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How to make a text logo

how to make a text logo

A company's logo is often the first impression it makes. For many iconic brands, their logos are instantly recognizable symbols. Among the options, text logos, also referred to as wordmarks, stand out for their simplicity and clarity.

This type of logo consists solely of text, typically the name of a company, brand or product, without any additional symbols or graphic elements. A well-designed text logo can effectively communicate a brand's identity and values with just stylized letters. 

What is a text logo?

First, you must understand what is a logo before diving deeper into types of logos. A text logo—also known as a wordmark, focuses solely on a business or brand name without additional symbols. Wordmarks rely on typography, font choice, color and sometimes letter spacing (kerning) or other typographic treatments to create a distinctive visual identity for the brand.  Text logos are versatile, timeless and easy to recognize.

Elements of an effective text logo

Several key elements combine to make an impactful text logo:

  • Font: The chosen logo font conveys the brand's personality and memorability.

  • Color: Logo colors elicit emotions and shape brand perception. Strategic logo color combination choices are key.

  • Spacing: Consistent spacing between letters enhances legibility.

  • Simplicity: Simple, uncluttered logos have wider adaptability and longevity.

  • Uniqueness: The logo should set the brand apart rather than blend in.

How to create a text logo

Though it may seem challenging at first, understanding how to design a logo that represents your brand can be done in just a few steps. Whether you’re starting a business or an established brand looking for a revamp, these steps will help you create a logo text that perfectly represents who you are. 

01. Choose a logo font

Select a font that reflects the style and personality of your brand identity. Consider logo fonts that align with your brand or business, like:

  • Serif fonts to convey tradition, trust and sophistication

  • Sans-serif for modern, minimalist and sleek

  • Script for elegance and personalization

Remember to consider legibility across various platforms and sizes when selecting your font. This includes both on and offline placement of your text logo. 

02. Pick a design layout

Decide on the layout and arrangement of your text logo. You can choose to stack the text vertically, arrange it horizontally or experiment with other creative layouts.

Tip: Take a look at some logo design tips for further inspiration on the best layout options for text logos. 

03. Add text to your logo

Use a logo maker tool to add text to your logo design and customize it. Type out the text for your logo and adjust the font size, spacing and alignment as needed. 

04. Customize logo typography

Be sure to experiment with different font styles, weights and effects to customize the typography of your logo. You can make certain letters bold, italicize others or add special effects like shadows or outlines to enhance the visual impact. Try different font pairings or layering techniques, without becoming too complicated or busy. 

05. Select logo colors

Choose the colors for your text logo. Consider your brand's color palette and overall visual identity and ensure that the colors you use align with your brand identity. Play around with solid colors, gradients or even textures to fill the text. Pairing different colors can convey different messaging.

06. Finalize your text logo design

Once you're satisfied with the overall layout, typography, and colors of your text logo be sure to take a step back and review the design as a whole. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the logo looks balanced and visually appealing. Ask friends and family for feedback. Once you’ve completed the design, be sure to save your text logo in a high-resolution format that can be used across all your branding assets. 

Pro tip: You can use AI logo generators to test out a few versions of your logo and see what you like best.

Common file formats for logos include PNG, JPEG, SVG, or PDF. Be sure to save both a color version and a black-and-white version of your logo for versatility.

07. Test and iterate

Test your text logo across different backgrounds and sizes to ensure visibility and readability. If necessary, make further adjustments to optimize the logo for different use cases. For example, your logo may appear different online or offline. If you are creating a website, be sure to include your logo as your favicon and on your home page. Also, see how your text logo appears on printed materials offline. Use it on social media channels and keep it cohesive and consistent across all brand collateral. 

Wix logo maker text logo

Ready to create your own? Use a text logo maker tool to get started.

Text logo examples

Check out these great text logo examples, all designed using the Wix Logo Maker.

Republic film distribution

Text logo example

Taylor Shulin Cinematography

text logo example

I Blend Smoothies

text logo example

Tips for an enduring text logo

Applying these tips will help your text logo stand the test of time:

  • Stick to simplicity: Avoid clutter and make scalability a priority.

  • Be distinctive: Use custom typography rather than standard fonts.

  • Review with a critical eye: Refine over multiple drafts.

  • Seek objective feedback: Get input from target demographics.

The power of text logos

When designed effectively, text logos offer many advantages:

  • Clarity: The name stands out as the focal point.

  • Adaptability: Easy to resize and use across media.

  • Timelessness: Not reliant on design trends.

  • Instant recognition: Communicates brand identity and values quickly.

Famous text logo examples

Many successful brands leverage the power of text logos. For instance:

  • Google: Known for its colorful, simple wordmark that's become synonymous with internet search.

  • IBM: Uses a bold, striped font that conveys strength and innovation.

  • FedEx: Features a hidden arrow within its lettering, representing speed and precision.

These brands demonstrate how a text logo can effectively communicate a brand's core values and purpose.

Text logo FAQs

Can my logo be just text?

Absolutely. A text-only logo, or wordmark, can be incredibly effective. Brands like Google, Coca-Cola and Visa have successfully used text logos to create a strong brand identity. The key is in the font choice, color and simplicity of the design.

What are the legalities around creating a text logo?

Should I edit and revise my logo?

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