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40+ Simple website templates for professionals

You're ready to take your online presence to the next level with a professional website, but you’re short on time. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by the vast possibilities, or the design aspect itself. But, who says designing a website has to be complicated? Thankfully, simple website templates can provide beginners with a starting point from which you can leap, skip and ultimately understand how to build a website.

A website template comes fully functioning from the get-go, ready for you to customize and tailor to your bespoke needs. With powerful design effects and a masterfully crafted foundation, the simple templates below will set you on the path to knowing how to make a website, help accelerate your process and ensure a skillfull result.

Why use a website template?

Whether you want to create a professional website for your yoga practice, an eCommerce website to sell your fashion line, a one page website that encompasses all of your products and services - or anything in between - when choosing the best template for your website purpose, look for one that speaks your brand’s language and embodies its vibe. Check out the available options to determine what type of website, features and overall structure can fit your needs.

With the right website builder and template for your personal brand or business, you can get started with building a website from scratch by fully customizing the template’s design to your liking. Add your own images, buttons and text to your template, as well as resize and move the elements around it until you're satisfied. You can fine-tune the details by testing out different font pairings and finding the perfect website color scheme.

To set you off on this journey, we’ve compiled a selection of free simple website templates by Wix. Browse through the curated list as we point out many of the unique features each template has to offer.

Simple website templates for an online portfolio

A portfolio website is the best way to showcase your professional work online. Shining a light on your talents and accomplishments, portfolio websites can help you build an audience and set your work apart from others.

Equipped with a full page gallery and symmetrical grid layout, this portfolio website template is perfect for placing your illustrations in the spotlight. The foundations are all there - simply upload your images, customize the site’s fonts and colors, add your professional bio and let your artwork do the rest of the talking.

Simple website template for an illustrator portfolio

Wix's range of photography templates is one of the many reasons it's one of the best website builders for photographers. Bring your visual story to life with this sophisticated and simple photography website template. With a layout that highlights the site’s photo gallery, you can make an impression on visitors with your images, and include text to tell more about yourself and your creative vision. Sprinkled with micro-animations throughout, we have no doubt this template provides an enjoyable browsing experience.

Whether you’re a graphic designer, illustrator or photographer this stylish template uses a balanced layout that mimics a white cube setting. Having a blog section on your site is an extra bonus as it allows you to share your craft with like-minded readers and give them a behind-the-scenes look into your work.

Nothing shows potential clients that you mean business like this simple and modern website template. Ideal for showing off your interior design talents, you can easily update this with photos of recent projects and, of course, your CV. It even has space for you to include favorable reviews from past clients.

simple website templates for an interior design portfolio

This classic design provides a great online space to promote and sell your work as an author. You can showcase select publications on the homepage, upload reader reviews, and encourage fans to get in touch using the template’s built-in online form.

For musicians of any genre, a stylish music website template can help put your music on the worldwide map. All you have to do is customize your text and imagery, and add an EPK kit that tells new audiences about you or your band. Finally, upload your tunes using Wix Music, an amazing tool to help facilitate the promotion and sale of your tracks.

Simple website templates for events

Whether it’s a wedding, concert or an online conference, event websites simply make life easier when planning your big day. For your next in-person or online gathering, the following templates can help you spread word, while streamlining processes like RSVPs and ticket sales.

For engagements and weddings, this trendy template is simple and elegant, which is perfect for announcing your love to friends and family. In addition to posting images and details of the event, the happy couple can also include their gift registry to their site, allowing guests to browse through a wishlist and choose the right wedding present online.

When planning intimate gatherings of friends and family, like a baby shower, this gorgeous template could be just what you need as an invitation. It has a cute and friendly feel, and all the elements you’ll need are already included, such as the location, time and option to RSVP.

Simple website template for a baby shower

Equally trendy as it is practical, this one-page website is perfect for music events, like concerts or festivals. Providing space for a band lineup, location, and ticket sales, the unique layout of this site’s navigation menu makes it both informative and engaging. A social bar synced into the site ensures that excited fans can connect with and follow you on social media channels building up to the event.

Organizing an event, conference or summit? This bold template is sure to attract attendees to your next business meetup. Parallax scrolling effects add a modern touch as visitors discover everything they need to know: the agenda, location, who is speaking and how to attend. With Wix Events, attendees can purchase tickets directly on the site.

Simple website template for a meetup website

Simple website templates for online stores

While an online store is the perfect place to showcase your products and make sales, an online presence is the best way to gain new customers and expand your reach.

