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Wix Forms & Payments
By Wix
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Wix Forms & Payments

By Wix
Get info, subscribers and payments with Forms.
Free to install
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  • Wix Forms & Payments overview

        Get started with a variety of professional templates
        Customize the layout and design and add the fields you need
        Let visitors pay for products or services directly from your form
        Manage submissions easily from your Dashboard and send automatic responses
    Add forms to your site to get subscribers, collect visitor info, capture leads, receive payments and more. Get all the info you need from site visitors with customizable templates like contact, order, registration, application, subscriber forms. Customize the layout and design and choose the fields you want your visitors to fill in. Add advanced features like signature, file upload and conditional fields and set automated submission responses. Keep track of all your visitor info right from your contacts in the Dashboard.
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