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49 website color schemes and how to use them

There are many ways to create a website that stands out online—among them is choosing a unique color scheme. Whether you’re designing a blog, online store, personal website or more; your website’s palette is one of the first things visitors will notice, and it will make a lasting impression.

With a rainbow of options out there, how do you determine the perfect hues for your own web design? When planning the primary (“dominant”), secondary and accent colors for your site, consider:

  • The mood you want your site to convey. Color psychology tells us that each hue can evoke different emotions and give rise to associations with past experiences.

  • What colors reflect your branding. If relevant, select a palette that already represents your brand, such as the colors used when you create your own logo.

To identify the right mixture of hues, you can get the help of a color palette generator. We also recommend browsing live websites for inspiration to see how they put color combinations into play. In this article, we’ll discuss the designs of 50 Wix users (hand-picked by yours truly) whose website color schemes make a powerful visual impact.

49 website color schemes

01. Bold and daring

Designers Boot Camp organizes traveling residencies for professionals within their industries. An explosion of color sets the mood for potential participants upon entering their website. The bold brown contrast with daring yellow, pink and green elements, evokes a playful vibe that’s sure to get visitors’ creative juices flowing.

Bold website color scheme by Designers Boot Camp

02. Chic, luxurious and passionate

Interior designer Veronica Solomon has created a strong brand identity using a luxurious color scheme. A black, gray and gold palette is combined with sensational pink to represent Solomon’s chic approach to design. Merged with images of past projects, Solomon’s website color palette sheds light on her passion and distinct style.

Chic website color scheme by Veronica Solomon

03. Night shades

As a nutrition and lifestyle counseling service, Somni places a special focus on clients working night shifts. Somni’s dark website embodies this unique niche, using deep hues of black and grey to set a calming tone. Navy blue, camel brown and other night shades are infused into the aesthetic, resulting in an interesting website color scheme and a well-rounded composition.

Night shades color scheme by Somni

04. Dreamy sunset hues

A dreamy background sets the stage for Buzz Shirts’ website color scheme, inspiring a spectrum of hues extracted from the sunset image. The visual is not too distracting—especially when paired with black elements and a prominent gallery, which help the most relevant info and calls-to-action stick out.

Sunset color scheme by Buzz Shirts

05. Burst of color

Using a gradient background on your website background can set the tone for a color palette with a wide range. In the case of Foodie Marketing, a burst of pink and orange hues inspire a cool contrast of teal, blue and lime green. The white logo, text and buttons add a professional touch to the site’s vibrant mood.

vibrant website color scheme

06. Delicate and accurate

Designer and illustrator Ivy Chen has formed an unusual combination of bright red and pale pink. Chen’s online portfolio includes the perfect dosage of each hue—employing the lighter as the site’s primary color and red as an accent using thin lines and small type. White margins frame each page, pulling the design’s color scheme together.

Delicate website color scheme by Ivy Chen

07. Natural and uplifting

Miko Design uses soft shades of color with plenty of white space on her website’s homepage. A grid layout is used to situate blocks of color, imagery and text, harnessing the delicate shades of pink and green amongst more natural hues for an uplifting vibe.

natural website color scheme by Miko Design

08. Electric palette

Audrea Wah’s design portfolio jumps out from the crowd, thanks to the electric statement of her site’s fluorescent color scheme. When set against a black background, the neon green, blue and pink hues have an engaging effect.

09. Enchanting pink and rich hues

Designer and art director Brooke Cavallero sets a captivating mood on her portfolio website, choosing a color scheme of rich greens and enchanting pink hues. The website's unique serif typography stands out, but only compliments the attractive photos in her gallery of work.

rich green and pink hues website color scheme

10. Retro pop colors

Dennis Krawec’s portfolio website proves how seemingly “clashing” colors can work together to result in an attractive design. He’s gone for retro shades of pink, paired with neon aqua, yellow, green, and orange. This daring combination works well thanks to a consistent and carefully arranged website layout.

retro pop website color scheme by dennis krawec

11. Futuristic gradients

Gradients are definitely in vogue, and Defne Kaynak has mastered this web design trend on her site. Sleek dark tones melt behind white elements and bright shades of blue, yellow and green, resulting in a vibrant look. For websites with dark backgrounds, contrasting bright colors can be used to add balance and make certain elements stand out.

