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White logo inspiration

Create your own white logo in minutes. Get inspired by these white logos designed by real users and create yours today.

The color of cleanliness

Throughout history, white has represented many things. In ancient Egypt, priests wore white robes to represent purity. Many Asian cultures see white as a color of mourning. The Romans wore white togas as a symbol of citizenship. Today, we see white as a representation of cleanliness and simplicity, so it’s a staple option for quality, transparent brands.

A white image with abstract shapes on the right in blue, purple, green, orange and pink. The image reads "Complement white with" and lists the exact shades of these shapes.

Complement white with

1. #1EB6FA

2. #D08DFF

3. #11A88C

4. #F891AE

5. #F8B529

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