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Wix Multilingual
By Wix
Free to install

Wix Multilingual

By Wix
Translate your site and boost your traffic
Free to install
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  • Wix Multilingual overview

        Welcome visitors and clients in 180+ languages
        Translate the way you want – by yourself, with a site collaborator, or via machine translation
        Boost your traffic, sales, and organic presence in multiple countries
        Localize your images and settings (e.g., dates, currency) to any regional standards
    Trusted by 2+ million sites, Multilingual is Wix’s professional solution for translation and localization. Use it to reach new audiences and boost your revenues – visitors are 50% more likely to buy if your products are shown in their native language. Within seconds, get an exact duplicate of your pages, ready to be translated into any language. Translate yourself, with the help of a site collaborator, or harness the power of machine translation. Upon installation, you receive 3,000 free word credits to auto-translate your content. Multilingual is accessible from the Editor (in-context translation) and from your Dashboard (side-by-side translation) for the ultimate editing experience. Localize your images and regional settings to offer a truly welcoming experience to visitors of all cultures. Enjoy advanced settings, such as automatic detection of your visitor browser’s language and a variety of URL structures. Invite team members and professional translators to collaborate with you thanks to custom roles and permissions. Our 24/7 support is available to answer your questions and help you make the most of your multilingual site.
    Availability:This app is available worldwide.
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