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Grow and scale your
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In this course

Learn proven growth strategies to scale your business and streamline your workload. We’ll cover how to expand your reach to millions of shoppers worldwide by integrating your online store with eCommerce giants like Amazon and eBay. Generate steady revenue flow with subscriptions, add trusted third-party apps and optimize shipping and fulfillment operations. Then, level up with the world’s biggest brands and give customers the ultimate digital shopping experience by creating a fully-branded mobile app that seamlessly syncs to your store.

Learn how to

  • Sell on eBay and Amazon from your online store

  • Set up product subscriptions and manage recurring orders

  • Add third-party services like shipping options with real-time rates

  • Build your own fully branded mobile app—no coding needed

Still frame from the Accessibility course: Henry Collie, Wix Learning Designer

Henry started life as an actor, designing courses and copywriting on the side. Since then, his love of learning has pulled him ever more towards learning design, working for clients like FutureLearn, Digicel and Livity. He helped to design this course with the passionate pros on the Wix eCommerce team.

Wix Learning Designer

Your instructor

Henry Collie

Who it’s for

  • Entrepreneurs, brands and businesses looking to expand their eCommerce business

  • Agencies and web professionals who want to connect online stores to marketplaces, and enable multichannel selling for clients

  • Existing Amazon and eBay sellers who want to connect their business to Wix eCommerce

Resources to help you grow

Get helpful articles, practical templates and more to put your skills to work.

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Sell on Amazon with Wix

In our previous courses, we covered how to set up your own online store, launch, and start selling.

In this course I'm going to show you tools, apps, and sales channels that can help you leverage your brand, expand your online reach, and support the ongoing growth of your business.

Every sales channel, whether it's your website, an online marketplace, or social media platform, opens your brand up to a unique set of customers.

If your store and your customers are both U.S. based, you can expand your sales platform by connecting your Wix Store to sell on Amazon.

And in this lesson, I'm going to walk you through how to connect your Wix Store to Amazon, publish Wix products on Amazon, and link any Amazon products you already have to Wix.

So let's get started.

Now do bear in mind, to integrate your Wix Store with Amazon, you will need to have a Wix Business unlimited premium plan, and an Amazon sellers account.

Now to connect your Wix Store to your Amazon's seller's account, go to "Channels" in your side dashboard, and then go to Amazon.

And then click "start now".

Now if you have an Amazon seller account, you go to "yes, I have an account", and if you don't have an account, you just go to "no", and then this will take you to another screen where you can create one.

Once you've reviewed and accepted the terms and conditions, you'll get to this page.

Now here you'll see all of your products from both your Amazon Store and your Wix Store.

Looking at the Amazon dashboard on your Wix Store, you'll see a product catalog of all the products you sell on both Wix and Amazon, categorized into "published", "unpublished", and "unlinked to Wix".

Now, if you click on "unpublished", you'll see just the Wix Store products that you don't yet sell on Amazon.

And "unlinked to Wix" are products that you sell on Amazon that are not yet linked to products you sell on your Wix Store.

"Published products" are the products that are currently published for sale in both places.

To start selling your Wix products on Amazon, you can match your products to an existing product in Amazon's catalog.

All you gotta do is click on "unpublished" then go down and find something that you would like to add.

Go to "manage product", and now choose one of your variants for that product, and then go to "find product".

You can search by the product name as it appears on Amazon, or by the Amazon standard identification number, ASIN for short.

And do bear in mind, if the product has variants, each variant must be linked to a separate product on Amazon.

After you match your Wix Store product to one in Amazon's catalog, you can customize the price, inventory, and product details for the Amazon marketplace.

Now, you can also create a new product by submitting your product for sale on Amazon, but do bear in mind that Amazon might not authorize all products.

Now, if you're already selling on Amazon, and you want to manage your Wix and Amazon sales in one place, you can link the products.

But before I show you how, it is important to note that to link products, the products must first exist in your Wix Store, and if they don't yet exist, you will need to create them.

You'll also need to link each product variant separately, to a unique existing product on Amazon.

Now, to do that, all you need to do is click on "unlinked to Wix".

These are your live Amazon products that are not yet connected to a product in your Wix Store.

So go to "link product" on a product that you'd like to link, and now go to "choose product", then click on the product that you'd like to link.

Then scroll down to the bottom, and click Save and Update.

You can manage how your inventory is restocked on your Amazon shop, how Amazon orders are fulfilled, and way more.

Just go to the Amazon dashboard in your Wix site, and then go to the Settings icon up here.

Then go to the "Inventory Sync" tab.

Now you'll see here "Limits for each variant".

That allows you to limit the amount of each variant that will show up in your Amazon store, regardless of how many are in your Wix Store.

So for example, I might say 10.

That means Amazon will never have more than 10 of any product.

Then I can go down to "Restock Inventory".

This allows me to automatically restock Amazon's inventory from my Wix Store when it reaches a certain amount.

So for example, when it reaches 1, I can update that stock to go back to 10.

Now down here, you can choose whether you want to end offers automatically after you've deleted a product, after you've hidden a product, or after a product goes out of stock.

Finally, you can choose whether your orders are fulfilled by yourself by default, or by Amazon.

You can also choose whether your delivery time is standard, two-day, or next day delivery.

With 5.2 billion site visits per month, Amazon should be high on your list of potential sales channels.

But multi-channel selling does not stop there.

Your Wix Store can also integrate with eBay, and that's what we're going to cover next.


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