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Sports Photography: 21 Pictures to Get You Off the Couch

sports photography

The delicacy of portraits, the action of wildlife, and everything nice. These are the ingredients needed to capture striking sports photography pictures. In this case, of course, the Chemical X is a combination of talent and hard work. We all have a sport we are passionate about, whether it is as athletes or as viewers. But is it possible to capture the cause of that passion and make sure that every person who visits your photography website will be able to feel it?

Sports photography is one of the trickiest genres to shoot, as there are so many variables to take into account. In most cases, the photographer needs to be able to get into the athlete’s head and figure out what their next move will be. After all, the most epic sports photos usually capture instants that only last for a couple of seconds at best. These seven outstanding photographers are great examples of how to capture incredible sports photography pictures. Regardless of the location, style, and subject.

I believe I can fly

What is the first sport that comes to mind if we say “mountains”? We bet the last thing to cross your mind is people flying. Essentially because people can’t fly. But if there is something that humans excel at, it is defying all limits to reach their dreams. Bruno Lavit’s photos capture some of these dreamers enjoying the most absolute freedom. Whether it is on a balloon, a paraglider, or simply with a wingsuit, these images will prove to you that the sky is, quite, literally, the limit.

Bruno also photographs outstanding mountain landscapes, and people who enjoy them running ulta-trails. When the mountains are not calling him, he dedicates his talent to shooting urban and concert photography.

paraglider flying over mountanis

hot air balloons over foggy valley and mountains

three people wingsuit flying

The ultimate sophistication

Some sports are so incredibly elegant that is hard to fathom the amount of effort and strength behind every single movement. Ballet and gymnastics are the most clear examples of this. Now imagine a discipline that combines the inherent elegance of these sports with the wonder of the unknown. Tobias Purgand captures Rhönradsport competitions with such refinement you won’t be able to look away. By stripping the scenes of their color, Tobias is able to focus on how light and composition shape every scene.

The majority of Tobias’ portfolio is dedicated to portraits, whether it is in the studio, weddings, or in family homes. His masterful use of black and white photography results in incredible captures that perfectly reflect their subjects’ essence.

black and white rhönradsport potrait

black and white rhönradsport potrait

black and white rhönradsport potrait

At the heart of the action

Patience and persistence are two virtues all photographers should develop. They are an absolute must regardless of the genre you shoot, as you’ll always be searching for a specific instant or a look that won’t always be easy to capture. Sean St. Denis knows quite a lot about perfectly timed photos, as his sports photography pictures are focused on freezing the peak of each movement. The results are impressive compositions that will get your heart rate up just by thinking about putting yourself in that position.

Sean’s patience and perseverance extend to the rest of his work, as he is constantly aiming for that one instant that is worth sitting still for hours. A single look at his landscape, wildlife, and urban work will show you just how important these skills are when it comes to making your work stand out.

mountain biker midjump

snowboarder over powder snow

kayaker on rapids

Go sports!

Sports involve many more people than the ones actually on the playing field. The human brain is wired to empathize with other members of the species, to the point where we can feel others’ achievements and failures as our own. This is commonly known as “the winner effect” and is possibly the main reason why so many people enjoy watching others do sports. Ian Langsdon is an expert in capturing this bigger picture. His photos perfectly depict the way sports bring people together and the emotions they share because of it.

Ian’s incredible talent to capture human emotions is not only limited to sports photography. As a photographer for the international photo agency European Pressphoto Agency (EPA), he has photographed historical events such as the Olympic Games, the 2011 Royal Wedding, and Nelson Mandela's funeral. Across these events, Ian has shot superb images that not only are the perfect reflection of each scene sentiment, but will also make you feel as if you were part of that moment.

marathon runners an egyptian hieroglyphs

clay tennis court game tilt shift

golfer and public

Find your zen

Yoga is one of the most photogenic sports there are, hence its incredible popularity on Instagram. The graceful way in which yogis show their flexibility and strength with beautifully balanced poses makes them the perfect subjects for stunning sports photography pictures. P1ay proves that mixing this beauty with a trained photographic eye can only create outstanding images. His compositions extend the balance of each pose across the scene thanks to a masterful control over color.

This is one of the most remarkable across his portfolio, as he manages to find the perfect color scheme for every picture. His extensive experience in photo shoots can be noticed in the way all models seem completely comfortable on camera. As a result, they are able to add another layer of feeling to the image.

Just keep running

Running seems to be more popular than ever. The people who practice can’t stop talking about how good and free it makes them feel. If you’re not one of these passionate runners, however, you might not be able to imagine how such an exhausting exercise can be so loved. Only one look at Gaetan Haugeard’s work will open your eyes to the beautiful side of this sport. His superb treatment of light and composition produce sports photography pictures that look as if they belong on a motivational poster.

These two traits are a constant across Gaetan’s portfolio, which extends over a wide range of genres. Most of his photos are focused on humans in different situations such a posed portraits, weddings, and street photography. Architecture, both in interior and urban photography, takes second place as his preferred subject. In any case, Gaetan always finds a way to capture the true essence of each scene.

girl running on mountains

person flying on bridge next to river and mountains

mountain runner silhouette

Mens sana in corpore sano

A healthy mind in a healthy body. This is the motto behind Sergey Galich’s “Begin to Live” project. With his photos, Sergey wants to show that sports are a great tool to become a better version of yourself through personal and interpersonal development. His sports photography pictures include both individual and team sports, anywhere from rally to cheerleading.

Sergey’s aim to capture each person’s character can also be seen on his wedding, maternity, couples and children portraits. For every subject, he creates a situation where they feel at ease and open themselves to the camera. As a result, each picture is tailor-made and unique.

american football game

flag football girl team

american football game

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