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Text Logo Maker

Quickly and easily design a text logo in minutes using our free Text Logo Maker. Get inspired by dozens of text-based logo ideas and start creating today.

How to make a text logo in minutes

A screenshot showing the first step to create a fast logo using Wix including entering your business name and tagline.

1. Tell us about your brand

Enter your business name, tagline and brand aesthetic—or just let our AI Logo Generator inspire you.

Product screenshot showing step 2 - icon customization with different colors or icon shapes to choose from using the Wix logo maker.

2. Make it your own

Customize the font, colors, icons and text to bring your new text logo to life.

Product screenshot showing step 3 - the ready-made brand logos by Wix ready to be downloaded.

3. Share it with the world

Download your custom logo design and use it anywhere you need to—from business cards to branded merch.

The front and back of business cards for a design company called Bura, made using the Wix logo maker.
A branded T-shirt with a fire icon designed for a music festival called Lorika using the Wix logo maker.
A beauty brand’s moisturizer with flower packaging and cursive writing designed using the Wix logo maker.

Build your brand with Wix Logo Maker

Your logo is a critical visual element that defines your brand. It’s often the first thing people see, so it needs to be clear and memorable. That's why Wix offers an easy-to-use Logo Maker that allows you to create a unique text-based logo that perfectly showcases the name of your brand and represents your business.

In addition to our AI-powered logo generator, Wix offers a range of free business tools to help you establish and grow your brand. Our Business Name Generator can help you find the perfect business name, while browsing logo design trends can inspire you with creative ideas. Once you’ve designed your word logo, you can create a business card that matches your brand's look and feel. For more inspiration on how to create your text logo, check out our blogs on how to design a logo and types of logos to consider.

The front and back of business cards for a design company called Bura, made using the Wix logo maker.