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Live chat for online sales and customer help
14 Day Free Trial
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  • Live Chat Overview

        Send targeted messages to people on your website and encourage them to take action.
        Reach out to your customers regardless of the channel they are using live chat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter or email.
        When you go offline, Live Chat enables communication with clients by storing their messages as tickets.
        With our mobile live chat apps for iPhone, iPad and Android you can chat everywhere: in a car, at home or while shopping.
    LiveChat’s live chat app adds a chat widget to your store with ease. With Live Chat, you’ll be able to have conversations with on-site visitors, so you can offer them the help they need and help convert them into sales. Live Chat lets you chat with customers on the website, providing immediate assistance and increasing sales and customer satisfaction. This means you’ll be able to reach out to all of those customers that are looking for infor...
    mation on your website who would otherwise never try to contact you. The way Live Chat works is simple: a typical chat widget sits on the bottom right side of your website, on-site visitors can choose to chat with you, or you can actively engage them with chat invitations. Plus, you can use the widget as a contact form to offline messages or even to enable customers to sign up to your mailing list. Try Live Chat for free.

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