Create Professional Videos with the Wix Video Maker

Make a video to promote your business, drive traffic to your website and increase sales with Wix’s online video maker

Multi-media selling platforms

Instantly Make Videos You Can Promote Anywhere

The Wix Video Maker makes it easy for you to create promo videos, product demos, social posts and more. Create a video to tell people what’s new, announce a sale, celebrate a milestone or share an exciting update. 

Add your videos to your website or online portfolio, share them on Facebook and Instagram, upload them to YouTube or download them to your computer to use freely whenever you want. 

How to Make a Video in 4 Steps

Follow these steps to let the Wix Video Maker’s AI technology create your video


Upload your favorite media and text


Choose a custom theme and font


Decide which music you want to add


Enter your business information and logo

Boost Your Business with Wix’s Video Maker

Using video boosts organic search traffic to your website by 157%.

Select and Customize Video Themes

Change up the look and feel of your video by applying various designs. Add more content and adjust the video’s colors, music and font to fit your brand.

Moments effect


Glass effect


Frame effect


Bubbles effect


Take Your Videos to the Next Level with Professional Visuals

With a Wix website, you can access robust media libraries that feature high quality photos and videos. You can also choose from various aspect ratios allowing your visuals to fit your needs.

Wix Library

Wix’s free media collection contains exclusive visuals including both videos and photos. Utilize these visuals to make a lasting first impression.


Find beautiful, real-life photos curated from a community of photographers. Use them in your videos with no restrictions. 


Get high resolution media from Shutterstock to set your videos apart. Buy media once and use it freely on any site in the same Wix account. 

Aspect Ratios 

Create videos for any social channel. Select wide, vertical or square aspect ratios for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook posts.   

Why Your Website Needs Professional Videos

No matter what your business or passion is, video is one of the most effective ways to help it flourish. Learn why. 

Complement Web Design

Video is a valuable design element that makes your website more captivating. Websites with videos are more engaging and provide a complete sensory experience for your audience. 

Increase Engagement

Double the amount of time visitors spend on your site with videos. With longer site sessions, you're more likely to convert customers and build rewarding relationships with your audience.

Tell Compelling Stories

Video encompasses all types of content: text, images, music and links. This makes video the best medium to portray important stories and to effectively engage with your audience.

Boost Conversion Rates

On average, visitors spend 2 extra minutes on websites that contain videos. This gives visitors more time to learn about you and increases the likelihood that they will purchase your product.

Build a Website to Showcase Your Videos

Explore these video website templates that can display your remarkable content. 

Get Even More Tips About Video Marketing

Check out these helpful blog posts to get even more useful info about effective ways to use video to promote your business: 

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Is the Wix Video Maker free?

Wix offers 4 free videos for you to test the tool. After that, you will need to upgrade to an Ascend plan. Read here for more info.


What elements can I add to my videos?

You can make a video with text, images, and your own video clips. Add them to any of the videos you create with Wix’s online video editor. 


What file types can I upload?

With Wix you can upload a variety of file types. 

Photo file types: JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PNG

Video file types: 3GP, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, MTS, M2TS


How many files can I upload?

You can upload up to 15 files and a total of up to 60 minutes or 3.6 GB of video.


Can I share my videos on other platforms? 

You can share your videos on any social channel. Select wide, vertical or square aspect ratios for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook posts.   


Can I edit videos later?

You can make unlimited edits to any video you create before you publish. 


Can I use my videos freely for my business?

When you make a video, it is free for you to use anywhere you’d like. You can promote your business or products, add your video to Instagram stories or posts, share to Facebook, upload to YouTube or use it on your Wix website. 


How many videos can I create?

However many you like! You can create up to 4 free videos with Wix's online video editor. After this, you'll need to upgrade to an Ascend plan to create more videos.

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