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15 best health and wellness websites

health and wellness websites

When you promote a health or wellness types of businesses, there’s no doubt that your online presence needs to be stylish and classy. People who are interested in these topics are drawn to harmonious and aesthetic visuals, and websites that possess these qualities will gain more success with your target market.

Sounds too challenging? It shouldn’t be. With Wix, you can create a website tailored to your specific niche, from creating a hotel website to a salon website, and customize it any way you like. Start the process by checking out these 15 amazing health and wellness websites that were designed and published by real Wix users with a passion for the good and healthy life.

What is a health and wellness website?

A health and wellness website is an online resource dedicated to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. It offers a wide range of content and resources to support individuals in leading healthier lives. These websites typically cover topics such as fitness, nutrition, mental health, mindfulness and holistic wellness.

Health and wellness websites often provide informative articles, expert advice, workout routines, healthy recipes and tips for maintaining a balanced lifestyle. They may also include features such as community forums and online courses to engage and educate their audience.

These types of websites may also address specific health concerns, medical conditions or lifestyle choices, offering guidance on prevention, management and overall improvement of one's health. Some health and wellness websites also incorporate elements of mindfulness, stress management, and self-care to address the holistic aspect of well-being.

15 best health and wellness websites

01. IsaTales Wellness

Founder Isabelle de Burgh chose to promote a holistic, plant-based lifestyle with one of Wix’s health and wellness website templates. This captivating site features a white background with enticing, colorful images throughout. Photos are neatly aligned and contain bright, appealing colors that draw your eye in. The soft, black and grey marble strip at the top of the subsequent pages also adds a delicate sense of movement.

health and wellness websites

Sblended, located in Beverly, Massachusetts, specializes in nutrition-based smoothies. To convey healthy eating, they’ve created a cleanly designed, highly visual website. Dark green text is offset by light pink and white backgrounds, while rectangular images are pieced together neatly on the first half of the homepage. The brand’s Instagram photos follow, creating a delicate and elegant vibe. This site also includes a Restaurant Social Bar in the upper right corner for quick access to the business’ Instagram and Twitter pages.

health and wellness websites

When creating a service business website in the health and wellness sphere, consider taking notes from Pransky and Associates. An ash-colored strip at the top of the page with an image of a foggy tree line and images of stalks of wheat and colorful flowers convey tranquility and zen. Each image is also a button containing a link that directs visitors to different coaching programs, ranging from relationships to business. Pransky and Associates also opted to include a free blog on their site to incorporate informational content, increase engagement, and build stronger connections with their visitors.

health and wellness websites

04. The Wellness Studio

With studios in New York City and Miami, the Wellness Studio provides a variety of services to its clients, including Thai yoga and holistic coaching. The navigation menu is neatly displayed at the top of the page, and each item is an anchor link that guides the visitor to subsequent sections. Natural colors, including white and varying shades of beige, create a soft effect that conveys the tone of the business.

health and wellness websites

Specializing in helping busy moms eat well, this Wix user site utilizes scheduling software to book free 30-minute consultations with clients. As a one-page website, it’s particularly easy to navigate. By simply scrolling through, you can find all the information you need quickly and efficiently.

wellness websites

This online spiritual wellness site features images of healing crystals, people participating in classes and oracle reading cards that create a sense of tranquility immediately upon entering. Soft greens, greys and browns balance each other for a relaxing user experience. This website design is clearly of a professional caliber, signifying to visitors that they can be sure to expect a high-quality experience at Bluum Wellness.

wellness websites

07. Well With Yael

This health and wellness website greets you with the words “Simplifying Wellness” so you know exactly what you’re getting. Yael incorporates colorful photos with a variety of textures that come together to create an immersive experience. She also uses the Wix Form Builder so clients can schedule consultations or collaboration calls directly through her site.

wellness websites

This service website greets visitors with a side-by-side column view instead of a traditional header photo and navigation menu. On the left column is a photograph of business owner, Mia Findlayand, and on the right, a brief description of her story and mission statement. This elegant website composed of soft colors creates a sense of hope and encouragement for visitors who may be suffering or not feeling their best.