This trendy clothing store template is simple, but impossible to ignore. Equipped with an online store, the template’s use of bright imagery, parallax scrolling and animation makes a dynamic and seamless shopping experience for visitors.

simple website template for an online clothing store

A perfect template for displaying and selling products, this simple template features a Wix Stores integration that allows you to manage your merchandise from anywhere. Complete with store categories, a product search bar, and strong call-to-action buttons, a customized version of this is sure to bring you brand new business.

For a chic jewelry line, this less-is-more template is the perfect starting point for getting your unique designs online. The customizable slideshow on the homepage may come in handy, providing a captivating place to show off your latest collections, highlight customer favorites, or promote sales.

Earthy colors and a soft design makes this simple website template perfect for selling natural products like CBD oils. Take advantage of this example’s high quality product images, testimonials, and useful ingredients guides. Customizing these sections with information about your own goods will help draw customers in to see what you have to offer.

If you run an online store of any kind, you can use this template’s split-screen layout on the top fold to show off your best products. An extra feature that your customers will enjoy is Wix Chat, a tool that enables your visitors to contact you instantly.

simple website example for an apparel shop online

Simple website templates for the hi-tech industry

Whether you are creating a static website or a dynamic one, these website templates will empower you in your hi-tech role.

When you’ve got a visionary startup, a sophisticated template like this is the perfect way to start sharing it with the masses. The clean layout let’s your product shine, while the modern edge of this design will likely inspire visitors to learn more. An integrated Wix Forms app maximizes engagement by inviting tech enthusiasts and potential stakeholders to subscribe for product updates.

With a futuristic website design like this, there’s no doubt visitors will grasp your company’s drive for innovation. Including a blog and timeline, the simple template leaves ample space to highlight important milestones for your business, or update visitors with recent news.

Perfect for highlighting an individual product, service, or sale, this simple template was meant for strategically building landing pages. The clean design can be customized with your brand colors, and strategic CTA buttons will encourage interested users to sign up and test your product.

Simple website template for an application landing page

Simple website templates for small businesses & freelancers

For freelancers and small businesses alike, the following business website templates can help you grow and manage your business online.

Simple and refined, this law firm website template can be great for strengthening just about any corporate brand. Among the organized sections of this design is a space to upload photos of your team, a great way to kickstart networking and build the trust of new clients.

simple website template for a law firm

Here’s a creative one-page website template that works well for writers of all kinds. Visitors can navigate through the services you provide, work samples, and easily find your contact details. Customize this design with your headshot, colors, images and professional bio - and watch the clients roll in.

This website template is made for generating leads. The variety of image galleries included make it ideal for displaying photographs of your real estate agency’s properties. It also includes separate pages for rentals and sales, making it easy to update with relevant available properties.

example of a simple website template for a real estate firm

Eye-catching and cool, this website template has everything a social media consultant needs to make a good impression on new visitors. Including sections for a portfolio and testimonials, visitors who arrive at your site will get a taste of your work, and read what good things previous clients have to say about it.

From buildings to websites, if you work in the architecture industry, you understand the importance of a good foundation. This polished template has everything you need to build a smart website for your firm, with areas for your own logo, a portfolio, About page, and company updates ready all for you to customize.

Simple website templates for the beauty and wellness industry

With the growing demand for beauty and wellness businesses to move online, it’s a great opportunity to grab new clients by building your presence and offering new solutions for services and classes. The following templates have all you need to start.

Take a deep breath and get om-line with this tranquil meditation template, where virtual classes can be accessed by students directly through the Wix Video app. Further encourage loyalty by using the template’s membership area, a great way to offer exclusive content in return for a subscription fee.

Simple website template for online meditation classes

This simple website template has a bright and energetic style - guaranteed to uplift the mind, body and soul of its visitors. Practically speaking, the template’s online scheduling integration brings it down to earth, allowing clients to book and pay for classes online.

The motivating design of this simple template is full of bold fonts, exercise related imagery, and strong CTAs. Outlining pricing plans for future members, the informative site has the potential to make your fitness business pop and bring in new customers.

simple website template for a fitness instructor

Chic and inviting, this is a great template for hair salons to exhibit their unique style. From the services you offer, to images of assorted hairstyles, future clients will grasp the full picture of what your salon has to offer. To top it off, online scheduling makes booking an appointment possible with the click of a button.

For therapists, a website is a great way to promote your services online in a sensitive manner. Using this template, you can list your clinical services and describe your therapeutic approach, so potential clients know what to expect when they start a session. Plus, you can further prove your expertise in the field by uploading articles or papers you’ve written in the past.

Simple website templates for the food industry

Whether you want a restaurant website for taking reservations or facilitating sales and delivery, the following templates can take your food business online - in style.

