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12 professional actor websites plus tips for creating your own

Best actor websites

Whether you specialize in TV, films, commercials or Shakespearean theater, a well-crafted actor website is a must-have. With all your personal information gathered in one place, this piece of online real estate is your chance to present yourself in your best light. An impressive online portfolio that showcases your proudest work front and center, will help casting directors and other professionals from the industry get to know you better. In turn, this can buy you more job opportunities and help you push your career forward. To help you jumpstart the website creation process, we’ve collected 12 of the best actor Wix website examples, plus tips on how to get started creating your own actor website.

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12 professional actor websites

Actress and costume designer Samantha Lacey Johnson has kept it simple on her homepage, instantly introducing herself with large text and a selection of photos of herself in various acting roles. This helps site visitors understand what it is that she does, and also get an initial feel for her acting style. In addition, Samantha has made sure to include all the most important features of an actor website, from reels to news about her current performances, an ‘About Me’ section and her resume. She’s also used the Wix Pro Gallery to display high quality images of herself in a stylish square gallery layout. Last but not least, the ‘Contact’ section is easy to find and includes a simple contact form inviting potential casting directors to reach out. Check our some more Contact Us page examples in this article.

Actor website by Samantha Lacey Johnson

Everything about this actor website exudes life and energy, hinting as to Eileen Grubba’s personality. Her wide smile greets us on the homepage, set against a bright shade of coral. The large, beaming photo of Eileen alongside her name written in big, bold letters, emanates a sense of confidence and self-assurance. While Eileen specializes in a wide range of fields, including acting, writing, producing and advocating for disability inclusion, she has curated the content on her homepage to include only the most important information. You’ll find an introductory paragraph, embedded video reels and a gallery. She has also started a blog to regularly update site visitors on her latest goings-on, while simultaneously demonstrating her writing skills.

Actor website by Eileen Grubba

Lior Raz’s actor website draws us straight into the action. Atmospheric scenes taken from his most well-known TV series, Fauda, serve as the backdrop of his homepage. His name and signature appear in the center of the screen, layered above the video, crafting an almost cinematic feel. The rest of the homepage design boasts powerful fullscreen shots of Lior in action, plus links to the various sections of his site. While scrolling down, the hamburger menu stays static at the top of the screen, enabling intuitive website navigation. The menu icon is white, making it stand out against the dark color scheme and ensuring it remains visible throughout browsing.

Actor website by Lior Raz

The simple web design on Rebecca Baker’s site contains everything that all good actor websites require: clearly written website content detailing her past experience, reels of her best projects, a gallery of portrait photography, an online resume and a contact section. In addition, Rebecca has included links to her social media accounts, as well as her IMDb profile and other relevant actor platforms. All of this is packaged in an easy-to-navigate format, making it comfortable for directors or prospective employers to quickly look through her website and get a feel as to her style and personality.

Actor website by Rebecca Baker

With this content-packed one-page website, actor and writer Hiro Kanagawa manages to craft a professional result that truly shows off his skills. The floating menu is pinned to the top of the page, so that you can easily transfer between sections when scrolling down the site. Hiro has also paid attention to small details, such as adding a downloadable PDF of his CV and links to relevant articles about him and his past performances. You’ll also notice a ‘Back to Top’ button that appears at the bottom of the page - a useful navigation practice for long-scrolling websites.

Actor website by Hiro Kanagawa

Actor, singer and dancer Brandt Maina has gone for a diverse range of photos on his homepage, showing off his various performance abilities. Arranged in a horizontal gallery layout, visitors can easily scroll through the images. Set against a black background, they really stand out and take center stage. The information on Brandt’s biography page is also designed in an organized layout, making his resume comfortable to read. Split up into sections, visitors can easily skim through the concisely written text.

Actor website by Brandt Maina

Actress and comedian Leslie Daniels has placed a fullscreen headshot as the background to her homepage. She crafts a lighthearted vibe, thanks to her smiling photo and color palette of bright hues. As visitors scroll down Leslie’s site, the website menu remains fixed to the top of the screen, enabling us to fluidly transition between pages. She has also added a social bar within the menu, encouraging us to check out her social accounts—a recommended practice for all actor websites.

