnson has a beautiful real estate agent website that combines both minimalism and fun. On her homepage, the white color scheme and clean design go hand-in-hand with images of bright homes and neatly arranged gardens, giving potential clients a clear sense of her aesthetic style. She also posts YouTube videos with tips for owning and designing a home, which she includes on a separate page of her website. This lets her warm personality shine through and adds a sense of friendliness and approachability to her business.

Real estate agent websites: Closed by Carley

02. Beavers O’Connell Group

Starting with their slogan “Legal solutions. Modern approach,” this organization has a strong professional website. Their ample whitespace and clean fonts make the website easy and intuitive to navigate, while a concise outline of their services helps potential clients find the information they need. On top of that, the real estate firm places a photograph of their team prominently at the top of their homepage, showing the faces behind the brand. They round out their website with a blog, highlighting their knowledge in the industry and building their online authority.

Real estate agent websites: Beavers O'Connell Group

03. Next Door Alliance

Real estate and property management company Next Door Alliance has a sleek, urban feel. Their blue color palette not only matches the large photograph of skyscrapers on their homepage, but also gives the brand a sense of reliability and trust. Visitors can easily contact them by going directly to the form at the bottom of the homepage, or by clicking the Request a Quote button found in various places on the site.

Real estate agent websites: Next Door Alliance

04. Anne Mahon

Massachusetts-based real estate agent Anne Mahon has a welcoming website that speaks for itself. The homepage opens with a large photograph of a shiny home interior, which instantly catches the visitor’s eye. Directly beneath the image, she introduces herself with a short bio that highlights her achievements and emphasizes her passion for customer service. She also includes a search bar at the bottom of her homepage, making it easy for site visitors to search for homes based on categories such as neighborhood, number of bedrooms and price range.

Real estate agent websites: Anne Mahon

05. Philadelphia Home Advisors

This real estate company’s soft, monochrome website color palette evokes a deep sense of comfort, tranquility and modern luxury. They strategically place their mission statement at the top of their homepage, putting the company’s values front and center. The site also displays a short video that shows a happy couple finding their dream home, helping establish the brand’s credibility and building a sense of excitement among potential clients. On a separate page titled “Live,” they include contact forms that double as questionnaires for sellers, buyers and renters. This allows them to gather relevant information about prospective clients so they can tailor their services to their individual needs.

Real estate agent websites: Philadelphia Home Advisors

06. Afford2Stage

Afford2Stage welcomes clients with a charming website background, a gray and white pattern reminiscent of stylish wallpaper. A slideshow gallery at the top of the homepage displays images of their home staging and redesign, as well as a concise explanation of the benefits of their services. To help potential customers visualize working with them, they also provide a separate page in which they display before and after images of their work. In addition, the site provides an FAQ page to answer the questions of interested clients.

Real estate agent websites: Afford2Stage

07. Arroyo Realty Group

Arroyo Realty Group gets straight to the point with a clean, professional website. Upon entering the site, the user is immediately greeted with the word “Welcome” and the image of a key opening a door. Directly beneath that is the CTA “Let’s Talk,” which captures the visitor’s attention and takes them straight to the Contact page. The company also includes an About page in which they explain the story behind their brand, sharing their values and experience with prospective clients.

Real estate agent websites: Arroyo Realty Group

08. Top Street Madrid

The Madrid-based firm shows the Spanish capital at its best with a stunning real estate agent website. The site is filled with images of urban residences, with separate pages to distinguish between those for rent and those for sale. The homepage provides a concise and attractive summary of their business, including images of beautiful homes, reasons to work with them, client testimonials and a contact form. To assist potential clients even further, a live chat can be accessed at the bottom right corner of each page.

Real estate agent websites: Top Street Madrid

09. Casa Coín

Laura Gibbins, whose business is based in the seaside Andalusian region of Costa del Sol, has built a real estate agent website that evokes both professionalism and personality. With its coral pink, sandy beige and ocean blue color palette, the website instantly brings to mind life on the beach. She places all the essential information about her business on the homepage, including a list of her services, a professional bio and headshot, and contact information and office hours.