As a restaurant owner, you’ll most likely want to put your food at the forefront of your restaurant website. This simple template does just that, with a vivid full screen shot that greets you upon entering the site. Visitors can browse through your menu, learn the history behind your cuisine, make a reservation, and even order food - all without stepping foot in the door.

Learn more about why Wix is one of the best restaurant website builders on the market.

restaurant website template

Perfect for showcasing and selling your delicious goods, this bakery shop template boasts a slideshow gallery that’s guaranteed to get their appetites going. For bakers with an active Instagram account, the template’s integrated Instagram gallery will add even more flavor to your site.

Simple website templates for blogs

Creating a free blog with a blog maker can help you share your passion with the world, not to mention build your online presence as an authority in your field. When you think about how to start a blog, these simple templates will encourage you to write, promote yourself, and even monetize a website.

What better way to put your thoughts and ideas in the spotlight than with this clean, minimalistic blog template. Bring attention to your latest posts by using the “featured post” component, or by making use of the email subscribe form. This way you can build a loyal following, and update them directly in their inbox.

simple website template for a personal blog

Don’t keep your adventures with yourself.ather, share them with the curious world of travelers around you. Use this simple blog template to organize your tips and recommendations according to topics, such as “travel,” “eat,” and further highlight your experience using photo galleries and video.

This tastefully simple food blog template is the perfect style for chefs, food critics, and bloggers alike. With a clean, modern design that’s easy to customize, it puts your content front and center - all you need to get your expertise online.

Created especially for people in the design, fashion or styling fields, this template’s aesthetic is timeless and minimalistic, giving each element room to breathe.

You can select the perfect header image to reflect what your blog is all about. There’s also an option to add social media buttons up there, so you can invite readers to check out the visuals that put your writing into context.

simple template for a fashion blogger

Simple and interactive, an exciting template like this provides the perfect space for vloggers to share personal videos with others. With a fun design to show off your bright personality, there’s plenty of space here for curated videos, additional photos, and text. You can even add your Instagram feed directly to your homepage, so visitors can connect with your fabulous content on a regular basis.

Simple website templates for CV and resume

Whether you’re on the hunt for a full-time or part-time position, there’s no better way to prove your professional standard than by presenting future employers with a resume site that showcases your skills.

Here’s an online resume that balances a polished look with a playful one. This simple website template for beginners will draw attention to your skills and past experiences, as well as present any of your past projects. The color scheme expresses a friendly tone, while the clean and organized design maintains an air of professionalism.

Simple website template for a CV website

Getting straight to the point, this engaging resume template features a comprehensive design that allows you to introduce yourself to visitors right away. The layered imagery allows your headshot, greeting, and job title to stand out - proving from the get-go that your professional experience encompasses so much more than a list of skills.

Simple templates for nonprofit websites

Ready to change the world? Using a simple template for your non-profit organization will help you make a website - and an impact.

This simple professional template will show visitors what cause your nonprofit organization is dedicated to, encouraging them to join. A video background used on the homepage will directly engage visitors with your organization. Visitors who want to contribute are sure to find the prominent “donate now” button - pinned to the site’s header, it remains visible wherever your visitors are situated on your site.

Promote your cause online with this powerful template, created for NGOs, nonprofit organizations and charities. You’ll also find a built-in blog where you can inform your readers about your mission and update them on any current issues. Then you can customize the homepage with a bold statement image on the top fold, and stick to contrasting colors for your text (such as the template’s choice of white), to ensure your words have the desired effect.

simple website template for women empowerment

Simple website templates for an under construction page

As you create your masterpiece, you can use a website under construction template to make a temporary placeholder for your site. This way, you can notify your audience that something better is coming, while hiding your progress before the big reveal.

This coming soon page template provides you with an ideal layout for giving visitors a sneak peek of your online store’s products. Besides it’s eye-catching design, this template includes a strategic sign up bar below the coming soon message. This is a powerful way to connect with interested customers, since you can notify your email list as soon as your site is live.

simple website template for an under construction page

Unleashing your new site is cause for every visitor to celebrate, which is the theme of this simple - yet festive - template. Don’t forget to set up the “notify me” button, so interested visitors can commemorate your website release with you.

Enticing elements - like the GIF of a ticking clock we see here - doesn’t just look professional, it is engaging too. You can edit this template to replace the background with any video from the Wix Gallery, or upload one of your own. A dedicated section for an About Us text is also great to grab the attention of audiences, providing a preview of your brand as they countdown to your new website launch.

Want to see more ideas? Check out this curated selection of new Wix templates.

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