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Retro Logo Maker

Make a groovy logo in minutes using our free Retro Logo Maker tool. Get inspired by dozens of vintage logo ideas and start designing your own today.

How to make a retro logo in minutes

A screenshot showing the first step to create a fast logo using Wix including entering your business name and tagline.

1. Tell us about your brand

Enter your business name, tagline and brand aesthetic—or just let our AI Logo Generator inspire you.

Product screenshot showing step 2 - icon customization with different colors or icon shapes to choose from using the Wix logo maker.

2. Make it your own

Customize the font, colors, icons and text to bring your new retro logo to life.

Product screenshot showing step 3 - the ready-made brand logos by Wix ready to be downloaded.

3. Share it with the world

Download your custom logo design and use it anywhere you need to—from business cards to branded merch.

The front and back of business cards for a design company called Bura, made using the Wix logo maker.
A branded T-shirt with a fire icon designed for a music festival called Lorika using the Wix logo maker.
A beauty brand’s moisturizer with flower packaging and cursive writing designed using the Wix logo maker.

Build your brand with Wix Logo Maker

Whether you're going for a classic 70s vibe, a bold 80s logo look or a nostalgic 90s logo, Wix’s easy-to-use Retro Logo Maker allows you to create a unique and memorable logo that will set your business apart. Our Retro Logo Generator offers a variety of vintage logo ideas and templates to choose from, or you can start from scratch and make a retro logo that's all your own. Dive deeper with resources on how to design a logo as well as different types of logos to consider.

In addition to our AI-powered logo generator, Wix offers a range of free business tools to help you establish and grow your brand. Find a name with our Business Name Generator, create a business card that matches your brand's aesthetic with our Business Card Maker, and create a website that perfectly compliments your new logo with our Vintage Websites guide.

The front and back of business cards for a design company called Bura, made using the Wix logo maker.
A branded T-shirt with a fire icon designed for a music festival called Lorika using the Wix logo maker.
A beauty brand’s moisturizer with flower packaging and cursive writing designed using the Wix logo maker.

Retro logo design tips

The Wix logo maker in action showing how colors, design and text can be edited for a retreat brand called Eden Oasis.

Choose the right font

Fonts are one of the most important elements when creating a vintage logo design. If you look at brands from any particular period,  you’ll notice that they all use a specific type of font. 

Once you’ve decided on the period you want to emulate, research logos from that era and find a font that’s similar. You can also upload your own personal fonts to align with your vision or brand kit.

Use color strategically

Like typography, colors also communicate the personality of your brand. It’s a good idea to research logo psychology when choosing your logo colors. Full-color printing is a relatively modern invention, so if you’re looking to recreate a feeling of nostalgia or heritage with your logo, try going with a two-tone color scheme. 

That being said, colors aren’t completely out. If you want to bring the 1960s or 1970s to life, you can go for more vibrant and iconic colors of that era, like avocado green or mustard yellow.

Make a graphic statement

If you want to create a memorable and distinctive retro logo, it's important to incorporate the right design elements. Icons, illustrations and graphics can all be used to give your logo a unique vintage twist. To achieve the perfect retro look, you'll want to choose graphic elements and fonts that represent your type of business but with a nod to the past. 

Consider using vintage objects like a rotary phone or a classic car, or incorporating era-specific design elements like art deco shapes for the 1920s or bright neon shapes for the 1980s. Whatever era you choose to emulate, make sure that your logo design captures the essence of that time period to create a truly timeless design.

Select the right layout

Selecting the right layout is crucial when designing a retro logo that fits your brand identity. Your logo's layout will set the tone for your entire brand image and can have a significant impact on how your target audience perceives your business. To choose the ideal layout for your retro logo, start by considering the style and message you want to convey. 

Are you looking for something bold and eye-catching or a more subtle design? Whatever your preference, ensure your layout is balanced, visually appealing and easy to read. By selecting the perfect layout, you'll create a retro logo that stands the test of time.

Dive deeper into logo design

Check out these tips from design and branding experts on the Wix Blog to help you create the right logo for your business.

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13 vintage websites that showcase timeless design

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How to design a logo from start to finish

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What is a retro logo?

A retro logo draws inspiration from the past, usually from from a decade between the 1920s and the early 2000s. Retro logos often feature bold typography, bright colors and simple graphics that evoke nostalgia and a sense of vintage charm. This logo design trend has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more businesses look to incorporate vintage elements into their branding to stand out in a crowded market. With Wix's Vintage Logo Maker, you can generate your own retro logo by choosing from a variety of retro-style fonts and colors, and incorporating design elements that allude back to an earlier era.

How to make retro logos?

Create a retro logo design with Wix's free logo maker in just a few clicks. Simply enter your business name and select from a variety of logo styles, fonts and icons. Customize your logo with preferred colors and design elements to create a unique, eye-catching logo that accurately reflects your company's style. Finally, download your retro logo design in your desired format. Looking for more? Find additional tips on how to design a logo on our blog.

What are the characteristics of retro logos?

Retro logos are known for their vintage, nostalgic aesthetic that harkens back to the past. Some of the common characteristics of retro logos include the use of bold, geometric shapes, vibrant colors and hand-drawn typography. Retro logos often incorporate elements from the time period they are referencing, such as 50s diners, 80s video games or 90s grunge music. By using these design elements, retro logos are able to evoke a sense of nostalgia and familiarity while still feeling fresh and modern. If you're looking to create a retro logo for your business, Wix's Retro Logo Maker offers a variety of design options and customization features to help you achieve the perfect look.

Can I edit my retro logo after creating / downloading it?

The editing options available to you depend on the Wix Logo Maker plan you choose. For example, with the Unlimited and Business plans, you can edit your logo as many times as you need. However, if you purchase a Just Logo plan, you’ll need to upgrade to make changes once your logo is purchased. Learn more about the logo plans available to you in our support article.

Do I own my retro logo after downloading it?

You get full commercial usage rights to your logo after choosing a package that allows you to buy and download it. You’ll be able to use your royalty-free logo wherever and whenever you like.

Create a free retro logo today.

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