Gradient colors on Defne Kaynak's website

12. Bright and fearless

Roshini Kumar’s website color scheme says “more is more,” and is as fearless as her personal mission. The artist, influencer and activist’s site is alive with bright shades of pink, blue, yellow—and the occasional green. Kumar’s daring palette works, thanks to the consistency throughout her site’s striking text, images and 90s inspired patterns.

bright website color scheme by Roshini Kumar

13. Earthy and minimalistic

Ceramics studio Noni São Paulo’s color palette perfectly reflects their brand and products. The online store’s warm shades of brown and other earthy tones match the studio’s beautifully designed mugs. A light blue background compliments the natural shades, paired with parallax scrolling effects to ensure the website looks professional and high-end.

earthy and minimalistic website color scheme

14. Dynamic yellow with black

Designer Sarah Stern uses a dynamic yellow and foundation for her website color scheme. Paired with equally striking black and white elements, along with Stern’s gallery of work, the online portfolio has a sharp aesthetic. In general, going for black, white, plus one striking color is a good option if you want to keep things professional, but interesting.

dynamic yellow and black color scheme

15. Golden shades

The golden shades on Jen Pierce’s photography website conjures a sense of class and elegance. Pierce’s photo gallery naturally gives her site a golden foundation. When combined with elements of white and brown tones, it results in a delicate and subtle color scheme.

golden shades website color scheme by Jen Pierce photography

16. Magenta with grayscale

Scottish coffee wholesalers, Unorthodox Roasters, stick to a contemporary website color scheme that’s in line with their branding. They’ve created an engaging contrast using natural hues from their background image, paired with the lively magenta of their logo and favicon, and navigation details in strategic black and gray.

magenta with grayscale color scheme by Unorthodox Roasters

17. Cobalt blue

Food blogger Dan Pelosi opts for a striking—and clean—cobalt blue with white color scheme. The clean contrast helps his website details stand out, ensuring a legible and accessible website design. By adding bright red into the mix as an engaging hover and accent color, Pelosi invites us to dive into his blog and favorite home recipes.

18. Complimentary pastel colors

To create visual harmony within visual designer Linda Zhou’s colorful world, her website sticks with two colors—pastel purple and deep green—for the site’s main elements. Zhou proves pastels can compliment a bright color scheme to ensure the site doesn’t appear too busy.

Pastel color scheme by Linda Zhou

19. Refreshing and natural

Matched with the natural setting of her background video, the organic hues used in nutritional consultant Mikaela Ruben’s site make a truly refreshing color palette. Minimal use of black keeps the atmosphere wholesome and welcoming, perfectly reflecting Ruben’s professional reputation for making healthy food delicious (and vice versa).

Refreshing website color palette by Mikaela Ruben

20. Warm with cool shades

Designer Ilaria Bonardi’s website incorporates minimal amounts of color for maximum effect. The top fold of her online jewelry shop is navy blue and white, set against her colorful product photography, which guarantees her designs stand out. She’s merged a cool shade of blue with a warm orange—two complementary colors that work especially well together.

warm with cool shades website color scheme

21. Autumn hues

Neighborhood Provisions' poignant color scheme instantly creates a cozy, autumnal atmosphere for this food delivery service website. Fall shades of orange, brown and beige hold the visitors’ attention, resulting in a pleasant browsing experience when seeking their favorite meals and products.

Autumn color scheme by neighborhood. provisions

22. Deep and mystic

IAMEVE has crafted a striking color scheme for her music website. The range of purple hues used throughout the site express luxury and mystery, perfectly representing the musician's hypnotic sounds. When merged with a dramatic full-screen gradient and sparkly imagery, the entire composition creates a mystical effect.

