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21 best church websites of 2024

Best Church Websites

The sense of spirituality that develops in a place of worship can also reach community members online with the help of an inspiring church website.

Building a website for your church will benefit your congregation in many ways. For starters, it's a place where members can find updates and uplifting content. It can also create opportunities to strengthen your community, by encouraging visitors to make donations or subscribe to your church mailing list. You can create a forum on your site to help members connect and ask questions - check out these forum builders for example. A website (whether its personal like a hobby website or more professional like a church website) is also the perfect place to promote and communicate information to potential church members who want to know when and where services take place or view your church’s mission statement.

Before you decide how to make a website for your church, have a look at this curated list featuring some of the best church websites online, all created with Wix. Each has a unique and fresh design, yet still hones in on traditional church values.

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21 best church websites

Church on the Living Edge has a website that is both attention-grabbing and informative. Its bold color scheme makes it stand out from other church websites. The use of red text layered on top of a black-and-white photo is a striking design choice that makes certain information pop out immediately to users.

What makes it stand out: The Church on the Living Edge website has a clear menu bar at the top of the page that makes it easy to find information about upcoming events, sermons and more.

Best church websites example by Church on the Living Edge

Like its name implies, Friendly Temple Church values a close community, and their church website creates opportunities for them to build and strengthen it. Using a subtle lightbox that glides onto the side of the screen, they greet visitors with a newsletter subscription form the second they arrive on the site. This way, new or potential members will always be in the loop. The site is also full of friendly photos, giving visitors a peek into the community and encouraging them to join.

What makes it stand out: The Friendly Temple Church website has clear and concise messaging that communicates what the church is about and what visitors can expect. For example, it states that their mission is to "renew hearts, restore perspectives and revive possibilities".

Best church websites example by Friendly Temple Church

Lynwood Church uses a fullscreen background video, plus high quality photographs to convey their church environment. These engaging visual effects give site visitors a taste of what it's like to participate in Lynwood’s services. As users continue to scroll down the homepage, they will find the church’s mission statement - a clear list of values that communicate what Lynwood’s church family represents.

What makes it stand out: Lynwood Church makes it easy for visitors to give online, offering a convenient way to support the church's ministry. They even have an online tutorial to make the process as smooth as possible.

Best church websites example by Lynwood Church

The First Baptist Church website stands out with a bold color scheme that matches its logo. The church cleverly uses Wix Chat to make getting in touch easy for anyone interested in learning more. It also added several "Give now" call-to-action (CTA) buttons to encourage donations.

What makes it stand out: The First Baptist Church website uses Wix Video to live stream services and share old recordings.

First Baptist Church website

Rock Church of Virginia Beach uses a spirited church website template that incorporates lots of information. Large text, carefully chosen imagery and interesting content make this church website fun to browse through for members and future members alike. A clever infographic exhibiting the five ways that people can make a donation to their church makes the act of donating easy and exciting.

What makes it stand out: The Rock Church website has a modern and minimalist design that sets it apart from other church websites. Its unique and eye-catching design catches your attention right away.

Best church websites example by Rock Church

The King’s Church website uses a defined color scheme and appealing imagery that together result in a welcoming vibe. A well-designed favicon also helps craft a professional look. Their about us page displays information in an engaging way, featuring a visual timeline of their church, staff biographies and highlights from their church missions. A plethora of photographs present images of King’s Church members and activities, emphasizing the value of community and conveying their positive outlook.

What makes it stand out: The King's Church website has a video on its homepage so you immediately feel engaged. This interactive feature captures visitors and helps them learn more about the church.

Best church websites example by King's Church

The Emmanuel Church website uses animation and video to make it visually captivating. This multimedia approach draws visitors in and creates an immersive experience. Listing the names and emails of everyone on the ministry team is a great way to foster a sense of openness and approachability. Such personal touches can be crucial in building a community-oriented and inviting atmosphere for both current and prospective members.

What makes it stand out: Emmanuel Church uses Wix's lightbox feature to invite site visitors to join its email list and Wix Multilingual to make it easy for both English- and Spanish-speaking congregants to get the best possible experience.

Emmanuel Chuch website

For churchgoers at college, a strong website is important for getting involved in the church’s extracurricular activities. Collegedale Church is the campus church of Southern Adventist University. Fitting an impressive amount of information onto their website, this church website is highly informative, helping students and other church members deepen their education and faith.