Real estate agent websites: Casa Coin

10. Laurie Wotus

Laurie Wotus has designed an informative, comprehensive real estate agent website that provides clients with everything they need to get started. Her homepage boasts a unique design: a large, slow-motion video of a happy couple in their new home plays on repeat, and it’s overlaid with a headshot of Laurie. Written across the video are also the three main values that inform her work: integrity, honesty, and community. As part of her strong commitment to customer service, she includes a live chat in the bottom right corner of her site.

Real estate agent websites: Laurie Wotus

11. Smothers & Falk Realty Group

Minnesota realty company Smothers and Falk uses their real estate agent website to explain their services and promote their business to customers. They strategically place social media buttons in the upper right corner of the header, taking site visitors directly to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to learn more. The site also includes a blog with helpful articles such as “How to Upsize Your Home” and “Which Down Payment Strategy is Right for You?” which showcases their knowledge and experience while building trust among their audience.

Real estate agent websites: Smothers and Falk

12. Living Tahoe

Tanya Soule’s real estate agent website is professional, informative and easy to navigate. At the top of the page are two helpful search bars: one that site visitors can use to type in where they want to live, and another that they can use to obtain an estimate of their home’s worth. The Living Tahoe website provides other resources as well, including a sign up form to receive personalized home matches and information about local attractions.

Real estate agent websites: Living Tahoe

13. The Pinnacle

With its sleek, modern design, this real estate website evokes luxurious, contemporary living. The Pinnacle benefits from straightforward and intuitive website navigation, with different pages that describe each of the apartment building’s areas. A separate page, titled “Location,” expands on the city and local attractions, showcasing the neighborhood at its best and encouraging people to move there.

Real estate agent websites: The Pinnacle

14. Gateway Realty Partners

This California-based firm boasts a highly professional real estate website. Their homepage is easy for users to navigate and learn more about their business, and includes a list of their services, statistics about their accomplishments, and a contact form for visitors to get in touch. Importantly, they also include a series of customer testimonials to highlight their success and build trust among prospective clients.

Real estate agent websites: Gateway Realty Partners

15. Belville

Belville’s real estate agent website immediately catches the eye with a photograph of the London cityscape spanning the width of the homepage. Their color scheme - black with teal accents - is simultaneously sleek and playful, reminiscent of the nightlife the metropolis has to offer. In addition to featuring a dedicated Testimonials tab in their website menu, they include a series of testimonials directly on the homepage for maximum visibility.

Real estate agent websites: Belville

How to create a real estate website and design tips

If you’re feeling inspired by these real estate agent websites, you can create your own website using these professionally designed real estate website templates. Note that these templates are completely free and can be easily customized to fit your business’s unique needs.

As you get started, here are some design tips that will help you make the most of your site:

  • Choose the right brand identity: As you build a real estate website, consider the impression you want to make on your audience. Do you want to be cheerful and exciting? Serious and professional? Whichever you choose, design a logo and select a color scheme in a way that reflects your business’s personality. Using a Real Estate Logo Maker can help you accomplish that.

  • Introduce yourself: Include a professional bio on your homepage or About Us page to emphasize your achievements and experience. If you work with a team, you should introduce each team member and provide their respective contact details.

  • Make yourself easy to contact: Once you grab the attention of interested clients, they’ll need a way to contact you. Be sure to include your business email and phone number on a prominent place on your website, such next to your bio in or in the website footer. You can also add a contact form to the bottom of your homepage or a dedicated Contact Us page.

  • Include a mission statement: Tell your audience not only what you do, but also why you do it. This helps you resonate emotionally with potential clients. You can address this on your About page, in your bio, or within a designated section of your homepage.

  • Offer customer testimonials: Happy customers are often your biggest advocates. Ask past clients to provide a recommendation that you can include on your site. This helps bolster your credibility among your website visitors.

  • Use stunning visuals: In addition to learning about your business, your site visitors will also want to know what their new home might look like. Make sure to incorporate large scale images on your homepage, as well as image galleries to show homes for rent and for sale. You can also add a video to your site to talk about your services or provide virtual home tours.

  • Get in touch with live chat: Finally, take your real estate agent website to the next level by adding a live chat widget that lets you respond to customers right away. This extra bit of customer service may be exactly what you need to convert first-time visitors into loyal clients.

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