Mystic website color scheme by IAMEVE

23. Cool and refreshing

From its logo to the navigation menu and Wix chat box, online grocery store Verde Market has gone for a cool palette with various shades of green and blue. The effect of this website color scheme is highly professional, and can easily fuse with a few extra hues (such as Verde’s orange color) to make the site more dynamic

cool and refreshing website color scheme

24. Cheerful and professional

Catering company Clever Chefs implement bold, cheerful colors, succeeding in a fun vibe while maintaining a professional look. The vast empty spaces, black text and crisp shapes help keep the vibrant website design balanced, readable and easy to navigate.

cheerful website color scheme by clever chefs

25. Classic two-tone combo

Ceramic artist Valeria Monis’ works are all made of just two colors - royal blue and white. She’s designed her whole website accordingly, going for a clean white background and dark blue text. If you go for such a minimal color palette, you can always subtly add a third shade to soften up the aesthetic. In this case, Valeria has included a pale blue background that is barely visible, but helps add variation.

two tone website color scheme by valeria monis

26. Delectable details

Illustrator Jennifer Xiao’s portfolio features a stimulating color palette and charming details. She uses a wide range of delectable colors—merging baby pink with yellow, red, purple, turquoise and other shades. The playful look is balanced with thin black lines and a generous portion of white space.

website color scheme by jennifer xiao

27. Light and peaceful

Artist Ellen Von Wegand has gone for a classic color combination, using a cloudy shade of light gray to outline her own gallery of peaceful hues. A white background breaks up the website’s hushed blues and natural greens, providing contrast for these understated elements.

Light and peaceful website color palette

28. Creative and upbeat

From the first look at Bhroovi Gupta’s website color scheme, it’s clear she’s full of creativity—and has a knack for good design. The bright gradients and imagery evoke an upbeat spirit, setting an intriguing mood as we scroll further down her portfolio website.

upbeat website color scheme

29. Surprisingly striking

Instead of a typical monochrome palette, consider adding a surprising display of color, like graphic designer Stephen Bradbury. He’s gone for a sleek foundation of black and white, with a striking splash of carrot orange revealed using discreet animations.

orange website color palette by Stephen Bradbury

30. Retro summertime hues

Designer Tracy Turco certainly has an eye for color. Instead of a solid website background, she’s used a bright pattern with summertime hues that compliment her unique work. This color palette is 100% retro, with shades of red, pink, orange and yellow. The range of colors work together for a fun, energetic approach.

summertime hues palette

31. Statement black background

Black backgrounds can make a big statement in website design—and multidisciplinary designer Tiffany Cruz has got it just right. The dark backdrop makes her edgy portfolio pop out, bringing the visitors’ focus to the main event.

32. Stark contrast

If you want to keep your design simple and aesthetic, you can always go for the stark black and, white, plus one color. In this example, Modern Bakery creates a unique website with just a few hues. The minimal palette of muted yellow hues with contrasting black compliment the bagel shop’s appetizing visuals.

contrasting. hues modern bakery's website color scheme

33. Monochrome and metallic

Digital design studio Extraweg by Oliver Latta combines their website’s monochromatic spectrum of pink with a metallic touch, resulting in a surrealistic aesthetic. If you go for the monochrome look, applying various tones and textures is a good practice to achieve visual hierarchy and depth.

metallic website color palette by Oliver Latta

34. Youthful accent colors

While the action-filled visuals on trainer Donna Gavriel’s fitness website showcase a wide range of classes and activities, the core color palette stays cohesive. Largely made up of hot pink and royal blue, these youthful shades stand out against the background and compliment the gallery of images.

youthful website color scheme

35. Modern and playful

Art director Mariela Mezquita has a website color scheme with a distinctly modern influence. She’s chosen a unique palette of pastels and bright tones, combined with a chromatic mixture of abstract shapes. The result is innovative and playful, while still feeling professional thanks to the grounding black and white text.

modern website color scheme