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Red logo inspiration

Create your own red logo in minutes. Get inspired by these red logos designed by real users and create yours today.

The color of passion

Looking to make a bold statement? Then red is the color for you. It’s the color of love, passion, luck and adventure. When you see something red, you instinctively associate it with power or force—take for example a firetruck, or a stop sign. But remember, red is also the color of anger and blood. So it’s best for confident, strong brands that aren’t afraid to cause a stir.

A red mage with abstract shapes on the right in dark red, green, white, yellow and purple. The image reads "Complement red with" and lists the exact shades of these shapes.

Complement red with

1. #84070A

2. #527458

3. #FFF5D5

4. #DBB2ED

5. #FFCE2D

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