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Create an Online Community Around Your Site


Showcase Your Forum in Style

Display your forum as beautiful cards, or go for a classic layout. Easily customize to make it yours and you’ll look great on desktop and mobile.

Get All the Social Features You Love

Keep the conversation going with powerful social features that create lively communities. Let members follow each other, like, comment, share posts and more.

Give Your Members the Best Mobile Experience

Your forum is completely mobile-friendly, so you and your members can be a part of the discussion from anywhere, anytime. Plus with notifications, you’ll never miss a thing. 

Mobile forum website -

All the Powerful Features You Need - Free!

Manage Your Forum

Approve members, disable comments, pin trending posts and more as the forum admin.

Send Emails & Notifications

Send automatic notifications to your members when someone likes their post, comments or follows them.

Add Moderators

Select moderators to help manage your community. Moderators can delete posts, disable comments and more.

Set Permissions

Decide which members can read, add, write or share the posts they create on your forum.

Members’ Page

Let community members connect with each other. They can find each other by name, posts and more.

Profile Page

Members have their own profile page where everyone can check out their posts and followers. 

Find a Template You Love

Explore our collection of beautiful forum templates, or add one directly to your site.

How to: Go to the Editor > App Market > Wix Forum > Add 


Create a Forum and Start Your Online Community Today!

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