wellness websites

Just a Girl makes use of web design to tell a powerful story. Its cheerful, yellow welcome strip contrasts with dark, dramatic images that convey the site’s mission. The site creators chose to create a forum to house members-only groups that users can join free of charge, allowing them to host an online community through their website. This women’s empowerment nonprofit also has an online eCommerce website that sells a variety of items to promote their purpose, including sweatshirts, mugs and tote bags.

wellness websites

10. The Ritual Store

This captivating website features 5 pastel-colored photos that use the overlap feature so that they slightly expand when your mouse hovers over them. As you scroll through, you can see the various products and services the company offers. Professional photographs of incense, candles, dried flowers and essential oils display the power of holistic and natural healing.

wellness websites

KiMeishon offers clients a complete energy healing experience with a wide variety of teas, crystals and essential oils for purchase as well as over ten services. The use of video for product images also adds an extra touch to this already stunning website. Visitors can also easily make appointments in person or online with the Wix Booking system.

wellness websites

This is one health and wellness website you don’t want to miss. The urban chic design makes a powerful statement, with an image of Katie against a graffitied, brick background. Her website details exactly what she offers clients along with her pricing of services to maintain transparency and trust. As you make your way down the homepage, a scrolling image of Katie tossing her hair back meets your eye followed by the words, “Join the ‘Be You, Bravely’ Community.” Through motivation and empowerment, this health coach has helped people become the best versions of themselves.

wellness websites

This site is dedicated to providing holistic coaching and education, and features serene images throughout which are sure to sweep you away to a relaxing place. Natural Sol Holistics offers a variety of services such as Thai yoga, beard massages and doula consultations, and utilizes Wix Chat so customers can get in touch with the business at any time.

wellness websites

14. SayYes2

Female empowerment encompasses this wellness website. Inner beauty and body positivity are the crux of SayYes2, with images of women of all shapes, colors and sizes featured on the homepage. The site also makes use of video backgrounds in two different areas, catching the eye and encouraging visitors to spend more time exploring the pages.

wellness websites

Eating healthy has never looked so good, and this professional health and wellness website is sure to convince you to eat your veggies. Natalie Rhone is a registered dietitian who believes that the key to maintaining a healthy body is by eating a clean, whole foods diet. High quality, professional photos on her homepage and a full-width slideshow element entice you to further explore her services, client success stories, and publications.

wellness websites

You can also explore all types of websites, from the best law websites to the best church websites with Wix.

What is the purpose and benefits of a health and wellness website?

A health and wellness website offers numerous benefits for individuals seeking to improve their overall well-being. Some of these include:

  • Serving as a valuable source of reliable information, providing users with access to expert advice, articles and resources on various health topics, empowering them to make informed lifestyle choices. These websites often feature fitness routines, nutrition tips and mental health resources, promoting a holistic approach to wellness.

  • Health and wellness websites also foster community engagement, fostering a sense of support and motivation among users. Through forums, social media integration and online communities, individuals can share experiences, seek guidance and build connections with like-minded individuals on their health journeys. The website may also offer tools such as fitness trackers, meal planners, or wellness apps, improving user engagement and encouraging goal tracking.

  • This type of website also promotes preventive care by raising awareness about healthy habits and disease prevention. This proactive approach can contribute to reducing healthcare costs and improving overall public health.

Design tips for creating a health and wellness website

When it comes to creating a health and wellness website there are a few web design tips that can you create a site that encourages your users to engage with your content and brand. These include:

  • User-friendly interface: Prioritize a clean and intuitive design with easy navigation to ensure users can effortlessly access valuable health information. Use clear headings, well-organized menus, and a responsive layout for optimal user experience.

  • Mobile optimization: With the increasing use of smartphones, ensure your website is mobile-friendly.

  • Accessible content: Present health information in a digestible format, utilizing concise language and multimedia elements. Consider diverse user needs, including those with disabilities, by incorporating accessible features like alt text for images.

  • Cohesive design elements: Use a professional and trustworthy color scheme, fonts, and imagery to establish credibility. Highlight certifications, credentials or affiliations to build trust with users seeking reliable health information.

  • Speed and performance: Optimize website speed for quick loading times, preventing user frustration. Compress images, leverage browser caching and choose a reliable hosting provider to enhance overall performance and user satisfaction. When you create a site with Wix, image compression and caching are standard on all sites.

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