What makes it stand out: Collegedale Church website has a strong focus on community and service. The website has a page called "Make a Difference" dedicated to volunteer opportunities which can make a positive impact on the world.

Best church websites example by Collegedale Church

Holy Trinity Parish makes great use of visual imagery on their church website. An aerial-view video of the church’s campus on the homepage embodies a peaceful effect. Natural colors used consistently throughout the site match the church’s heavenly landscape, strengthening the site’s distinct visual language.

What makes it stand out: The text used throughout Holy Trinity Parish's website is concise and informative, so visitors are able to quickly find the details they’re looking for.

best church websites example by Holy Trinity Parish

One of the highlights of Northbrook Church’s website is a thoughtful page dedicated to new guests. Everything newcomers need to know about attending a church service is provided here: what day and time services take place, what to wear and the chance to reserve a spot at a newcomers luncheon.

What makes it stand out: The website has a strong focus on the Northbrook Church's mission. The homepage, content and design are all aligned with the church's vision.

Best church websites example by Northbrook Church

Some of the best church websites add inspirational recordings of past sermons so that their online community can listen from home. St. Nics has done just that, uploading podcasts and videos to their site. This way, members of the church will appreciate the convenient dose of Bible teachings when they can’t attend a service in person, and newcomers can watch and listen to get a taste of the church’s atmosphere.

What makes it stand out: The St. Nic website features a beautiful photo of the church's stained glass windows, immediately making it more visually appealing.

church website example by St. Nics

St. Thomas More’s church website is dedicated to gathering worshipers to join daily prayer. The site features classic saintly images that help reflect the church’s tone and personality. Valuable written content explains more about their prayer service and the benefits of joining.

What makes it stand out: St. Thomas More House of Prayer have a podcast that they upload to their site, regularly updating with new episodes so that visitors can learn more.

Best church websites example by St. Thomas More House of Prayer Church

Lively, colorful, and engaging - Oasis Church’s website is an ideal space to build a strong online community. Their church services are all live streamed and uploaded to their site, so visitors who can’t make it in person can tune in by checking their schedule and clicking the “watch now” button at the appropriate time. The large website footer leaves plenty of room for including contact information, social media links and a website sign up form.

What makes it stand out: Aside from the livestream that allows people to participate at any time, the Oasis Church website also has a blog with articles on topics such as faith, relationships and parenting.

Best church websites example by Oasis Church

Lawndale Baptist Church’s website integrates the key values of their community. At the bottom of the homepage, a slideshow presents visitors with multiple options for getting in touch with the church, including the chance to sign up for virtual courses and a warm message inviting new visitors to join a service.

What makes it stand out: Gratifying photographs are highlighted with a parallax scrolling effect, which adds a level of depth and movement to the Lawndale Baptist Church's website.

Best church websites example by Lawndale Baptist Church

Life Church holds services in a variety of locations and languages, which means there are many facets of their organization to integrate onto their website. Each separate location has its own page, including relevant information and photographs. Since services are also held in Spanish, a translated section of the website is included in the navigation menu. When managing a multilingual website, it's important to maintain the same characteristics as the original site in the translated version, and Life Church does this in a way that all audiences will feel included.

What makes it stand out: Life Church's website is available in both English and Spanish, making it accessible to a wider audience.

Best church websites example by Life Church

This impressive church website uses bold colors and energetic visual elements to grab visitors’ attention. For example, they’ve added trendy filters to their videos and replaced standard social media icons with more enticing images, boosting their chances of engagement.

What makes it stand out: Unique style choices and media features make the Grace Walk Church's website both exciting and engaging.

Best church websites example by Grace Walk Church

Lively images grace the homepage of Moments of Hope’s website, instilling a sense of love, community, and of course - hope. A subtle animation makes the text float in and reveal itself as you scroll through the page, adding an engaging effect.

What makes it stand out: The Moments of Hope Church uses the Wix Pro Gallery to ensure their images are displayed in the highest possible quality.

Best church websites example by Moments of Hope Church

Bethel Reformed Presbyterian Church keeps things clean and simple with a thin sans-serif font, white backgrounds and a dropdown navigation menu, which hides most of the site links from view unless you click "More." The site features extensive information dedicated to helping visitors in the church-choosing process and lists its contact information at the top to make it easy for people to get in touch.

