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Yellow logo inspiration

Create your own yellow logo in minutes. Get inspired by these yellow logos designed by real users and create yours today.

The sunshine color

As one of the colors that most grabs attention, yellow definitely stands out. It’s the color of optimism, happiness, enlightenment, creativity and sunshine. Yellow is one of the three primary colors (along with red and blue) which makes it a building block of the color spectrum. Plus, people love to sing about it—think of all the songs you know that have the word “yellow” in the title.

A yellow image with abstract shapes on the right in green, purple, blue, orange and pink. The image reads "Complement yellow with" and lists the exact shades of these shapes.

Complement yellow with

1. #15C16F

2. #B796C9

3. #FE7F24

4. #FE6072

5. #16A7FD

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