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Color inspiration for your logo design

There’s much more to logo color choice than meets the eye. Explore the meanings behind colors and get inspiration to create a logo that best represents your brand and story.

The power of your logo color

Use color to your advantage

The logo colors you choose can be a direct reflection of your brand identity. Therefore, the color palette you use should align with the values and messaging your brand wants to convey. With this in mind, before making a decision, you should first explore color meanings and take some time to search for inspiration.

The psychology of color

The human mind can be deeply affected and influenced by colors. Different shades of a color can even subconsciously affect a person’s perception of a brand, or muster certain feelings and emotions. For example, blue is often linked to feelings of trust and loyalty, whereas purple can depict luxury or imagination. When picking your logo colors, consider logo psychology, such as the tone you want to convey and which color themes will best reflect that.

Colorful emotions

Color isn't just for show. It’s true, a good color scheme can definitely liven up a logo and make it more attractive. But it also has the ability to affect and arouse specific emotions or moods from people based on our environments or past experiences.

The right color for your industry


Many food and restaurant businesses opt for warm colors that draw attention and stimulate people’s appetites— colors like red, orange and yellow. Other food brands go for shades of green to emphasize their connection with nutrition and wellbeing, or blue and pink for sweets and deserts.

Health & Wellness

Health-oriented organizations often choose green and white, representing nature and wholesomeness. Orange is also a popular choice, evoking vitality and energy. Others prefer blue to signify calm, trustworthiness and responsibility.

Fashion & Beauty

This industry often uses black as a symbol of sophistication and glamour, and warm colors such as red, orange and pink because of their affiliations with passion and confidence.


Tech companies most commonly go for blue, which for them symbolizes trust, intelligence, and efficiency. Additional colors are orange, which is friendly and optimistic, and purple, which conveys quality and creativity.

Explore logo resources in full color

Learn more about choosing the right colors for your logo from design & branding experts on the Wix Blog.

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