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Create a Professional Event Website

Create a website for online and in-person events, sell tickets or collect RSVPs, accept secure online payments, reach more guests with advanced marketing tools and manage the day of your event.

How to Create Your Event Website and Manage Events with Wix

Build a professional event website in 8 simple steps:

  1.  Log in to your account or sign up for Wix.

  2.  Choose from 500+ templates for your event website.

  3.  Add your event and customize your site’s design.

  4.  Set up ticket sales or RSVPs.

  5.  Choose your preferred payment provider.

  6.  Connect a custom domain for your event website.

  7.  Publish your site and start selling tickets.

  8.  Run and promote your event with the Wix Events platform.


Your Complete Event Management Solution


Create Your Event Website

Unlimited Event Listings | Multilingual Capabilities | Event Layouts and Calendars

Choose from 500+ designer-made templates to showcase any type of event—professional meetups, conferences, concerts, sports events, parties, weddings and more. Customize your design with our visual editor. Add event lists and pages to showcase your upcoming and past events.

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Host Events Online with Wix and Zoom

Take your events online by connecting Zoom to your Wix Events website.


Sell Tickets and Membership Plans

Create unlimited ticket types and set prices. Offer membership plans, set capacity and add a ticket policy. Accept online payments, charge tax on ticket sales and send printable tickets.

  • Unlimited Ticket Types

  • Membership Plans and Subscriptions

  • Secure Online Payment

  • Tax Collection on Ticket Sales

  • Sales and Revenue Tracking

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Promote Your Events

Email Marketing | Coupon and Promo Codes | Google and Facebook Integrations

Generate more ticket sales for your events using smart marketing tools. Drive traffic to your event website with scheduled email campaigns, coupon offers, designed social posts for Facebook and Instagram and more.


Build a Community Around Your Event

Members Area | Live Event Feed | Forum

Create a professional community and networking opportunities. Keep attendees connected and engaged with a blog, discussion forum, and live content feed the day of your event. Add a Members Area where attendees can create a profile and see who else is going.

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Track and Manage Attendance

Editable Guest and Waitlists | Automated Email Confirmation | Customizable Registration

Track and manage your attendee list. Capture attendee information and preferences with custom forms. Set your guest capacity  and open a waitlist. Trigger automated emails for ticket and RSVP confirmation, reminders and more.


Manage the Day of Your Event with the Wix Mobile App

Mobile Ticketing App | Walk-in Ticket Sales 

Smoothly manage your event onsite with the Wix mobile app. Run a clean door by checking in guests, scanning tickets, selling tickets at the door, managing your guest list and more. Open a live event discussion feed that you and your attendees can use to share and discuss content.

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"I wanted to find a seamless way to sell movie tickets. I like Wix Events because it's intuitive, it's user friendly and it's integrated seamlessly into my website. It's a pretty complete ecosystem and I can do almost everything I want within Wix without needing to find an outside product ". 

Dave Meyers



What features should I look for in an events website?

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How can I protect my privacy on WHOIS?

As part of ICANN’s agreements and policy, registrants listed in the WHOIS database are  protected from potential spam. However, some individuals or businesses express concern  and do not wish to have their personal contact details made publicly available. If you’d like to keep your information private, Wix offers Private Domain Registration to safeguard your online identity. This ensures your name, address, email and phone number remain confidential and secure.

Who oversees the WHOIS domain database?

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How can I update my WHOIS domain contact information?

a. To comply with ICANN regulations and ensure you receive important communications, keep your contact details up to date. 

Quickly update your WHOIS domain contact information right from your Wix dashboard. Select your domain and click Edit Contact Info to view and update your personal details. You can do this at any time.


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Your Complete Event Management Platform


Wix Events is a leading events management platform with the features you need to run events of any scale. We make it easy to create a beautiful, professional website for producing and hosting events.

Create unlimited events, promote with built-in marketing tools, sell tickets and collect RSVPs, manage guest lists, build community, get reports and more. With the Wix events management platform, you have all the industry-leading tools you need to manage and grow your business online.