Actor website by Leslie Daniels

The split-screen website layout on actress Edit Holländer’s homepage gives her the opportunity to display a photo of herself alongside a short description. Paired with a clean white border and a simple sans-serif typography choice, the overall look is clean and inviting. On top of the other actor website essentials, Edit has also included references. Adding testimonials to your website presents you as trustworthy, letting visitors get to know you further and offering a better understanding of your strengths and personality.

Actor website by Edit Hollander

David Hywel Baynes also utilizes the power of testimonials to assert himself as a highly acclaimed, professional actor. Scrolling down his site, the first thing we see is a selection of impressive quotes by critics and newspapers. To complement these, he’s included a selection of high quality photographs of him on stage. The top of David’s homepage includes a custom-made logo design that also appears in his website’s favicon. A customized favicon (the small image that appears on your website’s tab in a web browser) can help your site stand out from the rest, making it easy to spot amongst a multitude of open tabs.

Actor website by David Hywel Baynes

Singer and actor Hannah Duran has crafted a professional website that demonstrates her skills while giving visitors a feel for her personality. Adopting a clear and minimalistic aesthetic, she’s personalized the text on her website with subtle humor and friendly microcopy. The two call-to-action buttons on her homepage invite visitors to get in touch via email or phone. In addition, there’s a live chat feature, making it especially convenient for casting directors and others to reach out.

Actor website by Hannah Duran

11. Tadeo Martinez

Tadeo Martinez’s actor website attracts our attention right from the get-go. Visitors are greeted with a high quality fullscreen photograph of Tadeo. His face is positioned in the center of the screen, drawing us in. The plants in the background set a certain tone and add a touch of personality. Once entering the site, there’s a gallery of photos featuring the actor in various poses and performances, demonstrating his diverse skill set. Hovering over each image, we see a gallery hover effect in which the image slightly darkens and zooms in. This crafts a professional look, as well as a smooth browsing experience.

Actor website by Tadeo Martinez

The one-and-only Jonathan Van Ness has gone for a minimalistic look on his website. A large welcoming photo of himself smiling stands out against a plain white background. A subtle parallax scrolling effect has been used, adding a sense of movement and volume as visitors scroll down the page. Jonathan has utilized his homepage to showcase two of his current major projects - his memoir, Over the Top, and podcast. The clean design and minimal content ensure that this section grabs site visitors’ attention. In addition, he’s added his Instagram feed to his website, enabling fans to remain up-to-date on his latest activities.

Actor website by Jonathan Van Ness

What should a professional actor website include

Now that you’ve browsed through a selection of inspirational actor websites, it’s time to create your own. And don't worry, you’re by no means expected to be a web design expert. You can begin your website creation process by picking a template out of this selection of performing arts website templates. You’ll be able to fully customize the design and add your own content, while resting assured that everything else has been taken care of, from the user experience to the design and more. Once you’ve picked a template, here are a few additional pointers that will help you along the way:

Write an impressive bio

Grab attention by crafting a unique yet professional ‘About’ section. Mention your area of expertise, past experiences, awards and other successes. If you can make your site visitors smile with a drop of tasteful humor - that’s an added bonus. Some actor websites include a dedicated ‘About’ page, while others integrate their bios into their homepages.

Include reels

This is your chance to show off your performance skills, so make sure your reels are front and center. They should be of the highest quality and easy to find on your website. You can easily add videos to your Wix site, uploading them from your computer or via platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. You’ll also be able to arrange a stylish layout for your videos, as well as bring attention to a particular reel by adding a full-width video to your site (for more options, check out our video website templates).

Link to your social platforms

While your actor website is more for professional purposes, your social platforms like Instagram and Twitter are probably more geared towards your fans. Give your site visitors the chance to get to know you via these channels too by adding a social bar to your site.

Add behind-the-scenes shots

Of course you want to appear professional, which is why your actor website will probably be filled with headshots. But behind-the-scenes photos will offer visitors extra insight into your style and personality, crafting a more authentic feel.

Include reviews and references

These can be highly powerful additions to your actor website, serving to reinforce your skills. Integrate any press reviews, testimonials or references throughout your site, making sure that your visitors won’t miss out on them.

Actor websites FAQ

What is an actor website?

An actor website is an online portfolio created by actors to showcase their portfolio, including headshots, resume, demo reels and contact information. It serves as a professional hub for industry professionals, casting directors and fans to learn more about the actor's skills, experience, and upcoming projects.

How to design an actor website?

How to make an actor website?

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