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Automate sales tax for your eCommerce business

Get automated sales tax calculations, stay compliant with global tax rules and streamline your checkout process.

Modern watch face with online sales tax calculation for 2 different states at checkout (New York and California).

Your comprehensive sales tax solution

Wix is fully integrated with Avalara®, an automated tax software that provides you with the most current tax rates for every transaction, worldwide.

Geo-specific tax rates by state or country

Transparent checkout process for your customers

Customizable tax groups
for your products

Set up Tax

How to get automated sales tax calculations for your online store with Wix

Set up Avalara for your online store in 5 simple steps:


Log in to

Go to your dashboard and select Settings, then choose Store Tax.


Turn on automated tax

Click Get Automated Tax to enable the sales tax calculator.


Set up Avalara

Fill in your personal details and business address.


Select your tax regions

Add states and countries where you need to collect taxes.


Customize tax settings

Choose if tax is added at checkout or included in the product price.

Sales Tax by Region

Sales tax and VAT rules by region

Learn about sales tax and VAT rules by state or country: get updates on tax compliance, registration and more.



Expert Tips

Get expert tips on sales tax

Holiday sale ad and checkout showing ecommerce sales tax calculation for sunglasses.

How to simplify sales tax compliance for your online store

3 order confirmations for 3 different backpack purchases from online store.

2019 changes to U.S. online sales tax

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Automate sales tax
for your online store today.

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