What makes it stand out: Bethel Reformed Presbyterian Church uses Wix Music to give its congregants access to almost every Sunday sermon from the past seven years right on its website.

Bethel Reformed Presbyterian Church website

An uplifting video of musical prayer is an inviting way to encourage visitors to join a service at the Apostolic Faith Church. The use of a robust church website template allows the church the chance to highlight the many activities their community is involved with, without losing space for practical information and a newsletter sign up form for building their mailing list.

What makes it stand out: The interactive video on the homepage of the Apostolic Faith Church is a great way for visitors to get a sense of its culture and community. It also allows visitors to learn about the church's mission and values in a personal and engaging way.

Best church websites example by Apostolic Faith Church

RockPointe Church’s use of a large font and a black background makes it easy for site visitors to read through the short, influential messages on their homepage. With the help of strong call-to-action messages at the bottom of their site, they are able to grab visitors who are interested in following, volunteering or watching their online footage.

What makes it stand out: The RockPointe Church homepage instantly informs visitors about upcoming events, making them feel like part of the community right away.

Best church websites example by RockPointe Church

This church website features beautiful images of stained glass windows that stand out against the neutral colors used throughout the rest of the homepage. For remote church members, a weekly livestream uploaded straight to the site will keep them connected to the church’s teachings and prayers.

What makes it stand out: A large Google Maps widget at the bottom of the page is a useful tool for local users who plan on visiting the church.

Best church websites example by St. Mary and Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church

How much does a church website cost?

You can create and make a church website for free, with many website builders, including Wix. However paid plans tend to come with greater functionality, like your own domain. Prices to create a church website with a website builder can range from free, to $16, to $159. Generally there are packages for every church budget. If you choose to use a designer or web developer to make your site, it can cost from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

What should be included on a church website?

What you specifically include on your website may vary according to the services you offer and the community you serve. At the same time what's included on a church website will vary from law firm websites, for example.

A church website should serve as a central hub for communication, information, and engagement for both members and newcomers. Here are key elements to consider including as part of your website development process:

  • A warm and inviting welcome to visitors, conveying the church's values and mission.

  • Clearly list the times of your worship services, along with the physical address and directions to the church.

  • Consider sharing the history of the church, its beliefs, core values, and leadership team. Include brief bios and photos of pastors and key staff members.

  • Highlight upcoming church events, including special services, workshops, community outreach, and more.

  • Provide access to recorded sermons, podcasts, videos, and other media content for those unable to attend in person.

  • Detail information about different ministries, small groups, youth groups, and other church programs as and when they're relevant.

  • Include the church's contact details, including phone numbers, email addresses, and a contact form.

  • You can a map with the church's location and offer clear directions for those attending for the first time.

  • If applicable, provide options for online donations or tithing.

  • Explain how individuals can become members of the church and the benefits of that membership.

  • List ways for members to get involved and contribute to the church community through volunteering.

  • Share a concise statement of the church's doctrinal beliefs.

  • Showcase stories from members about how the church has impacted their lives.

  • Maintain an updated calendar with events, meetings, and important dates.

  • Include links to your church's social media profiles to encourage engagement, community building and attracting new members.

  • Share images from past events, gatherings, and community outreach efforts.

  • Enable registration for events, classes, and workshops directly through the website.

A church website should be user-friendly, accessible, and reflect your church's values and personality. Regularly update the site content to keep information current and relevant.

Is Wix a good website builder for churches?

Yes, Wix can be a good website builder for churches. Wix is a user-friendly and versatile website building platform that offers a range of features and templates that can be well-suited for creating a church website. Some of those include:

  • Wix provides a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for individuals with varying levels of technical expertise to create and customize their websites.

  • Wix offer a variety of templates designed specifically for religious organizations, including churches. Take a closer look at this church template.

  • Wix offers tools for creating and managing event pages, which is valuable for promoting church events, workshops, and activities.

  • If your church wants to share devotionals, news, or updates, Wix's blog maker can be helpful.

  • Wix provides customer support and a knowledge base to help you navigate any challenges you might encounter while building and managing your church website.

  • Wix offers SEO tools to help you optimize your website for search engines, making it easier for people to find your church online.

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