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Sports Logo Maker

Build a dynamic sports logo in minutes using our free sports logo maker tool. Get inspired by successful sports logos and start designing your own today.

How to make a sports logo in minutes

A screenshot showing the first step to create a fast logo using Wix including entering your business name and tagline.

1. Tell us about your brand

Enter your sports business name, tagline and brand aesthetic—or just let our AI Logo Generator inspire you.

Product screenshot showing step 2 - icon customization with different colors or icon shapes to choose from using the Wix logo maker.

2. Make it your own

Choose a style that speaks to you. Then, customize the fonts, colors, icons and text to bring your new sports logo to life.

Product screenshot showing step 3 - the ready-made brand logos by Wix ready to be downloaded.

3. Share it with the world

Download your custom logo design and use it anywhere you need to—from business cards to branded merch.

The front and back of business cards for a design company called Bura, made using the Wix logo maker.
A branded T-shirt with a fire icon designed for a music festival called Lorika using the Wix logo maker.
A beauty brand’s moisturizer with flower packaging and cursive writing designed using the Wix logo maker.

Build your brand with Wix Logo Maker

Before you start creating your logo, it's important to define your brand. Who and what is your sports business for? Once you've defined your brand, it's time to start designing your logo. Use our team Logo Maker tool to get inspiration and create your own logo in minutes. In addition to basic design elements like color, font and shape, think about how your logo will be used. If you’re looking for sports team logo ideas, consider what will translate best to a jersey. If you're a sports equipment company, your logo could incorporate images of the gear you sell or qualities of strength and power.

Next, continue building your brand with Wix’s Sports Website Templates or other free business tools like Video Maker, which helps you create dynamic videos to showcase your sports team or business.

The front and back of business cards for a design company called Bura, made using the Wix logo maker.
A branded T-shirt with a fire icon designed for a music festival called Lorika using the Wix logo maker.
A beauty brand’s moisturizer with flower packaging and cursive writing designed using the Wix logo maker.

Sports logo design tips

The Wix logo maker in action showing how colors, design and text can be edited for a retreat brand called Eden Oasis.

Choose the right font

Your logo’s font helps define the feel of your sports brand. The typography you choose should reflect the style of your team or business. Many sports teams go for all uppercase letters and a bold typeface that makes their logo stand out. It also makes it easy to read whether it’s being displayed on a jersey or a stadium sign. 

If you're designing a logo for a sports clothing brand, you could opt for a clean, contemporary font that symbolizes action and energy.

Use color strategically

Like typography, colors also communicate the personality of your sports brand. It’s a good idea to research logo psychology when choosing your logo colors. The colors you choose to be included in your logo will be the basis for your brand and will appear on things like uniforms and signs. 

Pick colors that represent the message you want to convey about your team. Stick to one or two colors and make sure to stay away from shades used by rival teams or businesses.

Make a graphic statement

Icons, illustrations and graphics can help you stand out from rival teams and businesses. Basketball, soccer, rugby, hockey and other sports teams often choose an animal that symbolizes their team spirit to be integrated into their logo design. 

If you run a sports clothing store that specializes in footwear, an image of a sneaker or an athlete running might be a good choice.

Select the right layout

By selecting the right layout for your sport logo, you can create a powerful brand image that resonates with your target audience and helps you stand out in a crowded market. After all, your logo sets the tone for your brand image and can make a huge impact on how your target audience perceives your business. 

First and foremost, you’ll want to make sure your layout is visually appealing, easy to read and has a balanced composition. From there, consider the style and message you want to convey. For example, are you looking for something clean and modern, or do you want something more edgy and bold?

Dive deeper into logo design

Check out these tips from design and branding experts on the Wix Blog to help you create the right logo for your business.

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How to create your own sports logo?

Creating a logo for your sports team or fitness center is a breeze with the help of a logo maker tool. Start by entering your business name, tagline and industry. Next, narrow down the look and feel by choosing between several different aesthetics. This allows you to select a design that matches your style and preferences. Popular design elements like gym equipment, arrows and bold typography can add visual appeal to your logo. From there, you’ll be able to customize colors, fonts and layout to make it uniquely yours. Once you're happy with your logo, click on "Download" to get a high-resolution file in various formats.

How can I legally use sports logos?

Using an existing sports logo requires permission from the owner of the trademark or copyright. Obtaining the necessary licenses can be time-consuming and expensive. However, you can use a free logo maker tool to create a unique sports logo that represents your team or business without infringing on someone else's intellectual property. By selecting a template or creating a design from scratch, you can ensure that your logo is legally yours to use.

What to include in a sports logo?

An outstanding sports logo should incorporate your business or team name, a representative image or symbol and energetic colors such as red, orange or green. Keeping it simple, memorable and easily recognizable is crucial in establishing a strong brand identity. Consider incorporating popular design elements such as sports equipment or an iconic emblem. Use our free logo maker tool to experiment with different designs and colors until you find the perfect fit for your brand.

Can I edit my sports studio logo after creating / downloading it?

The editing options available to you depend on the Wix Logo Maker plan you choose. For example, with the Unlimited and Business plans, you can edit your logo as many times as you need. However, if you purchase a Just Logo plan, you’ll need to upgrade to make changes once your logo is purchased.Learn more about the logo plans available to you in our support article

Do I own my sports logo after downloading it?

You get full commercial usage rights to your logo after choosing a package that allows you to buy and download it. You’ll be able to use your royalty-free logo wherever and whenever you like.

Create a free sports logo today.

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